Menthol Disposable Vape

Think about your favorite brand of menthol cigarettes. Now imagine them without any unpleasant smell or ash and you’ve got the Vapor4Life Menthol E-Cig. Most of the staff here are former smokers and our founder, Steve Milin, used to go through five packs of menthol smokes a day, so we ​know ​what smokers are going through when they’re trying to find a disposable menthol e-cigarette that works for them.

Our original disposable menthol vapes were Steve’s brainchild and he says he still puffs on them to this day when he’s stuck in traffic or in a crummy mood. The 3.6% nicotine content in these revamped e-cigs does the trick for smokers who have just quit too.

Try a distinctive, true-to-taste disposable menthol electronic cigarette that’s so close to the real thing that you might even try to ash it!

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  • Very good item
    Review by Ann on 6/4/2018
    These are great when you need something quick to grab and they really last a long time.
  • Great Product
    Review by Kelsey on 3/8/2018
    I love these!
  • Convenient!
    Review by Beth on 1/11/2018
    Received a sample one with an order and enjoyed it.
  • Super
    Review by Kathy on 12/14/2018
    I was amazed these tasted so good. Way better then blu ecigs and lasted long too.
  • Sweet!
    Review by Chris on 10/30/2018
    I ordered a couple of these in the past after getting one as a freebie in an order. Awesome if you need something small, and true to the juice!!
  • Amazing vapor production
    Review by Theodosios on 12/2/2018
    Ive tried almost every single disposable e-cig from gas stations and other e-cig outlets and this one is way superior in lasting flavor, vapor production and battery life.
  • nice
    Review by james on 9/10/2018
    i get these as a back up waiting fot baterries to charge works great
  • New to e-cigarettes
    Review by Sally on 3/15/2019
    I’m a Marlboro Menthol smoker who is trying to quit. I ordered these to replace cigarettes occasionally. I’m hoping to wean myself off cigarettes. I only smoke 6 or so cigarettes a day but for 50 years. The cough, the stink, the having to bundle up and go outside to smoke....were all getting to me and I knew it was time to try something. I just got my 10 pack yesterday. I was able to replace 2 of my regular smoke breaks with a few puffs on the VAPOR4LIFE disposable. It satisfied my craving. It is also VERY convenient to be able to have one in my easy chair inside. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the flavor isn’t the same. It’s not bad or anything, just different. Not too minty with a slightly earthy vanilla citrus aftertaste. It’s pleasant and I think I can get used to it.
  • Sample
    Review by Amy on 4/22/2018
    Received a sample of this with my regular shipment of vape products. I didn't much care for the flavor, but they do have a nice draw and throat hit. Lasted quite a while too. Well worth a try to see what you think. I'm sticking with my favorite WOW Kilt Juice. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is my preference of flavor, not a downside of the product.
  • One of the better disposables
    Review by Chris on 10/21/2018
    I have tried several other disposables and never really liked that hit from it but these contain 3.6% which makes the hit quite satisfying and they’re good for on the go vaping

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