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Red Devil CBD Oil - 400mg

This 70VG/30PG CBD e Juice blend is made from CBD oil that is extracted from industrial Hemp plants in Switzerland. It is combines a mix of berry flavoring with natural hemp taste to provide a sweeter tasting CBD oil option. This 400mg CBD oil will have more of a hemp taste to it than the 100mg Red Devil, but is 4 times as potent.

This 30mL bottle of CBD oil and eJuice flavorings contains 400mg of CBD hemp oil.
This product is NOT a psychoactive, and will absolutely CANNOT get you "high" or intoxicated.
  • Good
    Review by Mandy on 1/27/2018
    Does have a calming effect and the taste is better than expected. Whatever you need this for, it is worth a try. Thumbs up!
  • Definitely Helps
    Review by Elizabeth on 5/24/2017
    It took me a couple of times before I actually put this in my cart. Since I have Fibromyalgia and Anxiety, I'm always looking for ways to help with my pain. I was very skeptical about this oil. When it arrived, I put it in an empty Smileomizer. A minute or so after my first inhale, I immediately started to feel relief. The ache began to ease off a bit. You do need to inhale throughout the day for the best effect, but it is worth it. It is great on those days when it feels like the medicine isn't working. The only down side is that it doesn't have a heavy throat hit, and I tend to like that. It seems expensive, but it does last a long time. I appreciate V4L for selling this product!
  • Wow!
    Review by Sarah on 3/4/2017
    I have chronic ptsd and anxiety. I also have pain from IBS( anxiety related). I have tried other companies and they were pretty good but pricey for the strength and amount they offered. I went browsing to see if there was a better alternative company, when I stumbled across this site. I came across a coupon and was skeptical but hopeful. My order arrived yesterday and I loaded up my vape pen. The taste is amazing and smooth. And the effects were immediate ! You have succeeded in making a affordable product that out shines other companies! I just had to write a thank you for being a one stop shop for my pain and anxiety needs.
  • A superb personal care item
    Review by Jack on 10/30/2016
    Waining for this to be back in stock: it is for a relative with extreme chronic pain and the associated extreme mental anxiety: the 100 mg variety helped a good deal. This 400 mg strength would be superb. Reports back from my relative on the 100 mg variety: lessened mental anxiety, no "high" but a very relaxing feeling, lessening of headache, great sleep, and subsequent beginning of the lessening of the chronic pain (resulting from a severe right hand and whole arm work-related injury). Please let me know when this is in stock. It is considered a "personal care" item by current Minnesota statutes. This should be made available to all human beings. Much better than the high-tech, next generation big-Pharma stuff pushed on too many for too long. Where has this stuff been??
  • Packaging
    Review by Sarah on 5/7/2017
    Guys I really love this product but I have run into a problem with the packaging. Now this happened with the 400mg with no flavor and now it's happened with this one. The third or fourth time you open the bottle the top strips. Literally the dropped falls apart from the lid. And you are put into a difficult situation as to how to store the oil. I had a limited option of putting it into a eliquid bottle I already had but I have to store it inside a dark area. Remember many CBD oils can be uv sensitive and judging from the previous bottle get it into a dark asap. Please do something about this issue because I don't like to pay for a quality product only for it to literally fall apart in my hands.

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