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Smilin Special Cigar Full e Juice (30 mL)

Regular Price: $13.99

Special Price $9.99

An authentic full-bodied tobacco leaf blended with a dash of pepper creates the perfect cigar tasting vapor flavor.

The full body vapes like a champ. The full body flavor with a nice touch of pepper in any nicotine level gives you the feeling that you're sitting on the beaches of Cuba. This cigar e juice is great after a huge meal and with a glass of your favorite port or other libation. You won't believe that you're not smoking the real thing. After a few moments you'll even feel the texture of the cigar in your mouth.
  • Excellent
    Review by JB on 2/1/2015
    I now have a perfect setup!! A Vapor Zeus battery with cigar liquid and and batterywith tobacco liquid~~~!!

    This cigar liquid is VERY much like a premium cigar!!!

    Thanks V4L love my system (zeus large)
  • Gobsmacked!
    Review by icratt on 1/29/2014
    That very first draw, inhaling a vapor that fills your mouth and nostrils with strong cigar flavors... and then it stops at the throat. Toking on this juice should be considered an extreme sport. It is STRONG, (and I had ordered a 36mg bottle!).
    Delightful peppery notes, and other 'manly' flavors, create a cigar-like experience. I use it as a concentrate to add depth and flavor to tobacco juices. The Good Stuff.
  • amazing E- liquid
    Review by Dominick on 10/25/2013
    The throat hit on this E-liquid it outstanding!!! not to mention it actually taste like a real cigar and smells like one to! if you are a cigar fan this is definitely the way to go! Amazing job V4L
  • Very Good
    Review by Haplo on 10/20/2013
    The flavor is excellent. The throat hit is unbelievable. I am a throat hit fanatic, and this stuff needs to be cut I have to say it. I am used to 36mg of everything. 24 at the least. You take a pull off of this, you can let it sit in your mouth for... 20 seconds. Then try to inhale and you will still be choking a lung. Your tongue will even burn a little after a while just puffing. I don't know if perhaps I accidentally got a double-dose of nic in the batch or something? But it really feels like WAY more than the 24 I ordered. If it numbs up your tongue it is definitely 'WOW'.

    The flavor is hard to beat however. I mean this is by far the best 'tobacco' flavor anybody has ever done. It also does resemble a good cigar. I'm going to try ordering 11mg and see what happens next time though. I had to throw this batch out. I just can't take it!
  • A dark juice with massive flavor and depth
    Review by Jeremy on 10/7/2013
    I love this stuff! I can't say this literally tastes like a cigar, but I don't think that's actually possible with vaping, so it's more a question of whether it's a sufficiently comparable experience to a real cigar, and that it is. I love a strong, full bodied, and complex cigar, though, and this juice rises closer to that realm than I would have thought I'd ever get from vaping, so I'm very excited about that. I think I'm tasting strong cinnamon and clove in this stuff, which was a bit excessive at first but blended and calmed down considerably after a week of steeping, so I'd recommend doing that. It's definitely impossible to inhale this stuff, at least for me (because of the cinnamony bite, not because of the nicotine level) but that has been my holy grail: a vapor that's strong and voluminous enough to not require inhaling, and I am there now!

    One thing that amazes me is how much it creates the illusion of actual smoke -- in a very good way, not in a barbecue sauce or ashtray way. I can't put my finger on it, but there's a sort of dry smokelike sensation and mouthfeel that I'm guessing is associated with the clove flavor.

    I'm using this with my Vapor Zeus. This is a very dark juice and it clogged up my smileomizer pretty quickly, which is a tradeoff you have to expect with a darker juice, so I've had to clean the smileomizer much more frequently. I tried mixing the juice with a lighter, blander one and the flavor proved strong enough to come through pretty well, so that's one possibile way to go, but the full on effect of this juice is worth the extra effort. What I'm trying now is using a tank with a WOW vapor cartomizer, since the carts are cheaper, and saving the smileomizers for milder fluids. I think that might be the best option.
  • Holy cow!
    Review by Jeffery on 4/8/2014
    As others have stated this is some STRONG stuff! At 24mg I can not even take it, best way to describe it is like vaping mace. It does however have a great flavor, with the hardest throat hit I have ever had in a juice.
  • Too strong
    Review by vladimir on 12/16/2013
    Be careful with that one. I ordered and found that I cannot smoke it - flavor is too strong for me.

    It reminds spicy cigar, but too spicy...

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