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Pure CBD Oil - 400mg


This unflavored, natural CBD oil from Blue Moon Hemp provides an earthy, hemp oil extract flavor without any added flavorings. This CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants in the Swiss Alps and is a "whole plant" extract that allows for all 60 Cannabinoids. The hemp plants used are specially bred in order to contain high amounts of the naturally occurring Cannabinoid. If you are looking for a potent CBD oil with no extra flavorings, this 400mg CBD eJuice is perfect for you!

You can either vape this CBD oil e Juice by itself, or you can mix it with a flavored e Juice of your choice in your vape tank. Allow for longer filling times if you are filing it into a Smileomizer.

This product is NOT a psychoactive, and absolutely CANNOT get you "high" or intoxicated.
  • Blue Moon
    Review by PC on 12/8/2017
    Blue Moon Flan 400% CBD pure, relaxing and mood lifting! Also last a long time, for me worth the price and better than pills. I use it with Vogue box mod mixed with Ultimo for my nicotine habit to help stop smoking!
  • I Like It!
    Review by Kerry on 8/7/2017
    I agree with others that's it's very thick and should be used with a tank, but other than that, it's awesome and works great! Not fond of the "earthy" taste, but it's not that bad...you get used to it!
  • Works great
    Review by Mraffy on 7/5/2017
    I mix this with the WOW Premium tobacco vap in a 60mil bottle and it tastes great. I have not had to use as much of my pain medication with using this and I am not as bad with my social angziety or adjustment disorder. I have recommended this to my other friends at the V.A. and told them how it has helped me. This is helping with the transition back to civilian life after a decade and a half in the military. Great product guys!!
  • My favorite CBD oil to vape
    Review by Michele on 1/27/2017
    This is a thicker liquid, and I use the Vapor Zeus so I have found it works best for me if the majority of the Smileomizer has a thinner liquid and then I add a few drops of the CBD oil. It is so great that this one is unflavored instead of having the hemp-y taste so many do, because you can mix is with any flavor you like!
  • Calming
    Review by Gina on 12/17/2016
    This is my first time trying CBD oil and I am satisfied with the benefits (less anxious, slight pain relief). However, I use the smileomizer and I found that it was too thick for me to vape it. I ruined 2 smileomizers trying to put this in. I would recommend getting a tank to vape this and it will be very effective. I still use my smileomizers but only for vaping nicotine. Overall, I am happy with this product. I can't really describe the taste at all other than it is bland.
  • Boy does this stuff deliver!
    Review by StevenF on 11/8/2016
    You can try it for yourself but this 400mg does what I expected it to do! Great choice V4L

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