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Chocolate Turtle Candy e Cig Cartridges


Sinfully rich chocolate paired with sweet caramel and peanuts make for a vaping e Liquid as authentic and delicious as the classic turtle candy.

Another cartomizer candy classic! Our Premium Chocolate Turtle Vapor King Cartomizers capture the flavor of chocolate, caramel, and peanuts just like the popular confection. With Chocolate Turtle Candy Vapor King Cartomizers in your e Cig, there's no need to visit your local candy shop.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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  • Fabulous flavor
    Review by Pamela on 7/9/2017
    Chocalate turtles 100% favorite candy. Now I can vape it- Great tasting.
  • Lovely
    Review by LadyMort on 12/3/2015
    Just received an order of carts- and like a kid I had to try a drag off of each one. The turtle flavor was a freebie in my package and I figured, what the hell? Normally I stick to mint/menthol carts and fruit carts. I've tried different brands, different flavors and "dessert" carts always tasted weird to me. Surprisingly I really like the turtle. Lovely roasty peanuts with a hint of salt, a sweet caramel taste and a hint of choco on the exhale. Really nice. I don't think it will be an everyday "smoke" but I'll def keep some on had for sweet moments!
  • Nice Suprise!
    Review by Diana on 11/6/2015
    18mg. Received this as a sample. How I Love My Samples, Thanks V4L!
  • Try it...you'll LOVE it
    Review by Ellie on 6/13/2015
    So, been vaping a little over a month now (only vaping NO smoking after 30 yrs) - this is A DREAM! I get it at 4 mg (way less than an analog cig) - and with some wine....heaven! You can vape as much as you want and don't awake with the tobacco headache!
  • too much nut...
    Review by Katrina on 6/4/2015
    Not enough of the caramel chocolate for my taste... but, the ones that I got weren't stale like the previous review. It was ok...
  • one of the best
    Review by Dustin on 3/30/2015
    This flavor is by far one of the best flavors I have tried to date. I love the chocolate taste with a hint of nut. I highly recommend this flavor!!!!!!
  • good but not great
    Review by Jen on 11/13/2014
    If you love peanuts, this is the one for you. That is pretty much the flavor that pops out at you. It was lacking the caramel and chocolate flavor to turtle it up.
  • Great flavor!
    Review by Kim Salamone on 10/5/2014
    Wow, this is really an awesome flavor.. I didn't know what to expect..it has a salty peanuty taste and a slight caramel undertone. Chocolate flavor is very light.
  • Wow!!!
    Review by wat on 10/2/2014
    This is beautiful! *wipes a tear* I love this flavour!!
  • Just okay
    Review by laura jones on 8/27/2014
    This has a salty peanut flavor and a little caramel.
  • Great
    Review by brian burgos on 8/20/2014
    Got this flavor because I wanted to try as many as possible, and this one got pretty good reviews, it is AMAZING.
  • snackers bar'
    Review by alec r on 5/9/2014
    strong nutty flavor, with hints of chocolate and caramel.
  • Pretty close to Peanut Butter Cup cartomizer
    Review by M.Adams on 11/10/2013
    This flavor is very close to the Peanut Butter Cup, but where this is different is that the peanut taste is less pronounced, instead being replaced with a slightly salty caramel flavor which finishes with an undertone of chocolate, similar to WowBoy. The vapor output is pretty generous, slightly behind Wow Vapor, and considerably more than most other Premium cartomizers (I smoked out of a standard size automatic battery).
    I'd highly recommend this cart.
  • Awesome
    Review by Jon Muzyk on 11/7/2013
    Bought it as a Joke for my Old Man and I got HOOKED ON IT AFTER ONE CART.
  • Surprizingly Good
    Review by Connie Tuominen on 7/18/2013
    Surprisingly good.
  • Fantastic!
    Review by Sherry Binkelman on 5/26/2013
    I just rec'd these and did not realize they would not only be GREAT, but that they are Cool Cart's! I LOVE the taste!
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 3/25/2013
    OMG, this one is just crazy-good. I'd say it tastes just like vaping Peanut Brittle. Lovely fresh peanuty flavor that finishes with a delicious salty caramel. Excellent vapor production.

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