Wismec Reux RX Replacement Coils

These Wismec Reux RX Replacement Coils are available in 0,5 ohm and 0.15 ohm resistances which gives vapers the option to choose between a coil that produces massive clouds and a coil that specializes in optimal flavor.

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    Review by Jennifer on 6/30/2017
    I already left a review right after I first starting using these ceramic coils. I have been using it longer now, and no cotton coil I have ever bought has lasted as long as this ceramic coil. There are no signs that it is going bad yet either. At times it seems to work better than at other times, maybe something to do with the wattage, the fluid, the temperature, not sure, but it always recovers. Don't throw these away if they have a few burnt hits here and there. Unlike the cotton coils, this ceramic coil completely recovers. As long as these coils are available, I don't think I will ever use a cotton coil again. The flavor and the vapor are great! I also want to thank Vapor4Life for sending me an extra disposable with my order. You are a great company with fast shipping!
    Review by Jennifer on 5/27/2017
    See my review of the Wismec tank. These coils are awesome! I was a little hesitant to try the ceramic coil at first, but just by feel it seems like it may be even safer than the cotton coils as it does not have that chemical taste that accompanies new cotton coils. The flavor is awesome, although it takes a little while for it to soak in and get to its optimal level. Also, even though the ceramic coil is not specifically emphasized for its vapor production, it is also awesome in this respect. I get more fluffy clouds of vapor with this coil at lower wattages than other coils. I like the flavor right at the upper limits of the coil, 80 watts. I highly recommend this! Thank you Vapor4Life!

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