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Pot O Gold e-Juice by Out the Box

Vapers don’t even half to walk to the end of the rainbow to find the sweet cereal-inspired treasure that is Pot O God e-liquid. This vape juice tastes like a never ending bowl of cereal that always tastes fresh and sugary. Each vape is filled to the top with a smooth, milky center that carries strong notes of strawberry and marshmallow on both the inhale and the exhale. After you exhale this sweet scoop of nostalgia, you’re tastebuds get treated to the subtle aftertaste of strawberry-tinged milk and marshmallows. Pot O Gold vape juice works well for flavor chasers and cloud chasers alike since it’s made with a ratio of 70% VG ad 30% PG. The high-VG e-juice is available in a variety of nicotine levels and there’s a zero-nic option as well.

Buy a 60 ml bottle of Pot O Gold by Out the Box E-liquid today. Trust us, you’ll want to keep this treasure all to yourself.

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  • Cereal that tastes like the original
    Review by Pamela on 7/2/2017
    Can't pass this one up-great in the morning.
  • WOW
    Review by Bert on 6/24/2017
    After vaping many cereal flavors I have found one that tastes exactly like the cereal it claims to be
  • New Flavor
    Review by V4L #1 customer on 4/27/2017
    tastes like Lucky Charms straight from the box!
  • Not that bad, not that good.
    Review by Cyle on 11/13/2017
    The smell, and finger set were great, and the first two drips were good as well, but after that, it got very bland. The cereal aspect of it gave way to a mixture of custard and some half-ass flake taste. Again, not that bad, but not that good.

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