Cappuccino Ziip Pods (Juul Compatible)

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You can’t vape or smoke in most coffeehouses anymore, but you can certainly recreate that bygone luxury with Cappuccino Vape Pods from Ziip Pods. This is an intense coffee flavor with strong notes of nut and hints of rich caramel to finish off the flavor profile. Coffee lovers will enjoy starting their day with these tasty vape pods.

Ziip’s Cappuccino Vape Pods are a great option for smokers who have just started vaping. Made with 5% nicotine, these disposable pods provide a nic hit that’s powerful enough to satisfy your cravings. The vapor production is much better than you might expect from a pod too.

Compatible with JUUL pod mods, Ziip’s Cappucino pods are portable, simple to use, and satisfying. Get your fix of yummy cappuccino pods today!

Cappuccino Ziip Pod 4-Pack

JUUL® does not manufacture, sponsor, endorse, or approve this product, and JUUL® has not certified this product to be compatible. The JUUL® trademark is owned and registered by JUUL Lab, Inc.

  • Excellent
    Review by Peter on 8/7/2018
    Great flavor! Who needs to drink coffee and smoke when you can use this?
  • Coffee pods
    Review by Brandy on 8/7/2018
    If you like the smell and taste of coffee than these pods are for you!!!! Wonderful taste, no leakage all around great!!!!
  • Morning vape
    Review by Nancy K. on 6/19/2018
    great to vape in the morning! if only it woke me up like my coffee does...
  • Amazing flavor!
    Review by Angela on 4/13/2019
    This cappuccino pod is amazing! Will be ordering it again. The flavor is SO GOOD! One of my most favorites!
  • Perfect
    Review by J on 8/18/2018
    This tastes like a good cuppa cappu.

    I am tired of sweet coffee flavors... if you are too, you will love this. It has a rich roasted flavor and a smooth finish.

    I had to share this with some fellow vapers and they were shocked at how good it is.

    Now i want this flavor for my sub ohm.
  • Awesome
    Review by Mckee on 3/1/2019
    It tastes like a cappuccino. Coffee with a little bit of cream.
  • Product needs Revision
    Review by Seth Dickey on 2/22/2019
    Great flavor, but is not completely compatible with juul devices as it claims. Pod are slightly too large as you will notice immediately upon insertion. Does not burn the same, and will often spurt juice out the top which I assume is probably not good since product is not FDA certified for human consumption. Product needs revision, but has potential to be a good competitor to the price gouging that is taking place with genuine juul pods in most markets.
  • Fabulous
    Review by Mary on 10/28/2018
    My favorite flavor!
  • Stronger than I thought
    Review by Julia on 6/2/2019
    I used to smoke a coffee flavored e-cig made by Green Smoke, but they stopped making it, so I was excited to find these. I expected a much smoother, milkier taste. This tastes like a coffee shop smells- like ground expresso. I didn't like it, but if you like your coffee black, then you might enjoy it.

    The nicotine level in Juul's are too high for me, so I tried this one in the 1.8. However, I think the amount of nicotine I get from these is still more than I get from other ecigs labeled 1.8 and they leave me feeling restless and running down. These run out much faster than the Juul's, though they are a bit cheaper.

    The Ziip Pod was a quality product overall, so I'm giving it three stars.
  • Strong Flavor
    Review by Flay on 9/30/2018
    The flavor is super strong and coffee-like. At first it was great, but by the end of the pod I was sick of the taste. This was my first coffee-type flavor, but I would prefer something more subtle next time
  • Incredible flavoring
    Review by Brendan on 9/8/2018
    It’s incredible how they can pack the flavor of pure coffee into such small pods. Truly great for coffee lovers.
  • Tastes just like coffee
    Review by Elizabeth on 4/19/2019
    Tastes just like coffee but could be better with a touch of sweetness. I can’t vape a whole pod without switching something in between because it’s too much after a while. It is very smooth though. Not harsh like some of the other flavors I have tried.
  • They’re pretty good
    Review by Amanda on 3/14/2019
    They’re not my all time favorite but they’re still good. It has a nice cappuccino flavor and it hits well. It doesn’t have the odd aftertaste that I’ve found in several pods. It’s just a personal preference that got 4 stars instead of 5.
  • Not quite was I was hoping for
    Review by Brian on 11/17/2018
    Flavor was a little off in my opinion, went good with a cup of coffee but besides that was kind of a miss for me.
  • Good then just too much
    Review by Fcknshauna on 11/12/2018
    At first I liked this flavor, it literally tastes like coffee. But that’s it, JUST coffee- with like no creamer or sugar. I use it occasionally, mostly in the morning just so I can feel like I’ve had coffee and kill two birds with one stone. Coffee+cigarette= this pod. One and done.
  • Coco Puffaccino
    Review by Smoky McVapeface on 6/16/2019
    These are good. A little sweet but not over the top. As an avid coffee drinker, I'm not really impressed with the coffee flavor. They taste a lot more like Coco Puffs which is my favorite cereal so I'm still happy.
    These pods don't last as long as the juul pods but I do like the feel of the mouthpiece much better.
  • Mixed Feelings
    Review by Douglas on 12/4/2018
    I enjoy cappuccinos , and this is the exact taste. Mild coffee taste but very sweet. I first enjoyed the flavor but soon I couldn't enjoy it all during the day.
  • Disappointment all around!
    Review by Kenndogg on 3/8/2019
    Taste was harsh, and with the last pod, I hit it gently and the juice leaked into my mouth! Worst taste in my life. Never will waste money of this flavor
  • Strong Flavor
    Review by Danielle on 2/5/2019
    At first it was good but after a while it started tasting nasty. Also gives nasty aftertaste. Very very strong flavor. I only got through 1 and half pods and I'm done with it. Waste of money. And it made my throat hurt. Have not had that problem with any others.
  • Taste burnt
    Review by Dee on 6/27/2019
    I was really disappointed with the flavor!..I was expecting a coffee flavor..but it tasted like really dark coffee that had been roasted till they were burnt and almost a chemical after tastes...I purchased the 3% nicotine and don’t know if that changes the flavor..
  • Great taste
    Review by Stan on 2/28/2019
    Great flavor great price. No issues with pods leaking. So far so good.

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