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Vapor4Life Reviews

We've said it enough, now let someone else tell you how awesome V4L is!

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The Vapor Zeus

Ecigguide Reviews Auto Vapor Zeus Kit

““One of the best vape starter kits we’ve come across.” “Everything from the vapor quality to the throat hit is flawless.” There’s a reason countless reviewers have echoed these sentiments about the Vapor Zeus. If you want a “truly authentic mouth to lung type of kit,” the Auto Vapor Zeus Kit is for you.Click to read the full review

Ecigguide Review Of The Vapor Zeus

Best Cig-a-like ecig on the market

If your maker calls you “Zeus” then one would hope that there’s quite a bit there. After reviewing the Zeus, we can confidently say that it meets that challenge and is definitely one of the best e cigs on the market in it’s class.Click to read the full review

Smoketastic Review Of The Vapor Zeus

The Vapor Zeus Vape Pen

“Massive vapor and a great throat hit without all the complicated gadgetry,” says IEC. They fell in love with this easy-to-use electronic cigarette and ranked it the best vape pen on the market. See why you will too. Click to read the full review

IEC reviews the Vapor Zeus

...Wrapped in a thick cloud of smokelike fog...

"Writing these lines, wrapped in a thick cloud of smokelike fog, never seen in my entire vaping life ... I'm having such a mighty throat hit on my standard 18mg juice.." This reviewer HIGHLY recommends the Vapor Zeus for heavy smokers! Click to read the full review

Vapor Zeus Review

Satisfying Vape Experience

Vaping expert and harm reduction advocate Phil Busardo says of the Vapor Zeus: "I have never been more satisfied in a vape experience by a stick battery than I have been by the Vapor Zeus.

Hand free vaping at its best

"One of my favorite features, besides the 510 connection is the hands free vaping".

"This is an awesome, awesome machine."

"It does put out a constant 5 volts, its not like a lot of the e-cig batteries to where as the battery wears down it loses voltage."

It’s just powerful enough to make you forget about analog cigarettes

Some highlights from this rave e cig review: "the best advanced e-cig available on the market" "It’s just powerful enough to make you forget about analog cigarettes, and so smooth it doesn’t make you cough or sputter." Click to read the full review

Best e cig: The Vapor Zeus

Simple and straightforward

Overall, I’d highly recommend you try the Vapor Zeus whether you’re a novice or a vaping veteran. It’s got a little something for everyone, you won’t be disappointed." Simple and straightforward, just like the Vapor Zeus vapor cigarette. Click to read the full review

ecig advanced

True Hands Free Vaping, I Love This Thing!

The world's only dual mode battery: "This is a unique beast right here." "The vapor this thing puts off is extraordinary." "True hands free vaping in the automatic mode, I love this thing

Great For Someone Wanting to Quit

"The Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage battery and Smileomizer would be great for someone wanting to quit smoking and looking for great performance combined with sleek design, or a seasoned vapor looking for large performance in this pocket rocket." This review of our Variable Voltage Vapor Zeus is spot on.Click to read the full review

My Vaping Reviews

The Vapor Titan

Vapor4Life Titan E Cig Starter Kit

The Vapor Titan is the closest thing you can find to a cigalike, raves IEC in this vape review. With more than 160 flavor options, multiple colors and both manual and automatic versions, this e cigarette is designed for your pleasure. Click for more details and to get started today. Click to read the full review

IEC reviews the Vapor Titan

The Best E Cig!

Do you need a smoking alternative with long-lasting power and vapor and nicotine that is second-to-none? Gizmodo says, "The Vapor Titan gave us the most intoxicating blasts of nicotine of any ecig we tried," adding, "a single charge and cartridge lasted us two entire days." Check out the full review here! Click to read the full review

Gizmodo Reviews the Vapor Titan

Widest Selection of Vape Products Available!!

This in-depth e-cig review covers the Vapor King, the Vapor Titan, and the Vapor Zeus. Read on to find out which one is best for you. Click to read the full review

The Vapor King

If You Want to Quit...This is for You

A smoker reviews and recommends our Vapor King, saying, "I’ll be honest it’s not the same as a real cigarette, but it’s better and I think it’s certainly worth a try if you’re not ready or even willing to totally quit." Click here to find out why. Click to read the full review

Review E Cig Starter Kit


"I'm really impressed with everything we have received from vapor4life the products and flavors are all fantastic."

Disposable eCigs

Vapor4Life Wow Disposable

IEC loves everything about the WOW disposable e cigarette, from the cigalike look and the soft touch, to the satisfying vapor production. Click to read their e cig review and see why they rank it the best disposable e cigarette for smokers.Click to read the full review

IEC reviews the Wow Vapor Disposable

As Close As You Can Get

Spinfuel says, "I can't lie. If you're looking for something that is as close to a real cigarette as you can get, this is it." The WOW Vapor Kings, are, without a doubt, the best disposable electronic cigarette on the market today." To find out how our disposable vapor cigarette hits all a smokers senses.Click to read the full review

A Real Cigarette Experience

This review sums up our disposable vapor cigarette. "Their slim design is that of a traditional cigarette with the same weight and length as a traditional cigarette, giving the experience of a real tobacco cigarette with no smoke, smell, ash or tar." Click to read the rest and learn more about how our disposable can be the best smoking alternative for you or your loved ones. Click to read the full review

C Store Decisions

It Makes You Think It's Real

Are you "looking for an electronic cigarette that makes you think you’re smoking a real tobacco cigarette." License to Vape recommends our disposable vapor cigarettes as a sure-fire smoking alternative. Click to read the full review

The E-Cigar King

Vapor4Life King E Cigar

There’s a reason we call our e cigar the king. IEC says it is “one of the best e cigars [they] have ever tried.” Read the full e cigar review to find out why the Vapor4Life E Cigar King is the best e cigar your money can buy. Click to read the full review

Overall Experience is Spot On!

We've got cigar lovers covered too. This reviewer says of our E-Cigar King: "I think this is an excellent alternative to smoking a real cigar...the flavor, the aftertaste, and overall smoking experience is spot-on." Read the entire review to find out which flavor will work best for you. Click to read the full review

Cigar Pass Review on E Cigar King

Overall Experience is Spot On!

License to Vape says our E-Cigar King is "As delicious as a real Cuban." Try one for "when you want the real taste, but can't have the real thing." Click to read the full review

E Cigar King Review

Vape Mods

Ecigguide Reviews Vogue Box Mod

“This is exactly the type of box mod kit beginners should start with,” raves this reviewer. It’s easy (and fun!) to use and it contains everything you need. Click to read the full review of the Vogue Box Mod Ultimate and see why you should get yours at Vapor4Life. Click to read the full review

Ecigguide Reviews Vogue Box Mod

E Juice

V4L E Juice

When it comes to our e juice selection, “extensive” doesn’t even begin to cover it. We have more than 160 flavors, and IEC is a fan of every one of them. They strongly recommend our tobacco flavors for smokers looking for a pure tobacco taste. See what they have to say about our other flavors and our wide variety of nicotine levels. Click to read the full review

IEC Reviews V4L e juice

Ultimo Vapor!

"Really good dripping wise and its also good in tanks"

E Juices are Super Smooth

Looking for a vape starter kit that has it all? License to Vape recommends the Vapor Zeus Vape Starter Kit. "It consistently produces huge vapor clouds, the throat hit is always fantastic, and all the Vapor4Life juices are super smooth." Read the full review to learn more about the Vapor Zeus and our yummy e-juice flavors! Click to read the full review

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