Single Coil Replacement Cartomizer - 808 Thread

Single Coil Replacement cartomizers are designed to be used with Vapor4Life 808D e Cig tanks. There are two versions: 2.0ohms and 3.0ohms. These cartomizers are sold individually.

The Single Coil Replacement cartomizers have a similar resistance to our prefilled cartomizers. The 2.0ohm is similar to the WOW Vapor cartomizers and the 3.0ohm is similar to our CoolCart cartomizers. The lower the ohm-rating, the stronger the throat hit will be and more vapor will be produced. The 2.0 ohm Single Coil Replacement cartomizers work best with voltages between 4.0 - 4.8 on variable voltage devices found here. The 3.0 ohm Single Coil Replacment cartomizers work best with our 5 Volt Vapor Zeus e Cig batteries in Auto or Dual Mode.


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