Blank Cartridges

Vapor4Life sells blank e-cigarette cartomizers that fit perfectly with our Vapor Titan and Vapor King e-cigs. Our blank cartomizers are refillable and can hold enough e-liquid (1 ml) to keep you vaping for hours. You can use any of our hundreds of e-juices to keep your blank cartomizer full, so you can easily vape on the go.

These convenient blank e-cig cartomizers come in two different resistances, WOW and Cool, so you'll get a different experience when you vape one or the other. The Cool carts give you more of a throat hit, so they're a great option if you've just switched to vaping from smoking. The blank WOW cartomizers give you a little more vapor and a gentler throat hit because they're made with a lower resistance coil.

You can buy Blank E-Cig Cartomizers online at the Vapor 4 Life store to save money and to get high quality blank cartridges to replace your old and used cartomizers. Each pack contains five blank 808-threaded cartomizers in an assortment of colors. We offer the best brands and styles of blank cartridges including the Smileomizer, EGO and more.

Browse our online store for the exact blank e-cig cartridges you need.

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3 Item(s)

More About Blank Cartomizers

When many smokers first start vaping, they use our prefilled cartridges because they want a quick and easy smoking alternative. After a while, former smokers become more comfortable with vaping and want to customizer their experience a little more. This is where blank cartomizers come in. If you like using a cigalike (the Vapor Titan or Vapor King), you'll appreciate the flexibility you get by being able to fill and refill your own cartridges. You can choose from more than 160 e-liquid flavors and end up saving some money in the long run!