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Kangertech has been one of the leading vape manufacturers across the world since the rise of sub-ohm vaping. As one of the top selling vape mod manufacturers in vape shops across the United States, Kanger makes mods and tanks that have quickly gained popularity for their innovative vape technologies. Kanger's new all-in-one sub-ohm vape mod, the Cupti 2, has a revolutionary design that allows for a massive e-Juice tank and two 18650 batteries to fit within the mod shell. But Kanger hasn’t stopped there. The keep designing vape mods that cater to a wide variety of preferences. The Kanger K-Pin Mini, for instance, is simple and super easy to use. This tub mod comes with a built in lithium ion battery for top-notch performance all the vape long day.

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2 Item(s)

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Kangertech has made ecig devices that has been satisfying vapors for years such as the Cupti 2 or the K-Pin Mini