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Traditional Menthol e Cig Cartridges

An invigorating rush of cool mint that comes unbelievably close to popular menthol cigarettes. Choose the WOW Traditional Menthol to get more vapor, or the Cool option for a longer cartomizer life.

Low Resistance Carts produce more vapor, while High Resistance Carts have a longer life.

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  • A Loyal Customer
    Review by Johnny Roundeyes53 on 3/4/2018
    Since coming to Vapor, I've really have enjoyed the Menthol taste. Alos Vapor allows me to use the method of payments which dBlu would not laoow me to do this and that is why I left eBlu. With today's purchase of 30&% savings on my filled cartridges, I will buy more than I do normally do. When I have called Vapor's customer serrvice, they have been professional and treatedd me the way they would want to be treated if they called in for help or had a quesion. Thank you Vapor and Customer Service aka VCR's.
  • A favorite!
    Review by Beth on 1/11/2018
    This is our go-to cartridge. Enjoy most of the menthol but this is a favorite!
  • Traditional Menthol
    Review by Donna on 9/2/2017
    The best! My go to always. Great menthol taste and smooth hit.
  • A favorite!
    Review by Beth on 8/24/2017
    This is my husband's first choice. He has liked several menthol samples he has received but this is his regular order!
  • My hubby's favorite!
    Review by Beth on 8/6/2017
    This is the only menthol cartridge my husband really likes and uses on a regular basis. I always have to keep stock on hand for him!
    Review by Vanessa on 6/2/2017
    Nice subtle minty flavor that gives you that bite like menthol cigarettes, These menthol e-cig cartridges are spot on!
  • Great Product
    Review by Carolyn on 10/5/2016
    They taste like the real cigarettes I smoked, but without the strong tobacco taste. I really enjoy them.
  • My first choice!
    Review by Beth on 8/27/2016
    This is my favorite menthol cartridge. Smooth, yet that subtle menthol flavor.
  • Good
    Review by Lauren on 7/26/2016
    Very good minty flavor.
  • I like the deal
    Review by Thinman on 5/1/2014
    305 had a menthol e-cig with a taste that I did like very much l can't fine anymore can you help me out with that flavor
  • The best
    Review by Gina and Thomas on 11/4/2018
    These are the best and the menthol really satisfies my craving for a menthol cigarette !!! Thank you V4L
  • Loving everything about vapor4life!!
    Review by Christy on 1/25/2019
    Once I was informed that GreenSmoke ended I felt betrayed and I was upset in more ways than one. Getting started with vapor4life was terrific right from the start because of Robert Taney responding with an email to me about a comment I made in reference to GreenSmoke. He sent me all different ways to contact vapor4life and how to order, etc. Then once I called, I spoke with Paul and he was also outstanding in his customer service skills, the knowledge of your products and answered all my questions and concerns. I ordered and I'm delighted at how quickly my new kits arrived and I'm relieved at how great tasting the menthol is! I will be recommending vapor4life to everyone I know who enjoys e-cigs!! Thank you!
  • A former MarkTen XL menthol user
    Review by Christine on 4/5/2019
    I finally ran out of places to buy the regular MarkTen XL menthol cartridges after they closed up shop and was forced to shop for a replacement. I can't tell you the disappointment I had in every single purchase I made at the stores (gag flavors of "menthol"). I even tried online. I spent a boatload of money and ended up giving away kits and cartridges that didn't even begin to compare. I found these after a more specific online search for a replacement of the XLs and I bought the kit. It was a winner, hands down winner! The flavor isn't the exact same; it's pleasant in an incomparable way, but the smoothness and the hit to the back of the throat is what sold me. I had originally been waiting for the WOW to come back in stock in the traditional menthol, because I didn't necessarily like the longer drag, but I've actually grown accustomed to it a few weeks in. I did just order one box of the WOW, to see if it fits, but I won't be broken up about it if it doesn't.

    Thanks V4L, you won a lifetime customer. I have no desire to search for anything else, so please, please, please stay in business.
  • Not a fan
    Review by Sarah on 11/27/2018
    This might be fine if you don't have something to compare it to, or you started with this brand, so it's the taste you prefer. I tried this in the 'cool' version as a replacement for another brand. I thought it'd be a one-to-one, but I was disappointed in the taste. I tried different batteries, including two new Titan batteries. I tried using it on different days, to see if I'd change my mind or it would grow on me. I couldn't get past the stale-ish/plasticy taste with a hint of mint. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of buying four of the other menthol flavors. I hate all of them, which was a surprise. I thought I'd find at least one I liked, but alas, this is one of the least bad. Kind of a bummer, and I wish I didn't waste the money. I won't be using this menthol flavor, nor the other cartridges. On a positive note, the shipping was really fast.
  • Taste of Traditional Menthol in the wow 11 nicotine
    Review by JoAnn on 5/3/2017
    This is the first time I am trying this company. I chose these because the description said "an invigorating rush of cool mint"
    How can you say that?! There is NO menthol flavor at all. It tastes like a tobacco cigarette. I think they are terrible. Since this is the first time ordering with this company, its possible I suppose, that I ordered the wrong thing. If you are looking for a strong menthol flavor DO NOT ORDER THESE.!!! The description in no way describes what I received. I am stuck with these 10 boxes now cause you can't return them. Will call customer service tomorrow to see if I should order something different.

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