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Vape starter kits are a great way for smokers to begin their switch to e-cigs. When you’re first starting out with vaping, it might seem a little scary to think of choosing between all the different products out there and figuring out which coils to buy and how to program a box mod. Luckily, vape starter kits are designed to make it easy for you by giving you all the tools you need to become an expert vaper.

Our assortment of e-cig starter kits includes our popular Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus kits, which give smokers all the tools they need —and the flavor and throat hit they need— to switch to vaping. We also carry a range of vape starter kits that feature easy-to-use and lightweight mods for vapers who are transitioning to using box mods. Check out our selection of vape starter kits below.


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9 Item(s)

Which Vape Kit Should I Buy?

The e-cig starter kit you pick depends a lot upon your personal preferences. When smokers first switch to vaping, they’re usually looking for a vape kit that is lightweight and easy to use because cigarettes are lightweight and (unfortunately) easy to use. For that reason, a lot of first-time vapers pick a starter kit that features a device that looks and performs like a cigarette.

These “cig-alikes” deliver the best results when they are closely modeled to a cigarette. We tailor everything in our signature vape starter kits to satisfy every sensation for a smoker. Lightweight and portable? Check. Soft, chewable tip? Check. Button-free options? Check. Cig-alike vape starter kits, like the Vapor Zeus, are packed with all the stuff you need to get your vape on, but if you still have questions, our customer service team is always here to help.

Some smokers are ready to jump right in and use a box mod. Luckily there are some e-cig starter kits that are somewhat of a hybrid between an electronic cigarette and a mod. These types of vape kits are a smidge more complex to use than cig-alike kits, but they’re still very easy and straightforward.

Even more experienced vapers like having a vape starter kit on hand so they have something that gives a great throat hit and doesn’t take a lot of programming if they’re out cruising down the highway or on vacation.

They’re reliable, portable, and reusable, so what’s not to love?