Pomegranate Puff Bar Disposable Vape

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Pomegranate has a fairly complex flavor which works as vape flavor in a number of ways. There is a bit of sharpness, almost like a cranberry. But there is also a blast of sweetness that can match any strawberry. The pomegranate flavor itself is quite distinct, which is why it works so well in teas and other beverages. All of these flavors are present in the Pomegranate Puff Bar.

Pomegranate Puff Bar Information

You will enjoy all 1.3ml of Pomegranate ejuice that is found in each Puff Bar Disposable, this nearly doubling the volume of a Juul pod. The nic strength is 5 percent, which allows this compact disposable to provide a vaping experience that will satisfy adults who used to smoke or previously relied on refillable ecigs and vape pods.

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