Peppermint ViV Pods

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Ok. This is big news. We’ve taken our longtime best-selling peppermint e-juice and put it into nic salt prefilled pods that you can use with your Juul pod system! The Peppermint Juul-Compatible ViV Vape Pods give you a rush of cool peppermint flavor with a powerful and satisfying throat hit to boot. Each pod contains 1 ml of icy nicotine salt ejuice, which is a bigger capacity than standard Juul pods at a more affordable price. Grab some 50mg, 30mg, or 18mg Peppermint ViV Vape Pods and see how amazing these pods can be.

  • Love Viv
    Review by Barb on 11/6/2018
    Pepermint Viv pods for Juul are my favorite and better than juul menthol pod. This one cost less, contains more fluid and has more comfortable curved mouthpieces.
  • Very favorite flavor
    Review by Thomas on 10/24/2018
    Crisp and delicious!
  • Way better than JUUL pods!
    Review by Seattle Josh on 10/11/2018
    Woah. Am I glad I found you guys! These pods are way better than the original JUUL ones. Great taste and the hits are so smooth! And can we have a moment of silence for the curved mouth piece... AMEN!!!
  • Sweet Menthol flavor
    Review by Danny on 10/3/2018
    This pod is a perfect mint vape for my juul it has a sweet mint taste like a peppermint candy
  • Great Taste!!
    Review by Stephanie on 10/3/2018
    These are amazing. A much needed new new “mint” flavor!! My new favorite!
  • Best mint pod on the market!
    Review by Tim on 11/7/2018
    This is by far one of my favorite pods. Best peppermint flavor just like a candy cane. I highly recommend this one to anyone who likes mint.
  • Awesome
    Review by Kristen on 11/14/2018
    I received this flavor as a sample with an order. Just trying it now for the first time and the flavor is a soft, subtle mint. I was pleasantly surprised...I thought it would be too much as I'm not much of a peppermint fan, but I could see myself reordering these.
  • Awesome
    Review by Jp on 10/28/2018
    We love the menthol and mint juul pods. This is a nice switch up from the originals and tastes great doesn’t burn the throat.
    Review by Kassandra on 10/16/2018
    I absolutely love the flavor of these pods. They remind me of the soft peppermint twists from See's Candies. They are very flavorful with a good throat hit.
  • It's alright
    Review by Em on 10/29/2018
    I received a peppermint Viv pod sample with my order. These pods are much better than ziip pods. Higher quality and better tasting; however, these pods do deliver burnt hits 4/10 times. I may try the other flavors and give them a second chance. Definitely prefer Viv pods over ziip pods
  • Disappointed
    Review by Urbania on 1/13/2019
    These really didn't taste at all like peppermint to me. They reminded me of kava root. Wanted to like them because the WOW peppermint flavor is my favorite but definitely not the same.

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