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Lemon Macaron Ziip Pods - 50mg

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Lemon Macaron Ziip pods are 50mg nicotine salt pods that are Juul-compatible. Lemon Macaron Z-Pods combine a tart lemon flavor with a creamy, almond aftertaste to perfectly balance out the pod flavor. Lemon Macaron Ziip Pods are sold in 4-packs of 1ml pods for your vaping pleasure.

Lemon Macaron Ziip Pods

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  • ziip labs lemon macaron
    Review by laura on 3/9/2019
    The most flavorful pod I've had to date, and I think I've tried most of them. I ordered and liked it so much I searched online for more, these aren't available locally like some of the other flavors and are sold out most places. The only negative it the drain fast. Juu; pods do last longer, but the selection of flavors is so limited and here locally, they are only selling the tobacco related flavors to keep kids from buying them. I hope they stay in stock, because the Lemon macaron is the best.
  • Awesome
    Review by Mckee on 3/1/2019
    Tastes like a lemon macaron. If your looking for something super lemony tho this isn't what you want.
  • It's got a nice flavor but the longer you use it, the more burnt it tastes
    Review by Lemon macaron on 1/3/2019
    It was a nice change from my usual flavors
  • Weird flavor
    Review by Doug on 1/16/2019
    I coulden't taste the lemon at all it was a very overwhelming nutty cookie flavor.
  • Wasn’t impressed
    Review by Amanda on 3/14/2019
    I love all things lemon flavored so I was thrilled to see this pod on the website. I bought the Lemon Macaron and the Cinnamon Roll pods. Unfortunately, I didn’t like either one of them. I didn’t really catch a lemon taste at all with this one and the aftertaste is weird. I thought I just needed time to get used to it. They did hit well but I couldn’t get past the taste. They got thrown in the trash.

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