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Irish Cream e Cig Cartridges

Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price $9.99

A silky caramel and creamy vanilla flavor in every puff of this vaping eCigarette cartomizer.

All the flavor of whiskey and cream in Premium CoolCart Vapor King Cartomizers. If you're a fan of the classic Irish liqueur, you owe it to yourself to give V4L's Irish Cream e Cig cartomizers a shot! Like our other CoolCartcartomizers, these e Cigarette cartomizers run a little cooler than regular premium cartomizers, and their slightly longer length allows them to hold a little more vapor liquid. Each box includes 5 prefilled CoolCart cartomizers.
  • delicious
    Review by laura jones on 4/14/2016
    I love it. strong flavor, sweet and tasty.
  • Yumm-oh!
    Review by Nathaniel Thallas on 4/11/2016
    Oh man, what a cart! Rich and smooth as velvet, nice chocolate and vanilla flavors. not a big Vape-er, but oh, what a flavor!
    Review by Terrill on 4/5/2016
    I give this one a NOM factor of 5! It tastes just like im sipping on a cup of baileys. I am going to be buried with this cartomizer in my mouth its so darn delicious!
  • Tasty
    Review by thomas ouellette on 3/29/2016
    This is the type of cart I would like to sample before buying, but I took a chance since I love Irish Cream coffee, and I'm not disappointed. My girlfriend used to drink Tia Maria and Bailey's and this tastes similar. Not quite a 'must have' for me but more of an 'I'm in the mood' cart. Good vapor too!
  • Irish Creme
    Review by Patricia Barwick on 2/23/2016
    My new favorite! I've tried a bunch, but this one has just the right amount of strength of overall taste plus sweetness without the calories!
  • my first desert flavor
    Review by JimmyK on 2/4/2016
    I was a little hesitant to pick up a desert flavor, but I'm really impressed with the Irish Cream. I'll be sure to pick this up again.
  • So Happy It Is In Stock, Again
    Review by MH on 10/27/2015
    I had been missing this one. It was out of stock in my strength (11) so I ordered it in 18, whew that was pretty strong. Great TH but I could only do it about 3 times before it got to be too much. It worked great if you only had a chance for a few puffs. Now they have 11 back in and I have 2 boxes and am about ready to order more. It even smells like Irish Cream and tastes like it too.
  • Irish Cream
    Review by Lindsey on 10/20/2015
    Yummy... tastes very white russian-ish. Very tasty!
    Review by Thomas Durkin on 2/27/2015
    Got this as an extra in another order to try...It is fast becoming my favorite! Great flavor, tons of vapor! At least worth a try if you like creamy things, you should love this!
  • Interesting
    Review by JE on 12/25/2014
    A very strong flavor with a rich alcohol-cream aftertaste. A little too overpowering for my taste.
  • My Favorite so far
    Review by Carol Jones on 4/9/2014
    I love the Irish cream the best so far. I order the 18 strength. I love the taste and how smooth it is. I would recommend this to anyone that loves the coffee, espresso lines..

    It is Wonderful
  • Just What I Was Looking For!
    Review by Deonna on 3/21/2014
    I ordered the cocktail sampler, which came with this flavor. I loved it! I did order it in 24mg, which was a bit too strong for me. This time around I'll be ordering a 18mg instead, however I very much enjoyed it. I've quit drinking and being able to enjoy the taste of an Irish Cream beverage was definitely a delight! Once I was I'd smoke the entire cartomizer I quickly rushed to order some more. This has been my first experience with their products and I give them two thumbs up!
  • a nice change
    Review by annette79h on 2/16/2014
    Its not one of my favorite flavors, but it is a nice change sometimes! It has a sweet flavor
  • Very nice!
    Review by Brie on 1/1/2014
    Smooth and sweet but not too sweet. Very good! Lovin' this sample!
  • Smooooth!
    Review by Bruce Bairrington on 5/16/2013
    I can describe this one in one word... relaxing! I liked this one instantly. It has a very good flavor and also a smooth TH. I received one as a bonus and have already ordered a pack of five. Smells and tastes just like Irish Cream!
    Review by Electric Power on 5/9/2013
    I received this one as a bonus when I placed my very first order. As if I wasn't sold on e-cigs to begin with...this one completely sealed the deal for me! The taste is amazing, I didn't want to put it down!
  • Good!
    Review by Kerry on 8/24/2017
    I'm not a drinker and maybe that's why there's a subtle aftertaste, but it's not bad and doesn't take away from the carmel-vanilla taste I love!
  • quality
    Review by swanniesr1 on 8/2/2018
    I bought 18 packs of carts. Very few worked at all. The few that did, while the flavour was good, it didn't last long and felt a bit like sucking hard on air to get any hit at all. Sorry.
  • unfortunately no taste
    Review by jenny on 7/12/2018
    a bit like sucking on air had no taste or throat hit at all very disappointed in this one
  • no taste
    Review by swanniesr1 on 7/4/2018
    zero flavour its like sucking on air

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