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Spearmint e Juice (30 mL)

Spot-on spearmint flavor makes for a mellow and refreshing menthol e liquid that will quickly become one of your favorite all-day vapes. This mild menthol perks you up with the zing of a spearmint leaf. If you want a less intense menthol, Spearmint E Juice is the way to go. It features a more subtle minty taste on the inhale than our Mint or Peppermint flavors. Just like popping a piece of bright green spearmint chewing gum in your mouth, or sucking on a disc of spearmint candy, vaping our Spearmint E Liquid livens you up and soothes your senses at the same time.

A perfect vape for after meals or on the go!
  • Sweeter than expected
    Review by Thea on 11/3/2016
    I really was excited about getting this juice. I'm a menthol girl and I love spearmint so I was excited to see available. However, this is super sweet. More like a candy then a menthol flavor. I actually tried mixing it with coffee (from another company leftover) and it toned down some of the sweetness but still, just can't handle the sweet after taste. So bummed! I do a lot of different fruits and fruit/menthol mixed just for reference.
  • Refreshing
    Review by Jennifer on 10/12/2016
    A fresh minty taste. Very refreshing, a must try.
  • Not bad
    Review by flamechica911 on 1/30/2016
    If you like spearmint. This one isn't bad! =)
  • Good mint flavor
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks on 7/28/2015
    Didn't really get a true spearmint flavor from this one, Tasted a lot like the other mints/menthols i've had from here. But there is a little spearmint in the background. Nice vape over all
  • Excellent!!!!!
    Review by Dayna Perkins on 3/18/2015
    Really great spearmint flavor and vapor production!! Like eating a spearmint candy! Yum!!
  • Awesome Spearmint Flavor!
    Review by Richard Raymond Jr on 1/31/2014
    I really Love this Flavor! In fact it is about the only flavor I really do enjoy. Every time I order from V4L I order at least 1 bottle of Spearmint (if not 2 bottles!)
    This flavor helped me switch from analogs completely! I was a 3 to 4 pack a day smoker!
  • Great Flavor
    Review by Dallas on 12/20/2013
    I bought this a little skeptical as to how it would taste due to past experiences. I loved this one. Nice spearmint flavor no doubt. I would definitely buy again.
  • Minty fresh
    Review by Remy on 12/17/2013
    Another favorite, wonderful vape and leaves a fresh minty taste.
  • Spearmint 8mg
    Review by Elaina on 7/3/2013
    I received this as a bonus in my order. If you like strong mega minty flavors then you will love this. I don't really taste much or any sweetness, but it's still good. The flavor is a little strong for me, but I like how it really cools my throat.
  • Favorite flavor
    Review by Stacy on 7/28/2018
    I have been using v4l for 7 years and love the spearmint flavor have tried few other flavors but never stuck with one like I have with the spearmint
  • Taste
    Review by Amy on 10/1/2017
    I’m definitely a menthol person and if you like spearmint gum, this tastes identical to it. I don’t like spearmint vape juice as much as the gum only because I can’t vape spearmint 24/7, however, if you love the gum, you’ll definitely love this!
  • Disappointed
    Review by Kimber on 11/17/2018
    I only vape mint juices and I found this to not only be not very minty, but have notes of lemon in it that were offputting to me. Not a fan
  • Could be more
    Review by Debbe on 11/7/2016
    I found this to be weak in a minty taste and a spearmint taste. It will be another back up vape for me while waiting on my peppermint.

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