Vapor King Batteries

The Vapor King is a rechargeable e-cig battery that's roughly the size of a cigarette, but packs in a lot more power and style.

You can buy the Vapor King Ash, Vapor King Diamond and the Vapor King Stealth e-cig batteries (no light at the tip!) from the online store at Vapor 4 Life. The replacement Vapor King batteries come in many different colors and printed styles to accent your Vapor King electronic cigarette and help you accessorize with your fashion. All the glamor of Old Hollywood; none of the stinky cigarette smell!

These Vapor King batteries are compatible with our blank or prefilled cartridge to help making vaping easy and fun.

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2 Item(s)

More About the Vapor King

The Vapor King is our signature cigarette-sized e-cig battery and it's consistently been one of top-selling items. Our customers appreciate the convenience of a small battery that you can tote around anywhere with a prefilled cartomizer attached so you're ready to vape when you want to vape. We offer automatic or push button-activated designs as well.