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Vapor King Ash Cap Premium e Cig Kit

Regular Price: $49.99

Special Price $39.99

e Cig Kit includes:
  • 2 Vapor King Batteries
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 Five Pack of Cartomizers
  • Choose your e-cig color

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Gun Metal Platinum
    • Red
    • White

    Select Battery Type

    • Auto (without button)
    • Manual (with button)

    Choose your e-cig color

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Gun Metal Platinum
    • Red
    • White

    Select Battery Type

    • Auto (without button)
    • Manual (with button)

    Choose Your Pack of Cartomizers

    Choose Your Carrying Case Color

    • Black
    • White
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Platinum
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Light Green
    • Yellow
    • Pink

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    This premium e Cigarette kit contains the original, dependable Vapor King eCig that has been enjoyed by the Vapor4Life family for years. It has been tweaked to perfection over the years to provide optimal vapor production and taste in every puff to provide smokers the satisfaction that they need to make the switch to vaping. The ash cap LED cover on the eCig gives it the appearance of a traditional cigarette as well.
    • Great entry level e cig
      Review by TC on 3/21/2018
      I started here and never looked back at cigarettes. I recommend to anyone looking to quit!!
    • Everything you need!
      Review by Beth on 8/24/2017
      This is a great starter kit that has everything you need to begin and try your own choice of cartridges!
    • First e-cig I bought
      Review by Kit on 7/22/2016
      My original e-cig kit was slightly different (came with 2 batteries but no USB charger) so this kit is the closest there is. Anyway, it's perfect for smokers who care about the look of their vape. The battery looks like a traditional cigarette and is roughly the same size. It's a great kit for starters, as it's cheap and gives you a feel for what vaping will be like. However, I have had problems with the wall charger that came with the kit. Sometimes it won't work. Regardless, this is a great kit and a great deal for someone looking to switch to vaping.
    • Everything I needed to get started
      Review by WaxPenPat on 2/12/2014
      This is the best 40 e-cig pen kit I have found on the market to date! love the flavors and the carts are ready to go right out of the box. I did receive a dud out of the box and when I called customer service they sent me a free one with fast shipping no charge. Now thats what keeps me coming back!!
    • Neat
      Review by D on 8/18/2018
      USB pass-through was nifty
    • GREAT!
      Review by Douglas Stromberg on 4/26/2016
      Bought 3, 2 days ago. All 3 charged up and ready to go. Very Fast Service and highly pleased. Product works well. No complaints.
      Review by skelekim on 4/1/2016
      I have 2 of these, as well as the diamond series auto, and a manual passthrough. The battery life seems to be a shorter than advertised & can sometimes be wonky with giving vape, but I am a first time vapor and maybe expecting more?! My passthrough delivers wonderfully.
      Review by mike pense on 2/24/2016
      I got 2 of these with my starter kit and bought 2 more in 2009 and they are still going strong
      Review by Ed Urbs on 1/27/2016
      This thing is a vapor machine. If you wan't to feel like your smoking an anolog this is definatly the way to go. Long last battery as well.
      Review by Linrag on 12/4/2015
      I've developed a preference for manual batteries as I like a longer drag. This is great and it lasts a long time between charges...not to mention it comes in great colors.
      Review by BuckoBill on 4/25/2015
      Just ordered one in black. What a great looking cig. I can do nothing but rave about it. The thing keeps on vaping for a super long time and the cut off on it is I dont know cause I cant take a drag long enough to see :)
      Keep up the good work V4L.
      Review by Elizabeth Strotzer on 2/14/2015
      I got my short auto (in copper) about a week ago, and have to do the unplug/replug the charger trick to get it to fully charge. Also, I've had 5 V4L batteries in various sizes and types, and this is the only one that I have issues fitting onto all of my carts. Its like the screw bit at the top is too tall so the carts won't screw on all the way and make contact with the battery. I prefer the short autos for when I'm out and about but with all the issues it's become an 'at home only' battery which really bums me out.
    • THE BEST!
      Review by E-cig maniac on 1/30/2015
      Hours of performance, charge after charge. This s the one you want!
      Review by Customer on 1/6/2015
      They sent me one of these short autos by mistake (chrome) and it works just fine... really like the shorter size and not pushing a button.

      The Cool Carts with the higher resistance don't work as well on this as the Wow Carts, which are great.

      Sorry to see some of you got duds, I was going to order one for a family member who lives in another state. I know she'd like it, so I'm going to take a chance. *crosses fingers*

      Update: She loves it!! I'm using mine almost exclusively now, too. We get plenty of vapor and they seem to last a long time. Hers is the platinum color. We both have the medium sized manual batteries, which are nice too, but these feel more like cigarettes.

      I upped it a star, thanks.
      Review by Jeff H. on 11/1/2014
      Much Better than the generic batteries!!!

      More vapor
      Longer battery life
      Better connection between the Cartomizer and Battery
      Review by April on 10/27/2014
      These battery's are by far the very best!! I have tried them ALL now and these ones dont even compare to the other battery's. Great throat hit and V4L customer service is the best. When I ordered two of these one was bunk and they replaced it immediately for me. If your worried that the button is weird and you wouldn't get used to it (like many people tell me) dont hesitate to try it. You will get used to it instantly. I have found that with the automatic battery's not all cartomizers fit on the automatic battery's. but with this manual they all fit with absolutely no problems. As you can see I am very satisfied and I know you will be too!!
      Review by That Guy on 9/25/2014
      Wow. i read the good reviews on this battery, and even though they were close to perfect i still was doubting that the product would be that great. let me tell you, i just got it tonight and i love it. charging hasnt been a problem at all. worth every penny
      Review by E-Cig fanatic on 9/8/2014
      I love this battery! I had a couple of short autos and they were good but this battery is amazing. It works great. The battery life seems to be about 10 hours so I am very pleased. I found I defiantly prefer a manual to an auto. I love just being able to get a drag at the click of a button instead of having to do a couple primer puffs like on an auto.
      Review by Amber & Christopher George on 8/23/2014
      I have shopped for the perfect e cig, for awhile before I found V4L. There batteries out perform any I have tried, ( tried 6 different companies ). There customer service is outstanding, and shipping is quick every single time. I recommend V4L to everyone.
      Review by Tumbleghost on 5/15/2014
      Works great! I keep mine charged in a portable charging case for plenty of oomph. Copper color with blue LED is distinctive. Purchased from a few companies, but this company consistently ships FAST and have had a quick turnaround on customer service questions as well.
      Review by AARON Spanton on 1/21/2014
      So I've had this battery for about a week now and forgot it was in my shirt pocket and the wife washed it. Cant believe it but pulled it out and hit the switch and it fired right up and produced vapor like a champ. Awesome.
      Review by Jon Muzyk on 1/9/2014
      Kick Butt Little Auto battery! Gives you a Great pull through with little effort Very Very close to the Manual Battery Drag. Just doesn't quite last long In All the sizes cause of the Auto feature and the long drag time I'm guessing. Would highly recommend to a manual person trying to get a GOOD Auto for the times when time is tuff to use a manual battery. I'm actually in the process of pairing all my Manuals with either a shorty Diamond or Regular Diamonds. Little more cash but, WELL Worth it especially if you add the Derlin drip tip to it! Then it Rocks out easy and Smooth Full Hard Hits try you'll be pretty impressed. I was an All Manual Guy until I try this with the Derlin Drip tip and man does it help when you can't free the hand up like when working with both hands! Nice Smooth pull like a real Cig and a great Pull on it when your really hitting it hard... Never thought I dig an Auto but these are well worth the shot to try and the few extra bucks!
      Review by Joe Lincoln on 7/24/2013
      Just got a new one. It has a bigger ash cap, both WOW and COOL CARTS fit perfectly and it has a 10-13 second cut off. These are a great value.
    • KR808 FAN BOY
      Review by Jeff Woodard on 7/8/2013
      I like the KR808! I purchased two from V4L mostly because of the awesome color selection. (black and white was a bit dull of a color selection) These batteries are a bit different than My original ones. The battery hole is much smaller, yet they seem more responsive when I take a drag. They fire quicker and just a bit harder than ones that came with my starter kit. (from another company) I am loving them so far and would highly recommended them!
      Review by matthew mclaurine on 6/6/2013
      Watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpHt20j1YfQ

      I've had a couple of these batteries laying in a box for the past 2 months because they did not work with cool carts. I just followed the video instructions and they work fine now.
    • BATTERY, V4L
      Review by cam on 5/28/2013
      The first battery i baught wouldnt take a charge i dont know why. but i ordered 2 more and they both worked fine. Also the cut out time is longer than the previous manual ones i baught. overall i am very pleased with v4l
      Review by ME,,,,,, on 4/28/2013
      My green ones head feel off, but that lettle sucker kept vaping, like a champ. and the battery life was great, so even though i didnt get the misterious light. I got a great vapor, so can not complain, looks isn't everything lol me.
      Review by Geoff on 4/12/2013
      I liked the old shorty autos better. These new ones use the same switch (and are the same size) as the diamond series. They don't seem to require the unplug/re-plug trick to get them to charge, but I just really miss the feel of the old version. IMHO the old version (which was a little bit thinner, lighter and shorter) had a slightly tighter draw to them, and I liked that.


    180 - 380mAh*
    3.7 - 4.2 volts*
    Nominal Voltage:
    3.7 volts
    250 - 450 (4 second puff)
    Puffing Time:
    2 - 5 hours*
    66mm - 103mm*
    Charge Time:
    2 - 4 hours*

    *Capacity: The Vapor King Ash Cap electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 180mAh, Regular: 280mAh, XL: 380mAh. 

    *Voltage: This battery has an unregulated voltage. When the battery is at a full charge, the voltage is 4.2 volts. The voltage will slowly decrease, ultimately dropping to 3.3 volts when the battery is fully discharged. 

    *Puffing Time: The longer the battery the longer the use time. 

    *Length: Short: 66mm, Regular: 83mm, XL: 103mm. 

    *Charge Time: The longer the battery, the longer it will take to charge. Short: 2 hours, Regular: 2 - 3 hours, XL: 3 - 4 hours. 

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