Aspire Pods

Aspire has been a vaping industry force since 2013. They have not rested on their laurels and have four excellent pod systems that are perfect for nic salt e-juices and mouth to lung vaping: the Aspire Cobble, Spryte, Breeze and Breeze 2.

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16 Item(s)

Nic Salts and pod systems have become incredibly popular in the last couple of years and Aspire fields four worthy contenders in this field. Each provides a different experience but all are great for nic salts and traditional e-Juice. The Breeze is the original and more of an all-in-one system because the tank is actually in the body of the design. With a tight draw and reliable design, it remains popular with fans of mouth to long vaping despite the introduction of several newer designs.

The Breeze 2 takes the popular design of the Breeze and morphs it into a classic pod system. Both Breeze’s use the popular and reliable BVC coil system. The Breeze 2 has adjustable airflow and multiple coils. So it can be adapted to meet your every vaping need. The Aspire Breeze and Breeze 2 both provide more flexibility than a disposable pod system.

The popular Cobble is even more “poddy” than the Breeze. Lightweight and with a convenient lozenge shape, this is a perfect starter kit but also has the tight draw that mouth to lung vapers love.

The Spryte has a unique and streamlined design. It features a special 1.2 ohm coil designed just for nic salts. Ergonomic and portable, the Spryte is an outstanding pod system from Aspire.