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Vapor King Clearance Ash Cap e Cig Battery

Regular Price: $14.99

Special Price $11.99

  • Rechargeable e Cigarette battery comes in 3 different sizes
  • KR808 threaded batteries are compatible with Vapor4Life Premium CoolCart cartomizers, WOW Vapor King cartomizers, and dual coil tanks
  • Ash Cap LED lights
  • Available in auto (without button) or manual (with button)
  • Clearance battery colors and styles
  • Choose your e-cig color

    • Chrome
    • Gold
    • Green
    • Green
    • Lavender
    • Light Green
    • Pink
    • Purple

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    The Vapor King Ash Cap Automatic e Cig Battery combines a stylish, metallic finish with leading technology in it's battery cell. Simply screw on a cartomizer, take a puff, and leave those days of ash,smoke, and tar in the past. All Vapor King eCig batteries are KR808D threaded eCigarette batteries.

    Product Manual: Download here

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    • Oldies but goodies
      Review by Raj on 11/14/2017
      Great colors, surprisingly strong for being little. And you can choose the color of the light, which is nice. I really like these.
    • Love these batteries
      Review by Margaret on 9/6/2017
      I have been using these batteries for six years and still love them! I would have given them five stars, but as another reviewer pointed out, I do get the odd one that doesn't work. Vapor4life is great about replacing their products, but it's a hassle to mail one battery back. But for the most part, these last longer than other batteries I've purchased, so I highly recommend them.
    • I love Vapor King
      Review by jodana on 11/11/2016
      I have several of these extra long and short. They are wonderful. easy to charge, great feel and easy to use. I love the colors and the lasting charge. I have recomended this to others.
    • I own 15
      Review by Melisa on 9/29/2016
      I own 15 of these both purple and white and I am very pleased with how they charge and how they used are used I would definitely recommend them to a friend
    • Great feel and portability
      Review by Karyn on 9/13/2016
      I always have several of these on hand. 4 stars instead of 5 because I had an odd one that didn't work. I like the feel, similar in size to holding a cigarette. This battery fits the bill. Give them a couple of charges to reach maximum capacity. They are easy to carry in a pocket or case and are overall a reliable product that lasts a good amount of time. (The price is good too.)
    • Great for Beginners
      Review by Jennifer on 7/30/2016
      This is what I started on and quite smoking with! It worked so I highly recommend! Vapor4Life is such a great company, they work with you with any questions or concerns and really just want you to be successful in quitting smoking! And their products work!
    • Good and bad
      Review by Ellie on 7/29/2016
      When they work, they work well. Have received numerous batteries that didn't work at all, but customer service is great! When you get a good battery, it lasts a long time and I would say, always go for the XL.
    • Rechargeable Cig-a-like
      Review by PriceBreaka on 4/14/2016
      Looks, feels, and preforms great. Most of these batteries for this price break after a month of use, mine has been going strong for almost a year now!!! Quality companies make quality devices brahhh!
    • grab some
      Review by Susie on 3/30/2015
      great auto battery - about 25-30% longer than the 'old school' 808ds and same comfortable diameter. The purple lights up red and the green lights up green. Auto batteries are as hard to find as a needle in a haystack so grab some at this price point and I bet you'll be happy, too :)
    • 1 out of 2 works...
      Review by Andi on 10/21/2017
      Purchased 2 batteries this month. One's already a goner. I'm hoping it's a fluke. I'll give them one more try, then I'm out!


    The Vapor King Clarence Ash Cap electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 180mAh, Regular: 280mAh, XL: 380mAh
    Chrome, Gold, Green, Lavender, Light Green, Pink and Purple
    Nominal Voltage:
    3.97 volts
    250-420 (4 second puff)
    Puffing Time:
    2 - 5 hours (depending on size)
    Auto Size:
    Short (Height: 2.75 in, Width: 0.38 in) Regular (Height: 3.5 in, Width: 0.38 in) XL (Height: 4.06 in, Width: 0.38 in)
    Manual Size:
    Short (Height: 3.38 in, Width: 0.38 in) Regular (Height: 4.38 in, Width: 4.81 in) XL (Height: 4.06 in, Width: 0.38 in)
    Charge Time:
    2 - 4 hours (depending on size)

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