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Vape starter kits are a great way for smokers to begin their switch to e-cigs. When you’re first starting out with vaping it may seem a bit daunting, not only are you choosing between the different products available, you also have to figure out which coils to buy, and then learn how to program a vape mod. Luckily, vape starter kits are designed to make vaping easy. They give you all the tools you need to dip your toe in the water (jump in the water’s perfect!) and start you on the road to vaping bliss.

A vape kit is slightly different. It too contains the important pieces of the vape device puzzle, but these are designed to appeal to users with all levels of experience. To put it another way, a vape starter kit is a subcategory of vape kit, and are usually easier to use devices.


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What is a Vape Kit?

Let us start at square one. What is a vape kit? A vape kit a prepackaged electronic cigarette that contains all the elements necessary to use it out of the box, with the exception of batteries in the case of more advanced box mod kits. A starter kit takes ease of use a step further. They are ready to roll right out of the box. Batteries are included in vape starter kits because most do not have swappable batteries.

What is in a Vape Kit

A vape kit is an all-inclusive device that includes all of the elements you need to vape including: a tank to fill with vape juice and a swappable coil or refillable pod if applicable. As mentioned above, the battery is sold separately with some box mod kits. There is some overlap because vape starter kits will include the all-important power pack, but not all box mod kits on the market are sold sans battery. The Voopoo Mojo has a built-in battery, as do several other similar vape mod kits. Just about every vape kit will include a charger cord, which is often USB. A vape starter kit typically is a bit more pared down and is usually a cig-a-like device.

The Best Vape Starter Kit for You

For someone who is new to smoking, the best vape starter kit will deliver great performance out of the box and is easy to use. If you are curious about different ways to vape, we explain the difference between mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping in this blog entry. Of course what you put in your vape starter kit also matters. Understanding PG/VG ratios in e Juice is something you will want to master.

Before answering how to find the best vape starter kit, we are going to quickly address VG/PG ejuice ratios. We recommend visiting our e-Juice page to get everything you need to know about selecting a vape juice. If you have moved beyond the vape starter kit and are looking at vape mod kits instead, you will want to use an e juice that is high in VG (vegetable glycerin). If you are using a smaller vape starter kit, a refillable pod or a vape pen, a high PG ratio will deliver the best performance.

We list the VG/PG ratio under each of our ejuices, and our e-juice page has everything you need to know about selecting a vape juice. Our Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus starter kits work best with high PG ejuices. This is no accident. High PG vape juice delivers crystal clear flavor, an authentic throat hit and provides a satisfying experience without generating the vast amount of vapor that a high VG juice does.

Although experimentation is necessary if you want to find what works for you, it is easier to select a vape starter kit if you have some idea about how you plan on vaping. If you are an experienced vaper looking for quick and discrete nicotine fixes throughout the day, a vape starter kit or refillable vape pod kit may be your best option.

If your goal is chain vaping enormous clouds, you may want to cut to the chase and get a box mod. These devices are a smidge more complex, but they are still fairly easy to use. Keep in mind that the 18650 batteries are sold separately. Also, please familiarize yourself with basic 18650 battery safety. There is nothing intrinsically dangerous about 18650 batteries, but they should be handled with the same care you would extend to any electronic device.

Vape Pen vs. Vape Mod vs. Vape Pod

Our assortment of e-cig starter kits includes our popular Vapor Titan Kits and Vapor Zeus Kits. These are pen style vapes. These vape starter kits give smokers all the tools they need —along with the flavor and throat hit they demand— to switch to vaping. They include a cylindrical form which makes them practical for storage and carrying. Titans and Zeus vape devices also closely resemble a combustible cigarette.

Tube Mods are also a form of vape kit, and because the body of the device is a battery, they can easily serve as a starter vape kit. All you need to do is charge and fire away. They consume a bit more e juice than a classic vape starter kit, but are still extremely easy to use.

A vape mod is a larger device. Box mod describes the classic, blocky design with a removable tank. These are higher performance devices, and most mods are now sold with a tank that has been specially engineered for compatibility. It has never been easier to take the plunge into the world of subohm vaping with a vape mod kit. Keep in mind that batteries are usually sold separately.

The line between vape mod and vape pod has become increasingly blurred. As a rule of thumb, pods have a detachable plastic pod that is either disposable or semi disposable. Even a detachable pod with swappable coils is not intended to last as long as a purpose-built tank for a vape mod. There is no uniform compatibility for pod sizes, unlike the tanks which are affixed to vape mods and have an industry standard threading. It is next to impossible to use a Smok Novo pod in a Smok Nord, or vice versa.

Which Vape Kit Should I Buy?

The e-cig starter kit you pick depends a lot upon your personal preferences. When smokers first switch to vaping, they’re usually looking for a vape kit that is lightweight and easy to use because cigarettes are lightweight and (unfortunately) easy to use. For that reason, a lot of first-time vapers pick a starter kit that features a device that looks and performs like a cigarette.

These “cig-alikes” deliver the best results when they are closely modeled to a cigarette. We tailor everything in our signature vape starter kits to satisfy every sensation for a smoker. They are lightweight and portable, provide soft chewable tips, and have button-free options.

Cig-alike vape starter kits, like the Vapor Zeus, are packed with all the stuff you need to get your vape on, but if you still have questions, our customer service team is always here to help.

Some smokers are ready to jump right in and use a box mod. Luckily there are some e-cig starter kits that are somewhat of a hybrid between an electronic cigarette and a mod. These types of vape kits are a smidge more complex to use than cig-alike kits, but they’re still very easy and straightforward.

Even more experienced vapers like having a vape starter kit on hand so they have something that gives a great throat hit and doesn’t take a lot of programming if they’re out cruising down the highway or on vacation.

What’s not to love, they’re reliable, portable, and reusable!