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Watermelon Ziip Pods (Juul Compatible)

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The pure taste of watermelon will linger on your tongue long after you take a few puffs on the Watermelon Vape Pods from Ziip Pods. Made to be compatible with JUUL devices, these pods offer a forceful, fruity wave of watermelon with a slight undertone of candy-like sweetness that comes in at the end of the exhale. Each watermelon Ziip Pod in this 4-pack comes prefilled with 1mL of nicotine salt vape juice.

Try Watermelon Vape Pods by Ziip today!

Watermelon Ziip Pod 4-Pack

JUUL® does not manufacture, sponsor, endorse, or approve this product, and JUUL® has not certified this product to be compatible. The JUUL® trademark is owned and registered by JUUL Lab, Inc.

We offer Ziip’s Watermelon Vape Pods in 5% or 1.8% nicotine to give vapers and smokers a more powerful nicotine hit. Combined with considerable vapor production for vape pods, these little watermelon-flavored disposable pods are also great for sub-ohm vapers who want a change of pace and the option for higher nicotine intake.

Just open a pack of four, take out a pod, take off the cap, and snap it onto your JUUL device. It’s that simple.

  • they dome hella hard
    Review by chris on 5/10/2018
    small but get the job done and they have good flvor
  • True Watermelon
    Review by Delicious!! on 10/7/2018
    I bought a JUUL about two months ago and they do not have a variety of flavors. I had a friend point out this site. I am glad I found it! This flavor is spot on and so tastey! It is as if you were sucking on a watermelon sucker. Definitely a must try.
  • Summer fave
    Review by Hanna on 10/6/2018
    Definitely one of the sweet ones! I’m a fan of watermelon candy flavoring so I love this, although it’s hard to put it down. Would recommend for anyone with a sweet tooth.
  • So so
    Review by John on 8/31/2018
    Great sweet flavor - The taste is great and I find myself hitting it a little too much.
  • A taste of summer in vape form.
    Review by Kristin on 10/6/2018
    Okay so I was a little skeptical of these at first, mostly because watermelon flavored things in general tend to be a little gross. These pods are not gross. They're not overly sweet. The pull is very smooth and rich. It's a rather enjoyable, fruity flavor.
  • Flavor
    Review by Texas on 8/26/2018
    Awesome flavor & couldn't be happier
  • Delish!
    Review by Jessica on 9/2/2018
    I purchased the blueberry lemonade viv pods, orange mango viv and then this flavor. The other two I purchased were not good at all but this one is great! It tastes just like a watermelon blow-pop! Love it.
  • Great pod
    Review by char char on 12/26/2018
    Flavor is awesome. I bought the 1.8% nicotine so it would a smooth hit each time with no burn. Only down side is that I could go through these pods much quicker than JUUL pods. I assume these have a stronger coil in them & since it produces more smoke than JUULs. Over all though it was a great choice & I would buy again as I plan on
  • Great flavor
    Review by Brian on 11/17/2018
    Very good flavor 0 complaints minus they may burn out a little quicker than regular JuUl pods but for the price it’s no issue.
  • If you like Sweet - these are wonderful!
    Review by Lindz on 10/8/2018
    These watermelon pods are so flavorful, they curb my cravings for sugar/sweets. Love them!
  • Awesome!
    Review by Peter on 1/9/2019
    Watermelon is the best flavor! Highly recommend :)
  • YUMMY!
    Review by Kassandra on 10/28/2018
    These are yummy delicious! I am loving the fact that these last longer than the juul pods and they cost less too.
  • Very nice flavor
    Review by Glitch on 11/10/2018
    This has a really nice watermelon candy flavor, a bit like a Starburst fruit chew
  • Sweet and refreshing!
    Review by Matthew on 8/26/2018
    Borderline too sweet but has a very good watermelon taste. Not something I will vape on a daily basis but good to have around for something different. I recommend you try it!
  • Good
    Review by Fahed on 8/27/2018
    Good taste missing nicotine hit.
  • Super tasty
    Review by James on 12/6/2018
    The flavor on these is crazy strong, and super tasty. Had a wicking issue with a couple of them, but nothing a gentle squeeze on the sides every once in a while didn't fix.
  • Great Flavor
    Review by Neil on 10/28/2018
    I wanted to try something sweet and refreshing. These pods are the balance I was looking to find. I enjoy the subtle watermelon taste and the sweet finish. They are very smooth and a staple of my daily vaping now.
  • Very nice flavor
    Review by Glitch on 11/10/2018
    This has a really nice watermelon candy flavor, a bit like a Starburst fruit chew
  • Leaking
    Review by Adriel on 11/25/2018
    I just got the pack and i opened them and three of them were leaking and now there is less than half full. Then when i tried to smoke them they just continued to leak. Could i have a refund of another pack possibly because this was pretty much a waste of my money
  • Great flavor--- leaky burnt pods
    Review by Em on 10/29/2018
    All of the pods (except for one) in the pack I purchased leaked and soaked my juul. The flavor reminds me of watermelon bubble gum. These ziip pods deliver burnt hits. I bought the strawberry milk flavor as well and none of those pods leaked... but they delivered burnt hits 7 out of 10 times. I am sticking with name brand juul pods from now on.

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