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Pomegranate e Cig Cartridges

Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price $6.99

This refreshing Pomegranate e Liquid flavor has an authentic, succulent taste of ripe pomegranate.

The luscious flavor of ruby red pomegranate in a promising e Cigarette cartomizer. Developing a vapor juice as enticing as the fruit itself wasn’t easy, but our flavor masters managed to do it. Now available in Premium Pomegranate CoolCart Vapor King Cartomizers. Like our other CoolCart cartomizers, these e Cigarette cartomizers run a little cooler than regular premium cartomizers, and their slightly longer length allows them to hold a little more vapor liquid.
  • Pretty Good
    Review by Nancy on 3/19/2018
    I've never had a pomegranate but these are tasty. Definitely a flavor to reorder, like so many others.
  • Nice Flavor
    Review by Hannah Bundy on 2/19/2016
    I would probably order these again. I am not sure what a real pomegranate tastes like, but this is sweet and has a slight hint of floral flavor in it. I would recommend this to anyone really.
  • Wonderful taste!
    Review by Joni Williamson on 12/8/2015
    It has been a long while since I actually had a fresh pomegranate so it is hard to say how close this is to one. Regardless it is a fabulous vape. Sweet and slightly tart, very smooth, and completely good!
  • Wow These were great!
    Review by Connie Tuominen on 10/17/2015
    I got this as a sampler. If you like sweet strawberries with a hint of cherry this is you. It is so good. A very nice change and yummy at 18mg. Awesome
  • mmm
    Review by Troy on 7/27/2015
    These are nice and sweet and mildly tart, good flavor.
  • Not quite Pomegranate, but close
    Review by M.Adams on 7/24/2015
    Received this as a 18mg sampler with an order, it's pretty good!.

    In my opinion though, this has more of a cranberry taste rather than pomegranate, but I guess both flavors are close enough to have the line blurred. The important thing is that the tart flavor is there and done very well, enjoyable for sure.

  • Love it
    Review by Cathy Schneider on 4/10/2015
    This the best flavor that you can really taste.The flavor is very close to Red Energy,very flavorful.
  • Mild
    Review by Anne on 2/13/2015
    I found this to be very mild and not very fruity, but still refreshing. I was looking for something with a little more flavor, so I'll probably just finish what I have and not reorder. Still, a very pleasant vape.
  • Pretty Good
    Review by Ryan Hentges on 11/28/2014
    Got one of these as a sample with my order. Tastes like red Kool-Aid almost, not bad.
  • Pomegranate Surprise
    Review by James Bragg on 11/25/2014
    V4L tossed in a pomegranate 18mg on my last order. WOW! I have to agree, this is one of the best flavors I've had the pleasure of sampling. Very refreshing and very smooth.
  • Number 3 on my top 5
    Review by acn8029 on 5/26/2014
    The pomegranate is flipping awesome! It's jam packed full of flavor and the first puff is pure heaven.
  • BETTER than the real thing!
    Review by Lisa Chambers on 4/24/2014
    I was eying this flavor online but was a little nervous to try this one- figured it would be a "hit or miss" flavor... Luckily I received one as a sample with my order- now I'm kicking myself for not getting a pack of these! Not too sweet, not too tart.. Uttermost perfection!
  • fruity taste
    Review by mirage on 3/1/2014
    GREAT FLAVOR !!!! LOVE it after supper for dessert
  • Glad I lissened to the reviews!!
    Review by Deb on 2/11/2014
    I LOVE the POM!!!! It DOES TASTE JUST LIKE THE FRUIT!!! The pom juice is excellent also!!! No perfumey aftertaste, no candy taste....I LIKE THIS MORE THAN: watermelon, sour green apple, peach, banana, and kiwi. Haven't tried cranberry yet so cant compare to that.
  • Decent flavor
    Review by Elizabeth on 1/8/2014
    I don't hate this flavor, but don't absolutely love it either. I think it smells better than it actually tastes. If I could I'd tweak the flavor just a *little* bit so it was more tart/fruity and less floral/perfumey. That being said, I would buy it again as an occasional flavor, but not to have on hand all the time.
  • Good flavor
    Review by Abby on 10/11/2013
    Tried this in 11mg. I'm not sure I've ever had pomegranate before, so I can't say if the flavor is true. Not something I'd want to vape all day, but it's a decent flavor. Mildly fruity, not too sweet.
  • sweet and smooth!
    Review by Kristin S on 9/11/2013
    I received this cart as a free sample with my order... I was pleasantly surprised! I would put this cart right at the top of my list of yummy fruity vapes- right up there with blueberry and strawberry/apple/kiwi! I will DEFINITELY buy again. Very sweet and delicious!
  • Nice!
    Review by Carto fan on 7/24/2013
    These are nice in 18mg. Not a strong flavor, mild. Smell is stronger than the taste. I would reorder these on occasion for variety, but it isn't my all day go to flavor. Still looking...
  • In my top 3
    Review by David on 5/16/2013
    This flavor is probably hands down is one of the best (in my oppinion) flavors v4l has to offer. It taste exquisite and just like a pomegranate. I'm actually puffing on it right now and have put in an order to get some more!
  • Quite Good
    Review by Brie on 5/4/2013
    This one is pretty great! Somewhere between a real pomegranate and the smell of an unlit strawberry cigar.
  • pomegranite
    Review by Carto fanatic on 3/31/2013
    My favorite flavor so far.

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