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Ziip Starter Kit (Juul Compatible)


Ziip Starter Kit is compatible with Juul Pods, ViV Pods and Ziip Pods and provides the same great hit as the Juul Vape Pen. This Ziip Starter Kit includes:
- 1 Ziip Vape Device
- 1 Ziip Vape Charging Cable (Micro USB)

This Ziip Vape Device charges with a micro USB charging cable and not a Juul charger. Pods are sold separately.

ViV Pods

Choose Your Ziip Vape Color

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Blue

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  • Good to go
    Review by Janine on 9/8/2018
    Comparing to juul
    *micro usb charging
    *cheaper than juul
    *fast charging

    *fires a bit warmer than juul. Might burn some pods.
    *sometimes need a concentrated effort to activate draw system while using ziip pods. This does not happen with juul.

    Overall, i like it and will buy another if the need arises.
  • So great
    Review by Brendan on 11/24/2018
    Just like a Juul and a Juul skin, but for the price of a Juul.
    Review by Kassandra on 10/16/2018
    This is almost as good as the juul. The battery is a little less powerful but the fact that it comes in pink makes up for it.
  • Good Product
    Review by Jennifer on 7/28/2018
    I like that it has a USB charger and the fact it charges fast. The only thing I dislike is it doesn’t burn Vape4Life cartridges too well. The heat is too hot.

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