Disposable E-Cigarettes

If you're thinking about switching to e-cigarettes, you need a reliable disposable e-cigarette that will give you the sensation and feel of smoking without any of the icky, stinky ashes. Vapor4Life's disposable e-cigarette is the answer for you. Rated as the best disposable e-cig by Spinfuel and Vapor Digest magazines, Vapor4Life's disposable e-cigarettes are above and beyond any other disposable electronic cigarette on the market today! If you've tried other e-cigarettes and they haven't done the trick for you, don't give up.

You'll love the amazing throat hit, cigarette-like flavor, and long-lasting batteries you get in this simple e-cigarette. This is the e-cigarette you have been looking for. Go ahead; make the switch! 

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Disposable E Cig

Most e-cigarette companies did not put the time, effort and resources into developing one of the highest rated disposable e-cigs in the world. The Vapor4Life Disposable Vape took over a year to develop in order to become what it is today because of the hard work, dedication, and passion from the Vapor4Life development team led by founder Steve "Smilin" Milin.

The Disposable Vape from V4L has been named the best disposable e-cigarette by top e-cig and Vape publications like Spinfuel, Info-Electronic-Cigarettes, and Vapor Digest because of how well it replicates the taste, throat hit, and feel of a traditional cigarette. The e-juice used in the this top disposable e-cig is designed specifically to taste like a traditional cigarette. It has a smoky, tobacco taste that is unlike any other tobacco e-juice in the vaping industry. The soft, chewable tip and unique low-resistance coil are also features that stand out on this incredible disposable e-cig by Vapor4Life.