SMOK Infinix Pods (3-Pack)


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This 3-pack of SMOK Infinix pod cartridges is designed specifically for the SMOK Infinix Vape Kit. These refillable SMOK Infinix pods hold 2mL of e-Liquid and work best with thinner liquids that have a VG content under 70%. Most nicotine salt juices work great with this pod, and this device also allows you to use higher nicotine strengths due to it's low power output.

SMOK Infinix Pod Cartridges

The SMOK Infinix Pods are filled through a rubber plug that is found on the side of the pod. Simply open the rubber plug, fill with your favorite e-Juice, and put the rubber plug back into place before putting back onto your SMOK Infinix Vape Device. These pod cartridges utilize organic cotton for a clean, tasty vaping experience and provide a mouth to lung hit for vapers looking for more of a throat hit.


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