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Straw-Melon Slush e-Juice by Draco Vapors (60mL)

Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price $18.99

Have you ever tapped a watermelon like a keg? It’s totally something you can do, but it’s not always logistically possible, especially if you’re driving a car. Instead, tap into a 60 ml bottle of Straw-Melon Slush by Draco Vapors for a flavor experience that’s as refreshing and fruity as slurping on a watermelon slushie mixed with swirls of strawberry. You won’t get a dreaded “ice cream headache” when you vape Straw-Melon Slush. Instead, you’ll get a powerful rush of fruit flavor and a wave of thick vape clouds. Straw-Melon Slush e-juice is made up of a cloud chaser-friendly mix that’s 80 VG/20 VG, so you know you’ll be veiled in a yummy fog until it’s time to fill up your tank again.
Get your hands on a 60 ml bottle of Straw-Melon Slush E-Liquid today to have more delicious vape juice for your money!

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