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Vapor King Diamond e Cig Battery

  • Rechargeable e Cigarette battery comes in 3 different sizes
  • Available in 11 metallic colors
  • Available in auto or manual styles
  • KR808 threaded batteries are compatible with Vapor4Life Premium CoolCart cartomizers, WOW Vapor King cartomizers, and dual coil tanks
  • Diamond-tipped LED lights on end of eCigarette
  • Choose Your E-Cig Color

    • White
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Gun Metal
    • Magenta
    • Red
    • Green
    • Matte Black
    • Purple
    • Gold
    • Lavender

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    The Vapor King Diamond Automatic e Cig Battery combines a flashy, metallic outer finish with industry leading technology in it's battery cell. Simply screw on a cartomizer, take a puff, and leave those days of ash,smoke, and tar in the past. Rechargeable e Cigarette battery comes in 3 different sizes Available in 11 colors. KR808 threaded batteries are compatible with Vapor4Life Premium CoolCart cartomizers, WOW Vapor King cartomizers, and dual coil tanks. Diamond Tip LED. Also available in manual (with button)

    Product Manual: Download here

    Suggested Products

    • A good starter battery
      Review by Kimberly on 12/14/2017
      Reliable and easy to use. This is a solid battery for those who want a slimmer design or are starting out.
    • love the style
      Review by so cute on 10/23/2017
      this little battery works great in the manual. i bought the automatic and while it worked ok, it was hard to get a good drag. but in the manual version with the button, it delivers a great draw. and the battery lasts all day. and not to mention it is so cute. i got the purple and the tip is like a diamond. it lights up very pretty and stylish! i think im going to buy a few more so i always have one on hand.
    • Great battery
      Review by T McLain on 9/17/2017
      I bought this for my wife and it lasted 4 years of regular use before it stopped holding a decent charge. Hundreds of charge cycles and still it performed. Going to get another for her probably one for me too!
    • Lasts years
      Review by Terrence on 8/6/2017
      I bought this for my wife back in 2011. The diamond tip sets it apart from other stick batteries. This was one of her main batteries and it held a decent charge for several years.
    • Pretty
      Review by Samantha on 7/3/2017
      I've had mixed luck with these batteries. Most of the time they work just fine, but I've had a couple that died way too quickly. The diamond tip is really pretty, and I did use it as a flashlight + vaping combo a couple of times in dark rooms. Ultimately, I gave these up for the stealth batteries. But were they ever out of my usual stealth batteries, I'd happily buy some of these again.
    • The Best
      Review by Deborah on 11/2/2016
      Simply the best cig-a-like battery out there. I own at least one of every color and always load up when a sale is available. I just won't be without my V4L Vapor King battery.
    • My fav
      Review by Melisa on 10/1/2016
      Til this day these are still my favorite
    • Great
      Review by Melisa on 10/1/2016
      This battery is so classy I am so pleased
    • Great Battery!
      Review by Angie on 7/30/2016
      I like these batteries! I usually buy the VK Ash Cap Battery for some reason, which I love, but these are very similar and the same price.
    • Great choice to buy
      Review by Kimberly on 7/22/2016
      I love my diamond head. They look great and are just fun.
    • Quality product
      Review by Katie on 7/20/2016
      My daughter and myself love these batteries....they last all day with good pull.
    • Very Nice XL Manual Battery! :-)
      Review by jacqi4arts on 2/20/2016
      This new battery is working great with a 3.5 ml V4L tank using the lower ohms single coil cartridges. Not realizing this battery is slightly longer than other XL batteries, I bought a white one. My next V4L battery will be a color. I like the "diamond" LED touch of bling. This battery is a replacement for an original Vapor King/V4l XL manual battery received 10/2011. The older original version battery still works; but lost some gusto using it with a dual coil V4L tank cartridge.
      I am giving the new battery 4 stars; because it arrived with 2 unnoticable very tiny surface scratches. Also, I think V4L needs to give longer warranties on their hardware products.
    • Short Sweet & to the point
      Review by Austin_Oh on 2/9/2016
      This battery is a very nice price & I like how the diamond actually sticks out, plus I'd highly recommend paying the extra battery for the extra long size
      However, I ordered the red camo for a friend & then battery was just colored black with purple splatter paint
    • Best battery I've ever tried!!!!
      Review by Nicholas Schilling on 2/4/2016
      Of all of the batteries from V4L, this is by far the best. The threading was flawless. The pull is just right and the new switch seems to be a significant improvement. The coloration is also very slick. I can only hope that the other batteries follow suit with these noteworthy improvements.
    • Excellent
      Review by bb58i on 1/12/2016
      I can't believe V4L posted my very negative review on one of their juices. Kudos to them! My opinion on the OVK battery is very positive though. Love the longevity, durability, and functionality of the camouflage Stealth extra long. And all at a very competitive price. Please continue to carry this line of batteries.
    • great battery!
      Review by annette79h on 11/30/2015
      I love the color selections and just got the pink camo stealth and its very cool looking! I love the draw you get and my batteries have lasted a long time!
    • Good, but not my favourite.
      Review by Brittany on 11/20/2015
      I got this in XL and a standard Titan in my first order, as I wasn't sure which I'd prefer. I just knew that the whacky modded out thing I had from a local vape shop wasn't cutting it (it was big, ugly, I felt uncomfortable using it in public, and it was way too heavy for me). I hear more "experienced" vapers bash auto batteries, but after starting with a manual ego, I prefer the cig-a-like auto and it's less embarassing to use in public.

      The diamond is a great product and very affordable. The reason I give it four stars is simply because I prefer the Titan. I feel the diamond doesn't have as easy a draw as the titan, and as I result it seems to only last as long as my standard-length titan. I puff on this a lot more. However, it's not enough of a difference to write the diamond off. I'll probably end up ordering it again because it's such a good price!
    • Excellent life
      Review by Ronald Touchet on 11/12/2015
      I love my XL. The life on it is amazing. I can vape for hours on it and it just keeps on going. You don't have to draw too hard on it to get a good vape. It's my new favorite batt in my collection of 9.
    • Not quite camo...
      Review by Josh on 10/21/2015
      I really wish this came in more colors. I'm not really a camo kind of guy. By the way, "camouflage" isn't really camo...it's more like green circles on a black back ground. I found that I had to do a harder pull on this than with my other batteries. Also, mine broke after only using it a couple times. The battery ended up leaking. Hopefully mine's just a fluke.
    • Beautiful
      Review by jatrex on 10/16/2015
      I have 3 of these...red/white LED, blue/blue LED and purple/purple LED. All of them work so well I've stopped using my regular batteries from V4L. The best part is I haven't seen these offered by other companies so they are as unique as they are beautiful!!
    • Good for cartos
      Review by Sandra on 10/11/2015
      I have about 20 of these in all sizes, though I prefer XL. These are fine for cartridge vapers, but if you use a tank spend a few extra bucks and get the Vapor Titan...there's no comparison in how long it retains a charge and how powerful the draw.
    • Initial. Charge
      Review by vampvaper666 on 9/21/2015
      Love the stylE. First time charging I charged it for 8 hrs. Stealh xl the only way to go lasts way longer than std. Batt. Usually takes 3 1/2 hrs. After that to charge this badboy. Checked online @ 3 v. This thing is about 380ma
    • My favorite auto battery by far!!
      Review by K Jones on 8/27/2015
      Been vaping for over a year now and thought manual batteries were the way to go. Now there is an auto battery worth a second look...and it is the Diamond Series Auto Battery. Performs every time, looks beautiful, and is my new favorite battery. I requested a blue LED in the comment section of my order and they sent me one! I'm ordering more of these to replace my manuals!
    • I like it!!
      Review by Tman on 8/26/2015
      Look, the first one I got, you have to pull the connector up on used carts to get a connection, but you get use to doing that. The vape is great on it. The battery life is great on it. The second one, not as good of a vape, but tolerable, same with bat life on it. 3rd one, burnt up, it happens and with V4L customer service you can't complain. I have also bought these for other people and there are no complaints on them. If i buy a battery it will be the stealth.
    • Great Vapor&Battery Life
      Review by Paige on 8/24/2015
      I got the diamond series th e king smooth, well the pink and yellow have long battery life and great vapor..love it
    • Great battery!
      Review by Mike on 6/5/2015
      I have two of the stealth models and they are probably about as good as it gets for automatics in this size and threading. The camo finishes are awesome, too. The pictures don't do them justice. No two are quite the same. They have sort of a speckled metal-flake appearance (think nail polish) and the shiny finish makes them look nice and fancy. When I break one of these out in public, people figure it must be an expensive model! It sure doesn't look like something you would buy at a convenience store. More like a classy tobacco shop item.

      Watch out with the red though, guys. It's a little closer to pink (almost lavender in spots.) than red. That being said, I'm a fairly masculine man and I'm still gonna keep it. It still looks really neat. At least it isn't solid, fluorescent pink or anything. Ladies might like the red more, but it's a fairly gender neutral color if you're young and hip.

      It primes very easily for me. I don't know how people can have problems with priming. One good puff and it pulls quite nicely. Vapor production is quite solid, though flavor isn't as full as it could be... ...that's just the price you pay for better airflow and an easy drag though. It's still far from flavorless.

      All 10 of the V4L empties I have fit perfectly. The lack of a light isn't much of an issue for me. Figuring out whether you need a charge or a new cart is easy. It's a two-piece device. Swap one component or the other and you'll have your answer. Or you could use your ears. If you don't hear the cartomizer hiss anymore, then your battery is probably dead.
    • Diamonds Are Forever!
      Review by Carol on 6/2/2015
      I got a pink one and a gold one (already had lavendar and purple). The crystal ends are too cool. These ecigs provoke lots of questions and lots of interests. They are solid, attractive and fun. I just ordered two more. I love them. Go, V4Life!!!
    • titan batteries
      Review by dan on 5/31/2015
      your diamond batteries are much better than your titan batteries, they produce more smoke and just all around better batteries. i only rated 4 stars because manual batteries are better.
    • Diamond Series Auto Batteries Awesome!!
      Review by Joetta Nelms on 5/22/2015
      Just received a pink & purple Diamond Series Battery. Ordered them on the first day & I love them. Usually use the manual batteries, but love these just as much. Very pretty & function great!! It's nice to just Puff without pushing a button! Very satisfied with the Newport Wow carts as well. Smoke menthol and these last very well. Thanks.
    • WOW~Amazing!!!
      Review by Annette on 5/21/2015
      I first purchased the auto starter kit with 2 black generic batteries & loved it.(Im a new vaper) Today I received my VK diamond auto battery in purple (which is beautiful!) and my first vape was amazing! I can not believe how much better this battery is!! The draw is so easy and the amount of vapor is incredible! The other 2 batteries I had to suck a little harder to get the vapor and then didnt get alot of vapor.(even with the wow carts) I compared my new purple battery with the generic black one, using the same cart, and the difference is huge! I will definately be ordering more of the diamond auto batteries & use the old ones as a back up. Thank you for an awesome product V4L!!
    • amazing!
      Review by Owen Redway on 5/14/2015
      definately make more colors. i would buy a red and black, black and white,and blue and black one. id even buy blue and white and red and white. definately make more of these i prefer no light
    • This is a great battery
      Review by Dave on 5/14/2015
      This battery has a longer cutoff time than the generic 808s that I've tried, which allows for a longer draw and more vapor. I've used it with pre-filled Wow and Cool Carts, as well as blanks that I've filled. It has a good draw in every case.
    • Too cool!
      Review by Angel Clagett on 5/8/2015
      I just got my first diamond battery and it is by far my favorite. In fact it works better than any other battery I have (including other companies). The LED is so bright and awesome and the diamond end is too cool. It seems to last longer than any other battery I have and worked right away with no charging. People always ask me what I am smoking but the diamond battery tends to attract the most interest especially from girls, after all diamonds are a girl's best friend!
    • Meh, not so special
      Review by Dranny on 4/30/2015
      These are only okay. I ordered two and they have a few flaws that my plain old bats don't have. They don't make good connections with many my carts (which are also V4L), they require a lot of priming, they have maybe too many holes because they let in a lot of air, which dilutes the vape and the flavor.
    • The Best E-Cigs I have Found
      Review by Elizabeth Orton on 4/27/2015
      When I received the four I ordered only one worked. I immediately checked the reviews and saw how to fix the problem. I also contacted customer service and a wonderful young man explained what was happening and how to fix it plus gave me advice as to how to clean them. I can't believe the long battery life and the abundance of vapor. I love them and have ordered more!!! In the past six months I ordered over 20 e-cigs from other vendors and not one of them still works. The other vendors wouldn't help me at all. V4L customer service is awesome. Thanks again V4L!!!
    • OH! What a look!!!
      Review by bobisu on 4/9/2015

      Except fror the weight this is the ultimate

      electronic cigarette!

      People want to know all about these

      batteries, and where they can purchase.

      I LOVE MY BLUE ONE !!!
    • nice thin batts
      Review by noholesinmyclothes on 3/26/2015
      i have purchased three of these so far, and had no issues what so ever. use then with 3.5 ml tank, and works great.
    • Awesome battery!
      Review by Ka0s on 3/16/2015
      I got my diamond XL on St. Patty's Day. It has consistently lasted a very long time, sometimes 6+ hours. Definitely the longest lasting battery in my collection. I highly recommend this battery!
    • Miss the light
      Review by Sheri Davis on 3/12/2015
      The battery is great. However, without the light, you're left guessing why you're no longer getting the expected vapor or throat hit. Does the battery need charging? Or is it something else? So, I find myself frequently charging them.
    • 5 Stars!
      Review by Jackie on 2/27/2015
      I am 808 vivacious again; after consultations with V4L customer service! :-) The new battery with dings in the white finish upon arrival to me was replaced by V4L. I requested "lavendar" for the Diamond Series XL Manual battery replacement. After V4L accidentally sent another white one; I contacted V4L again.
      I have my lavendar flawless finish "white" diamond LED manual XL battery now. I love V4L's Diamond series XL manual 808 batteries!
    • Impressively Nice
      Review by Gadget on 2/20/2015
      I purchased the Shorty in Blue and requested a blue LED in the comments section of my order. It arrived withing 2 days of my order. The first thing I noticed is that the finsih is very nice and the photo does not do this beauty justice. The second thing I noticed is it is slightly longer and thicker in diameter than the regular shorty. You wouldn't notice the difference if you didn't already have a shorty. It fits in the V4L PCC nice and snug and I won't worry about scratching the finish in the case. The LED is very bright, if it were a manual it could probably double as a flashlight at night! I'm going to wait until it's fully charged before I comment on the battery life but I've been told by customer service it should work for 1-4 hours. I'm giving it 4 stars because I haven't put it through it's paces yet.
    • Love Them!!!
      Review by Carto buff on 2/16/2015
      I got 2 of these -red w/white LED & black w/purple. These look really nice. But the best part is how easy they draw. Even if you're used to manual, give these a try. No effort to draw lots of vapor.
    • Sneaky :)
      Review by L. Henderson on 2/14/2015
      I have the blue one. It looks more like blue paint drippings than cammo but I like that better anyway. The stealth and the diamond short batteries are the best to me so far. The draw is easy so it mimics the real thing much more than any other batteries I have tried. It's nice not having an led on this one so that you can sneak a drag if you want. Thanks V4L for another great product!
    • BEST V4L Battery!
      Review by Dinesh Dharmadasa on 2/13/2015
      If you are looking for the best Battery V4L makes, you found it. This battery is like a portable Passthrough, its awesome, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! BUY IT NOW!
    • What a Conversation Piece
      Review by Carol Ogden on 2/11/2015
      Got the lavendar one just for fun and have found it to be a real conversation piece. Gives me the opportunity to spread the word about ecigs and vaping. Mine has worked flawlessly and I am getting ready to order another in another jewel toned color. Would be fun to have different LED colors, too.
    • Almost perfect.
      Review by Heidi Brannen on 2/5/2015
      I have purchased all the types of batteries that V4L has and the Diamond series is by far my favorite. The vape is fantastic with all 3 lengths. I like the shorts because they feel most like a real cig and the long has a pretty good battery life per charge as does the mid-length. The only problem I have encountered is that sometimes the connection is not the best and you have to raise the center of the connection end, but it really isn't that difficult, only takes a few seconds and it's worth it. I've gotten a couple with issues, but V4L has been superior in taking care of that. Overall, a great battery!!!
    • GREAT
      Review by TUXZEB on 1/29/2015
    • Pretty
      Review by L. Henderson on 1/25/2015
      I ordered the red and it is a very nice deep red color with a blue LED. The LED seems much brighter than that of the regular batteries.
    • My favorite so far
      Review by Amber & Christopher George on 12/19/2014
      Been vaping for over a year and the diamond is my favorite battery so far, I beat the crap out of my batteries, and they hold up to everything. They seem to last the longest and perform right out of the package. Ordering 2 more next week
    • Rockin' my black matte Diamond!
      Review by Susan Johnson on 12/2/2014
      First, a big THANK YOU to Jonathan in shipping ... you're the best! On to the review ... Love, love the Diamond Series batteries. I haven't had any "bad" batteries from V4L; I have two regular black batts (came with my starter kit); 2 black matte diamond series; 1 dark blue diamond; 1 XL metallic red battery. Been using them all, but by far, the Diamond Series is my favorite. The bejeweled batteries are really pretty, the matte black has a purple LED light - so sweet looking. The Diamond Series seem to hold a charge longer in my experience. Get one ... you won't be disappointed!
    • shorty :-D
      Review by Kristan Hiltsley on 11/21/2014
      LOVE LOVE LOVE my shorty batteries!! Not only is the color absolutely phenomenal on the pink one, but the batteries last at least 3 hours!!! I haven't had a single problem with my diamond batteries and I absolutely love them!!! THANKS V4L!!!
    • Manual Lover in LOVE with Diamond Autos!
      Review by Brittney LeQue on 8/12/2014
      First of all, I am a Manual lover till the end, but I could not pass on these beautiful diamond auto batteries. I must say, I am impressed! They draw very well, and very easily. I actually have stopped using my manuals as much because I am truly loving these. Not to mention, they are GORGEOUS! I got a pink battery with a pink LED and a black one with a purple LED.
      Honestly, I think everyone should get one. They pretty much ROCK. and this coming from a Manul lover!! Thanks for another great product V4L!!!
    • Outragious!
      Review by Shannon on 8/5/2014
      Mine is metallic red and it is so beautiful! I got it this a.m. and have been vaping all day, it's about 5 hrs. now! I'm impressed......!
    • I hate my old batteries
      Review by Kathleen on 7/17/2014
      These are not only beautiful, but the smooth hit and the amount of vapor you produce is awesome. I ordered 2 more because my other batteries pale in comparasion and I hate having to use the old ones now. Buy one, buy 4, you will love them!!!!
    • Absolute Beauties!
      Review by Carmen Rodulfo on 7/16/2014
      I love these new batteries, I just got them today one metalic red with blue spark and the other pink with pink spark. My pink one is recharging but I am smoking the red now and its vapes great, good job V4L!
    • Not too bad!
      Review by Melissa Alessio on 6/30/2014
      Ordered two of these, one black and one red. they both work beautifully! but after I take the black one off the charger I have to stick a toothpick in the mouth piece end, in the hole and jiggle it around a couple of times to get it going, but it always works without fail, so it's all good! these are new and there's gonna be a few lemons out there...it's to be expected!!!
    • Awesome little battery
      Review by Ryan Petri on 6/29/2014
      This is a nice little battery, the color pattern is really cool looking, though not quite "camo" as described, more like black and green dots. No LED, so you can vape in stealth and avoid those dirty looks in public (until you blow out the plumes of vapor this little guy puts off). Easy pull, good vaping action.
    • Great Battery!!!
      Review by Linda Anderson on 5/29/2014
      I have had two of these batteries for several weeks now, and they are AMAZING! I have the long and the XL sizes. I prefer the XL since it lasts 6 hours or more and I don't have to switch batteries at work (and I vape pretty heavily). Paired with the WOW carts, they are incredible. I won't be buying any other type of battery but this one. Thanks, V4L!!!
    • Better than camo
      Review by Tenebrae on 4/6/2014
      While the colors might be camouflage like, the way the paint job looks is much cooler than even digital camo IMO. Lovely draw on this bat and no problems with any of my carts fitting properly. I would really like to see this type of paint technique done up with other colors as well. My new favorite battery :)
    • Amazing
      Review by Love2Vape on 3/24/2014
      I love my new bling battery. It is so chic looking. It is a little heavy side so if you are not a person that likes the extra weight go for the short battery. A great eye piece!!!!
    • New batteries
      Review by Cathy Schneider on 2/20/2014
      I love the new batteries but you have make them in Manuels!!Also more camo colors in the no light one,like different pinks,reds all mix up.
    • Would be better with the manual feature
      Review by brett on 2/20/2014
      I love the look of analog 120s, and the long battery helped duplicate the look. I ordered this particular battery so its color and the LED would compliment my outfit at a party.

      After using the manual batteries, I think I'm a bit spoiled because you really have to draw on this to activate it. Your first puff yields nothing, etc. That's not a fault of this battery, it is just the nature of the automatics. If they make the automatics too sensitive, they activate just from being jostled so requiring a hard draw is a compromise.

      That's my only real complaint. I want to see these with a manual option or else requiring less draw to activate.

      Beyond that, this battery charges great, lasts a long time, and is a really great option for stylish color coordination.
    • Diamond Series
      Review by Tony on 1/22/2014
      These are great batteries. Sturdy, last a long while between charges. Great color choices.
    • awesome
      Review by dave geberd on 11/9/2013
      this battery is awesome.
    • Interesting
      Review by jv on 10/6/2013
      Very cool battery, i got the camo blue. Sort of a black battery with metallic blue paint splatter all around. Hits very nicely and looks to be a new design inside and out. Im assuming its name fits its attributes, a very cool camo configuration and having no LED so it might not be as easily noticeable. Maybe so your buddies dont say "Ahhh is that the ecig? can i take a hit?" :l Simply not as noticeable due to the lack of an LED. The base functions as a very nice stylus for my phone BTW, i doubt that was intended haha
    • Nice looking battery!
      Review by Dex on 7/26/2013
      This really is a nice looking battery. Got the camo blue and it looks like paint splattered all over the battery. Very cool.
    • V4L is the best!!!
      Review by Harmony on 7/17/2013
      The sealed auto batteries are awesome!! I love them! I've always loved autos, but had to switch to manuals when I started using tanks. Now that you have sealed autos I can use my favorite batteries and use tanks (which are also awesome)!
    • Like the vape when it works
      Review by Anthony Amelio on 7/7/2013
      Well, I like it, but I don't like it. It will work on some carts and others it won't. And w/o a light it is hard to tell if it is the battery dead or the cart until you change it out until you find a cart that works. Don't understand the picky on carts thing. This really isn't camo, they almost, at a glance, kinda look flowery Love the longer cut off time. If you are like me when in Public the no light thing really don't matter cause I cover mind up with my pinky, so I think I will go back to the other ones.
    • trouble-free ecig and simple to use
      Review by acorn54 on 6/14/2013
      i tried 808's from other vendors and they were faulty mechanisms in one way or another
      vapor4life 808's have been trouble-free. been off analogs for 2+ years now and ecigs for 1+ year thanks to these ecigs
    • Stealth Series King & XL Camo Batteries
      Review by VERA SCHREMPF on 6/9/2013
      Review by StarZ on 5/20/2013
      not only is it gorgeous, it lasts a long time and this is a big AND you can personalize your color combos............ SO SO COOL.
    • Still smitten
      Review by Raj on 11/14/2017
      I just love these! I got the diamonds after being perfectly satisfied with the ash caps, and wow. I coordinated the light-up colors with the gorgeous battery colors, added the cutest drip-tips, and I was in vape heaven. Oh, and they work great with the 3.5 ml tanks. Classic.
    • Did not like, they don't last
      Review by Jessica on 7/30/2016
      These seem to die quickly and are not able to hold a charge. Very disappointing.


    The Vapor King Diamond electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 200mAh, Regular: 300mAh, XL: 400mAh
    Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Gun Metal, Lavender, Magenta, Matte Black, Purple, Red and White
    Nominal Voltage:
    3.97 volts
    280-450 (4 second puff)
    Puffing Time:
    2 - 6 hours (depending on size)
    Auto Size:
    Short (Height: 2.75 in, Width: 0.38 in) Regular (Height: 3.5 in, Width: 0.38 in) XL (Height: 4.06 in, Width: 0.38 in)
    Manual Size:
    Short (Height: 3.38 in, Width: 0.38 in) Regular (Height: 4.38 in, Width: 4.81 in) XL (Height: 4.06 in, Width: 0.38 in)
    Charge Time:
    2 - 4 hours (depending on size)

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