Strawberry Watermelon Sea Air Vape

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The Sea Air flavor lineup plays it straight for the most part. Most of their flavors feature a single, cohesive and expertly executed flavor profile. But there are some fruit flavors that work better in tandem and this is the case with strawberry and watermelon. Watermelon is the most popular complementary flavor in vaping, check out the countless Lush Ice disposables on the market for proof. And although both Watermelon and Strawberry can work well on their own, they are a real dynamic duo when combined.

Strawberry Watermelon Sea Air

The airy notes of watermelon elevate the sweetness of the strawberry and adds additional sweetness to balance out the mild berry bite. You will get plenty of enjoyment from each Strawberry Watermelon Sea Air, as this disposable is loaded with 2.6ml of ejuice and has a nicotine strength of 5 percent.

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