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Traditional Menthol e Cig Cartridges

An invigorating rush of cool mint that comes unbelievably close to popular menthol cigarettes. Choose the WOW Traditional Menthol to get more vapor, or the Cool option for a longer cartomizer life.

Low Resistance Carts produce more vapor, while High Resistance Carts have a longer life.

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  • A favorite!
    Review by Beth on 1/11/2018
    This is our go-to cartridge. Enjoy most of the menthol but this is a favorite!
  • Traditional Menthol
    Review by Donna on 9/2/2017
    The best! My go to always. Great menthol taste and smooth hit.
  • A favorite!
    Review by Beth on 8/24/2017
    This is my husband's first choice. He has liked several menthol samples he has received but this is his regular order!
  • My hubby's favorite!
    Review by Beth on 8/6/2017
    This is the only menthol cartridge my husband really likes and uses on a regular basis. I always have to keep stock on hand for him!
    Review by Vanessa on 6/2/2017
    Nice subtle minty flavor that gives you that bite like menthol cigarettes, These menthol e-cig cartridges are spot on!
  • Great Product
    Review by Carolyn on 10/5/2016
    They taste like the real cigarettes I smoked, but without the strong tobacco taste. I really enjoy them.
  • My first choice!
    Review by Beth on 8/27/2016
    This is my favorite menthol cartridge. Smooth, yet that subtle menthol flavor.
  • Good
    Review by Lauren on 7/26/2016
    Very good minty flavor.
  • I like the deal
    Review by Thinman on 5/1/2014
    305 had a menthol e-cig with a taste that I did like very much l can't fine anymore can you help me out with that flavor
  • Taste of Traditional Menthol in the wow 11 nicotine
    Review by JoAnn on 5/3/2017
    This is the first time I am trying this company. I chose these because the description said "an invigorating rush of cool mint"
    How can you say that?! There is NO menthol flavor at all. It tastes like a tobacco cigarette. I think they are terrible. Since this is the first time ordering with this company, its possible I suppose, that I ordered the wrong thing. If you are looking for a strong menthol flavor DO NOT ORDER THESE.!!! The description in no way describes what I received. I am stuck with these 10 boxes now cause you can't return them. Will call customer service tomorrow to see if I should order something different.

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