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Napoleon's Fave e Juice (30mL)

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $15.99

What’s better than a heaping scoop of ice cream? THREE heaping scoops of ice cream (obviously). Our Neopolitan ice cream e juice nearly topples over with a tower of creamy vanilla, smooth chocolate, and sweet strawberry ice cream flavors for a decadent dessert vape that’s worthy of being served on the sunlit streets of Naples.

“Colorful gelato carts line the streets of Naples, topped with red and white striped awnings like tiny little carnivals on wheels. There’s no way to resist ordering up a triple scoop of Neopolitan ice cream. The real challenge? Trying not to eat it all in one bite.”

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  • Chocolate
    Review by Leigh on 7/24/2017
    I mostly taste just chocolate nothing else
  • Ice Cream lovers will love this flabor
    Review by Pamela on 7/30/2016
    Hands down there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than vaping icecream flavored juice!
  • Napoleon's got something here
    Review by Lynn on 3/21/2018
    I prefer light, fresh e-juices, but this is a nice change. A nice combination of flavors.
  • Sometimes Mixing is More Fun
    Review by Cathy on 3/15/2019
    I lied this better mixed with Bali also from Ultimo Vapor and Betty from Pinup Vapor. Everyone loves it that’s tried It. 2 dropperfuls Bali, ,2 of Napoleon Fave e, and the rest Betty.
  • Not really
    Review by dimitri on 2/19/2018
    This one didn't really do it for me. I was expecting the refreshing taste of ice cream, but it came out more like warm melted ice cream. Wasn't for me
  • not worth it
    Review by Melissa on 9/10/2018
    I've been a vapor since 2011..and have tried a ton of flavors..and this one I just don't like. To me, it doesn't taste at all like "tropical"...didn't care for it. :(
  • Not a fan
    Review by Melissa on 10/30/2018
    Personally, I didn't care for the taste/flavor. I didn't think it tastes as described.

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