Fruit Medley Juul Pods (4 Pack)

  • The best flavor
    Review by Myles on 1/26/2018
    This is the best flavor for me. Switched from smoking cigarettes for 15 years. The juul hits like a real cig and the taste is great.
  • Good fruit mix
    Review by Subtle Vapor on 10/20/2017
    Blackberry seems to over power the blueberry and raspberry vape flavors. Good taste overall and a lot of nicotine to take in each puff
  • Tastes Great
    Review by JoeJoe on 9/2/2018
    These pods taste great if you dont wanna get a taste of cigarettes, very fruity.
  • Not the best
    Review by Kimberly on 7/9/2018
    Flavor mediocre, aftertaste horrendous, one of my least favorites.
  • Worst of the Juul Pods
    Review by Abe on 10/9/2018
    This is my least favorite Juul Pod Flavor, It is almost always burnt and has some really weird aftertaste.

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