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Strawberry e Cig Cartridges


This indulging Strawberry e Liquid flavor has an authentic fresh taste of a backyard grown strawberry.

Vapor4Life Premium Strawberry Vapor King Cartomizers deliver the genuine flavor of delicately sweet strawberries. Fabulous vapor production and authentic strawberry taste make this e Cig cartomizer one of our top favorites.

Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.

  • Can't go wrong with this Strawberry
    Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
    This flavor really nails the combination of tartness and sweetness, and seems to taste halfway between fresh strawberries and strawberry candy. Sound good? Believe me; it really is. This is one flavor I can guarantee you won't regret ordering!
  • Great for strawberry lovers!
    Review by DANIEL on 11/12/2016
    This has an amazing strawberry aroma and taste. This is now my go to flavor!
  • My favorite
    Review by Jessica on 7/30/2016
    I love the strawberry. Full of great taste.
  • Awesome Flavor
    Review by poohbear on 3/15/2016
    This flavor lasts a long time and tastes great, I highly recommend it!!!!!
  • PRO!
    Review by Brie on 3/9/2016
    Selected these for my flavor that came with my Ultimate XL kit, since I am a huge strawberry fan and wanted to try them but usually stick with what's on sale...SO GLAD I DID!!! These are somewhere between a real strawberry that's perfectly ripe and strawberry Bubblicious. AMAZINGLY GOOD! I'll be buying these again, on sale or not. So pro!
  • Fruit
    Review by TexasRain104 on 5/7/2015
    This tastes like the red area at the very end of the strawberry. (with a slight taste of the green area) is very sweet with a slight hint of sour. My wife says I turn into Homer Simpson with this one...

  • Love!
    Review by Shinike on 2/27/2015
    One of the better ones I've had. I taste the flavor more on the exhale and I have to somewhat search to find it. I personally go through these quickly.
  • Almost ripe Strawberry
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 10/10/2014
    This does taste like Strawberry, but not fresh ripe strawberries. More like a strawberry filling. Hard to explain but I think the issue is it is lacking that tartness, which I assume is really hard to reproduce in a carto! So I don't fault for that. Overall really good flavor, not artificial, not too sweet, and nice vapor. This is good when you need a change of pace or craving a fruity vape.
  • Strawberry is great.
    Review by Ken on 9/15/2014
    Ive tried a few flavors so far and Im really loving the strawberry.
  • Love strawberries!
    Review by Freya on 9/8/2014
    These do taste great.
  • great vape
    Review by rocks82 on 6/20/2014
    om nom nom. yummy strawberry goodness!
  • real strawberry taste
    Review by alec r on 6/7/2014
    i was suprised how nice this one is. grape and raspberry tasted very artificial but nothing to complain about this one
  • Delicious
    Review by Jenny on 8/22/2013
    Great flavor, lasts a long time. Will be purchasing again!
  • strawberry
    Review by mike pense on 8/12/2013
    excellent, very strong strawberry flavor
  • Not Bad...
    Review by timmyd on 10/10/2014
    Good flavor, not amazing, but good. not too much vape out of my long auto battery. decent amount of vape out of the pass-thru. But then again, i love lots o vape!
  • Best of the fruits
    Review by Anne on 6/27/2014
    Of all the fruits I tried, strawberry was the best. It tasted as described and was very smooth.
  • Ok flavor
    Review by Lauren on 7/23/2016
    The strawberry had just an ok flavor. It was similar to the watermelon for me. Just something strange about it. Like a fake flavor.
  • Too Perfumie
    Review by Jason Schuler on 2/11/2014
    I would have to agree with some of the other reviews. It has a good vapor cloud ans is like a strawberry right off the vine
  • Very Little Drag
    Review by Jeffrey on 6/3/2019
    I love the flavor but I feel that the strength is not that powerful. I ordered 2.4 but draws like 1.8

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