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Richmond Tobacco e Juice (30 mL)

Vapor4Life treats smokers and vapers to a welcome dose of southern hospitality with the incredibly smooth Richmond Tobacco e liquid. This classically mild tobacco e juice flavor has a sweet taste that is reminiscent of cigarettes made from matured red Virginia tobacco. With every delicious draw, you will feel the satisfying sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette that is carefully complemented with a handful of naturally sweet flavorings that come from a good, traditional air-cured bland of Virginia flake.

Sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy an evening of relaxation as you indulge in a pure Virginia experience.
  • WOW, I have found my new vapor!!
    Review by Deborah on 9/20/2016
    Oh my gosh. This is the best tasting, cleanest burning, easiest to dispense vapor I have ever purchased anywhere. First of all, I love the soft bottles and long thin stem as I have had surgery on my dominant hand and arm and have little strength there, so this bottle is a real Godsend for me. There is no mess at all with this bottle, no chance of spill or overfill. Furthermore, the liquid is light in color, which means little or NO dye. That is important to me because I don't want to taste dyes in my vapor. Finally, this vapor is clean burning and has an awesome taste. It leaves no stains or globs in my tanks, and no leaks in my battery connections. I have found my new vapor, it is far superior in every way to any other and I highly recommend this flavor or your own personal choice in these bottles, they are high quality easy to dispense, spill-proof, squeeze soft on the hands just great products. Excellent, and on sale when I got them too, wow.
  • Update...
    Review by Wayne on 1/3/2016
    In my earlier review (below) I mentioned a few problems I had with V4L on my last order, which was the only time I've ever had any trouble. I also commented on the prefilled cartomizers of Richmond Tobacco that I'd been sent, which I thought were pretty good. I said I would probably try the liquid on my next order. And that's what I did.

    I do like the Richmond liquid pretty well - even better than ther prefills. That's no surprise - I always prefer the liquid to the prefilled cartomizers. Richmond juice is a kind of smooth tobacco flavor that is a bit sweet. I really don't care too much for sweet vapes, but this mix is good. I'm really developing a taste for it. Time will tell, but I expect that I'll order this again at some point.

    Also, my most recent order with V4L went completely smoothly, as I had hoped and expected. I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday, so things seem to be back to normal after that one messed up order. I'm so happy about that. I've preferred V4L to any other e-cig company ever since I first discovered them. Their prices are good and their flavors are the BEST. It's all good now - no worries here! I'll be back of course.
  • Found your write-up
    Review by Chubby on 11/27/2015
    Found your write-up pretty fascinating in fact. I actually appreciated reading through it therefore you make fairly some fantastic, bookmark this web page for that long run! Relly great write-up.
  • Richmond Tobacco WOW Vapor Juice (30ml)
    Review by Obeconobe on 10/16/2014
    If you have ever "chewed" chewing tobacco, then you will most likely love this e-juice. A rich and robust and smooth tobacco flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. But not overwhelming. Delicious! Tastes superb in the Dial-A-Volt w/Smilomizer
  • Great vaping liquid
    Review by Jeff on 8/29/2013
    Was looking for something with a light tobacco flavor with a sweet undertone and this liquid is spot on!
  • A great e-pipe juice
    Review by Glen on 8/10/2013
    I recently purchased an e-pipe that looks like a traditional tobacco pipe. This is one of my favorite flavors in it. It's not as full flavored as in my Zeus or even the DAV, but a very mellow and relaxing vape while sitting on the couch watching tv or reading. A perfect juice by my standards for an e-pipe to simulate the feel of enjoying the old school charm and smell of a traditional tobacco pipe with out all the negatives. I may try to find lower Ohm atomizers for my e-pipe to produce more flavor and vapor volume though. Speaking of vapor volume and flavor... the Zeus is King of the e-products I currently own. It's a vapor monster.
  • Sweet
    Review by Stephen on 7/8/2018
    If you like Virginia, you’ll love Richmond! Not as strong as Virginia, but just as good!
  • Great
    Review by Belle on 5/29/2019
    I have tried various juices since I switched to Vapor4life almost 3 years ago. Thru my experimenting, I found my way to Richmond. What a great flavor, I need no other. The strength is a personal issue; but for me Richmond is smooth with a slight hint of sweet. As for Vapor4Life, I have tried almost all of the ecigs, and have been using V4L for almost 3 years. It doesn't get any better.

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