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Vape Mods

We personally tested dozens of products and hand-picked our favorite vape mods and tanks to offer to our Vapor4Life family. Now, it's your turn to experience the power and performance (and wicked vapor clouds) of our new box mods, tube mods and vape tanks. Choose from long-lasting mods that hold 2 or 3 18650 batteries, or try a basic vaping mod like the Vogue that has one button for an easy sub-ohm vaping experience.

All vape mods sold at Vapor4Life have been tested by the V4L team in order to assure that the mods that are sold to you are of the highest quality from the top manufacturers in the vaping industry. Important factors to consider when purchasing a vape mod are: shape, weight, battery capacity, power and extra functions. Advanced vapers may also need temperature control capabilities for vaping nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils. 

Be sure to check out our assortment of mod accessories, which includes vape coils, tanks, drip tips, and more!

If you are new to using box mods, or temperature control mods, please contact our vape experts at: (844) 827-3454 for help.

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More About Vape Mods

When purchasing a vape mod from top vape manufacturers like Aspire Mods, Joyetech Vape Mods, Kanger Mods, SMOK Mods, or Wismec it is important to know what the maximum wattage for the mod is. This will help you determine which tanks and coils will work with the vape mod. When vaping a kanthal coil that is 0.5 ohms or higher, you will most likely just need a mod that has a maximum wattage output of 50 Watts or higher. If you would like to use tank coils that are made with Nickel (Ni200), Stainless Steel, or Titanium, make sure that you purchase a mod that has temp control capabilities such as the SMOK Alien Mod or Joyetech Cuboid Mod.

Beginner Vape Mods

Vapers who have been using an e-cigarette often transition to a vaping mod that will give them the same type of mouth-to-lung hit they got from a cigarette. These types of vape mods use higher resistance coils and are usually used with high-PG e-liquid to provide you with the throat and chest hit that you crave. These vape mods often have a battery built in and a coil included with the kit, so they’re relatively easy to use. This type of all-in-one mod is a great choice for a beginner mod user.

If you are a vaping newbie and want to try sub-ohm vaping, it is probably best to purchase a mod kit online that contains the mod, battery, tank, coils, and e-juice. Some of the best vape mods for beginners are the Joyetech Cuboid Mini Kit, EGO One Mega V2 Kit, SMOK Priv V8 Kit, and Vogue Mod Kit. The majority of these vape mods have built-in batteries and come with a coil. Others require you to purchase coils separately.

Advanced Vape Mods

Once you’ve been vaping with a mod for a while, you can kick it up a notch by trying out some more advanced vape mods. These types of box mods allow you to adjust the temperature, voltage and wattage of your mod so you can further customize each vape you take. There are several different types of advanced vape mods to suit just about any vaper.

Temperature Control Vape Mods

Temperature control vape mods (TC mods) allow you to adjust the temperature of your coil to get better control over the warmth of your hit and the vapor it produces. Temperature control mods also use nickel and titanium coils will change in resistance as they heat. These mods also help prevent against burnt coils and dry hits, which every vaper dreads. Vapers can use temperature control vape mods to set a temperature limit that their coil(s) will not exceed. Most people prefer to vape at a temperature below 450 to 489 degrees Fahrenheit.

Variable Wattage Mods

Strictly speaking, variable wattage mods are designed to give you control over a vape mod’s power output by adjusting the wattage. Variable wattage mods use circuitry to limit the vape’s power output and prevent excessive power that can damage the mod and be potentially dangerous. Variable wattage mods are also made with an advanced microprocessor that helps operate the mod’s variable settings. You can buy a mod with a lower wattage or a variable wattage mod with a higher maximum output if you’re looking for something with more power.

Many vapers prefer using mods with variable wattage because these mods give you the ability to adjust your power output to accommodate different types of coils and different thicknesses of wire. The ability to tweak your mod’s power output also impacts how your coils heat up, which can allow you to enhance flavor and hit with just a few pushes of a button.

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