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18650 Batteries

When you’ve got a powerful piece of technology in the palm of your hand, you need a powerful and reliable vape battery to keep everything running smoothly. Vapor4Life sells the best 18650 e cig batteries from leading manufacturers to help keep your vapor flowin’ and your clouds blowin’. Our top-notch selection of 18650 e cig batteries includes best-selling products from LG, Aspire and Efest. Check out our 18650 battery selection today and don't forget to get an 18650 battery charger while you're at it!

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Best 18650 Vape Batteries

18650 batteries are lithium ion batteries that provide superior power and more long-lasting performance than standard alkaline batteries. Once your 18650 batteries run out, you can simply recharge them with a 18650 battery charging station. Just like standard e cig batteries, 18650 batteries come in different strengths, which are indicated by mAh (milli-amp hours). Batters with a higher mAh will usually last longer before they need to be recharged.

Unlike cigalikes and vapor cigarettes, most vape mods require an 18650 battery to function. When using lithium ion batteries, it’s crucial to follow certain steps that are recommended for battery safety:

  • Do not stack your batteries
  • Make sure your batteries do not make contact with metal
  • Avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight
  • Use an 18650 battery case
  • Use high-end batteries and chargers
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged before use
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