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Vapor Zeus Batteries

Vapor4Life's Vapor Zeus E-Cig Battery is kind of a legend in its own right. And that doesn't really feel like an overstatement if you've read some of the reviews of our Vapor Zeus Starter Kits. These batteries are slightly larger, but that means they deliver considerably more power and they'll last for 13 or more hours before they need a recharge (depending on the size you buy). Take your pick of auto and dual mode batteries in five different colors to fit your vaping style. Vapor Zeus batteries give you a dependable replacement battery and can be used to build your own customized e-cig by choosing your color, size and design and adding a Smileomizer to top it off.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

More About Vapor Zeus Batteries

The Vapor Zeus battery didn't just appear overnight (even though that would have been pretty cool). Our founder worked hard to make sure this battery would impress you with its smooth airflow and long lasting charge. It's easy to recharge the Vapor Zeus battery with a wall outlet or car charger, but the best news is that you can plug a matching USB charger cable into your laptop and vape while it charges up. You can read more about the legend of the Vapor Zeus in this blog!