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Vapor Titan Standard e Cig Kit

Regular Price: $39.99

Special Price $24.99

e Cig Kit includes:
  • 1 Vapor Titan Battery
  • 1 Wall USB Adapter
  • 1 Five Pack of Cartomizers
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • Choose Your eCig Color

    • White
    • Black
    • Gun Metal
    • Blue

    Select Battery Type

    • Auto
    • Manual

    Choose Your Carrying Case Color

    • Black
    • White
    • Red
    • Blue

    Choose Your Pack of Cartomizers

    * Required Fields

    Vapor Titan e Cig Tips

    This e Cigarette starter kit contains the Vapor Titan battery, the highest performing rechargeable "stick" battery in the e Cigarette industry (according to Gizmodo). This Vapor Titan e Cig kit creates clouds of vapor, produces amazing flavor, and is equivalent to 3-5 packs of cigarettes.

    If you are looking for a bigger "hit" out of your prefilled cartridges, try using the manual Vapor Titan e Cig batteries or the Low-Resistance (WOW) cartridges. The manual batteries allow for you to control your "hit" and heat your cartomizer before puffing on it. Low-resistance cartridges (WOW carts) heat at a hotter temperature which provides for a bigger throat hit and better vapor production.

    Comes with 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee

    Product Manual: Download here

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    • Excellent value and a great kit to venture into vaping
      Review by Mike on 1/28/2018
      I had been curious about vaping and decided to buy two titan starter kits when they went on sale back last summer. I bought them specifically for a couple of friends who were long time smokers and I was curious if these would help them kick the cigarette habit. I gave them to them as gifts, no strings attached, try it, if it works for you, well then, I did my good deed and here's to a healthier, happier you! So, the first guy, graciously accepted the kit, gave it a try but after a couple of tries, gave it back. Said it made him cough and he couldn't get beyond that! Second guy, no problem, liked the vape experience, liked he could vape in the house, no smell, no stinky clothes, breath, etc. Kept the vape in his truck during the day and said just a couple of vapes, now and then during the day, was enough to forestall lighting up and frankly, he was getting a lot more done at his job! He's still with it, alternating between vaping and smoking but likes the convenience of vaping and says he thinks it's making a difference. As for the coughing thing my first friend encountered, after a little research on it, I found that apparently some smokers do have a coughing issue initially as they try to draw on the vape the same as they would on a cigarette, which gets them a bigger throat hit then they normally would get from their cigarette. Solution I found was to just take in more air initially on the vape draw until you get accustomed to the different throat hit, in other words don't draw on the vape like you would a cigarette, rather, take smaller hits combined with more air to cut the vape hit. Alternatively, "French inhaling" works as well. You know, draw in the vapor into your mouth then push the vapor out of your mouth with your tongue while inhaling through your nose. If that's new to you.....just google it! This technique adds air to the vapor and "voila"..no coughing. I did find out that vaping can dehydrate you a bit so, drink water to keep you hydrated as well. O.K. so, the moral to the story is, I took the kit back from friend number one, barely used due to his coughing issue with it, and I can tell you, I now use it myself, added some V2 Smile-o-mizers to the Titan battery and they are just great! I buy my own juice now, refill the V2 smile-o-mizers a bunch of times and get a great vape from these titan batteries....still going strong 6 months later, added a few more to switch off and each one is charged once during a 24 hour period. Takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge and then i always have a fresh battery ready to go when the current one begins to fade!
      Been using Traditional Tobacco .8 nic., great taste, no smell, no ashtray, no mess, and no hot ash holes in my clothes.
    • Good but dies fast
      Review by Sebastian on 11/14/2018
      I've owned two of these; the first for about two months and the second for about a month. After low to moderate use of the first one for 1.5 months, the battery began to die within 10 minutes of use, and I would have to charge it for hours to get another 10 minutes of use out of it. I emailed customer service and was sent a second, but now the second one is having the same problem.
      I really like using the vapor titan but I'm going to switch to another brand because of the battery problem with these.
    • Awesome Tactical Trigger Vape!!!
      Review by JACKIE on 8/21/2018
      Ecigs have been a part of my life; since 'President Barack Obama' signed the 'PACT ACT' 2010.//The new Vapor4Life Titan Standard Ecig Kit box has a sleek new look!!! Previously, the customer had more choices regarding Colors & lengths when purchasing a Titan kit &/or solo Titan battery. For the Titan WOW kits the only choices now are Black &/or White Auto/Manual Ecig batteries; unless the customer opts for the Titan Ultimate Ecigs kit.// The tactical trigger button on the manual Titan battery is wonderful!!! Personally, I wish Vapor4Life would restore the Titan XL batteries and choices of multiple colors for orders of one or more Titan batteries & kits!!!
      Review by D on 8/18/2018
      This is an amazing product light and compact and even comes with a case
    • These are great
      Review by Spirit on 8/13/2018
      I truly love these. I can put them in my shirt pocket. They are no longer (with cartridge attached) than an ink pen. The battery lasts a long time and are strong enough to give a good hit. I highly recommend these.
    • Great value
      Review by Pam on 3/26/2018
      Great starter kit
    • Restock with this
      Review by Julie on 2/23/2018
      About every 6 months I restock with this kit. I need a new charger so why not kit this bundle! Love it
    • a great kit for new vapers
      Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
      Though I have since moved on to the Vapor Zeus, for several years the Vapor Titan was my mainstay. Its small, cigarette-like size and light weight made the transition away from cigarettes so easy -- and enjoyable! An amazing deal for less than the price of a carton of smokes!
    • Great product!
      Review by Kitkat on 2/16/2018
      I had quit smoking for 20 years! And started again last summer. I had forgotten how bad it made your clothes stink and hated smelling like an ashtray. I tied v4l and I absolutely love it. No more stinky house, clothes or breath! I haven't had a cigarette for 45 days. I love this product. Its guilt free!
    • awesome
      Review by great on 10/23/2017
      this is such a nice kit, comes with everything that someone new to vaping could need. comes with a cool battery with a great voltage for a nice throat hit.. also the pre filled carts pack a big punch. i would recommend 3.6 for someone that is trying to transition from smoking so your nicotine cravings are satisfied. the battery lasts all day, but i would recommend getting a second battery if your a heavy vaper. Thanks V4L, you never disappoint!
    • great for newbies
      Review by kelly for dad on 10/16/2017
      Great flavor and throat hit, nice battery.. although i was not expecting it to light up green... other than that i think this product can help a lot of people quit. I got it for my dad, he smokes like 2 packs a day and i think the 3.6 has enough flavor and throat hit to hold him over!
    • Feels like a real cigarette
      Review by Jerald on 8/6/2017
      Love this product. Has the feel of the real thing without all the nasty stuff.
    • Wow
      Review by Brian on 7/6/2017
      This is easily the best hitting cig-a-like that I have ever used. The draw is smooth and the vapor hits exactly as you'd expect it to. No, this will not replace your mod if you like dripping but it is a great product to use on the road or whenever you need to be discreet. My only gripe is that the flavor I received (Blueberry) is not that good tasting. Other than that i'm very happy with it.
    • Perfect Kit!
      Review by Heather Ashley on 7/5/2017
      Perfect kit for transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigs! Compact in its own little case, the Titan makes the switch seamless. The variety of colors and flavors makes the change an adventure! Definitely my recommendation for any quitter out there.
    • Vapor Titan Standard e Cig Kit
      Review by Mike on 6/25/2017
      very nice product. First item i bought from vap4life. durable not as bulky as zeus
    • Great
      Review by Jennifer on 9/13/2016
      This kit is a great way to kick the cigarette habit. Not expensive and the product is fantastic. I have been off of cigarettes for years because of this kit
    • Nice for the transition to vaping
      Review by Shana on 9/9/2016
      I started on these and loved them but eventually moved on to the Zeus. These are awesome if you want something a little more discrete. They have good throat hit but not as powerful as the bigger Zeus. I've never been disappointed with any product I've ordered from Vapor4life. Plus, they have the best customer service I have ever experienced!!
    • Nice for the transition to vaping
      Review by Shana on 9/9/2016
      I started on these and loved them but eventually moved on to the Zeus. These are awesome if you want something a little more discrete. They have good throat hit but not as powerful as the bigger Zeus. I've never been disappointed with any product I've ordered from Vapor4life. Plus, they have the best customer service I have ever experienced!!
    • Good
      Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
      This was my first purchase to start my vaping experience. Great till I purchased the Zeus
    • Not bad
      Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
      Nice to have for a backup. Throat hit not as good as Zeus
    • Smooth and satisfying
      Review by dee on 7/4/2016
      Really enjoy the Titan and flavors.
    • Power Banks
      Review by Huy Tran on 5/27/2016
      Power Banks
      Review by Julie N. on 4/2/2016
      Never have I had a battery that responded as good as the Titan.
      It works on all my carts and the touch of the Titan feels AWESOME.
      Love the purples, pinks and reds.
    • TITANS
      Review by Mr. Catch the Vapor on 4/2/2016
      Im a vet when it comes to using the product and manuals are the way to go by far. No questions asked now you pull out a titan and tank(twinset) and you got some good vaping coming along.
    • Excellent
      Review by Catherine Engelke on 4/1/2016
      Simply love this battery. Long lasting, soft touch. Got a lavender one and use it all the time. My next battery will be the stealth. Absolutely love all the the products from Vapor4life as well as their customer service.....:O)
      Review by NJD316 on 3/30/2016
      I have used this battery for 4 months and highly recommend. It charges fast and I can go 24 hours using 2 Tital XL batteries. I like the manual much better than the auto just because of the seal factor in case of leakage. It is well worth the few extra dollars to get a Titan.
      Review by SSG G on 3/20/2016
      I know this is being redundant but go for the manual you wont have to do take a couple of tiny drags to get the good one like how you have to do with the autos sometimes, you get a great hit every time. If your like me and you have to do a lot of research before you buy into something feel free to stop your search now and pull the trigger on this one.
      Review by Ckb on 2/22/2016
      I kept having bad charger stations of mine
      Review by Matteo on 2/10/2016
      I just received my two new Titan batteries today and I have to say, my expectations for them were underrated. They more than surpassed what I thought they would be. Just pulling them from their envelope, I could tell, this was a quality product. They are beautiful in their design. I bought the cigar and sapphire colors, with their smooth velvet touch, and the colors that just shimmer in your hand. Not even charging them first, I screwed on a WOW cartomizer and was blown away by the shear volume of vapor they produced. These babies are powerful! I've been collecting kr808 batteries from various places for a while, but never have I been so impressed by the beauty and craftsmanship of an e-cigarette before. This is where form meets function. Not only do they work so excellently well, but they're a true sight to behold. 5 stars, indeed. These will be a treasure to any real vapor-lover!
      Review by Manda on 1/4/2016
      My original order was for manual batters, but I ended up getting automatic batteries. It was a sign! I love these batteries. The battery life on them is great. I vape a few times every hour and a charge lasts me about a day or longer. I got the short size, which fits perfectly in my hand with a cartomizer, so its very discreet! LOVE EM!
      Review by tara on 12/29/2015
      I bought the stealth red camo regular length and i love it its beautiful andits very powerful heats up my cartomizers very quickly
      Review by Luis on 12/20/2015
      I got a regular sized one and it gave me good amounts vapor. I love the smooth velvet feel, very classy. The battery length for me lasts almost all day with one charge every night. I recommend this battery one for anyone!
      Review by 9 Toes on 11/26/2015
      I work with my hands a lot. This batt sits comfortably as if it was a real cigarette. I got a white one with a red light so I can use it in public without worrying too much about getting weird looks.
      Review by Mac Vapor on 11/11/2015
      I don't know what some of the other reviewers are talking about. These batteries give off PLUMS of vapor and are certainly the best traditional style cigarette batteries out there. They're elegant and vastly more powerful than the competition. V4L has nailed it with these. They do use a lot of power though, so if you're a heavy vaper, one may not last you through the entire day. So buy two!!! They're a great investment that you'll cherish, and with V4Ls constant sales, you can always get them at an astounding price.
      Review by Yvonne14720 on 10/29/2015
      Truly one of the best, most reliable batteries I've tried. I use them exclusively now.
      Review by MariaT on 10/15/2015
      I have an aversion to the big batteries others are trying to push because I'm female. But the Vuse and the Mark 10 don't give me the smoking satisfaction. I love the way this Titan simulates smoking, but still looks feminine. I don't want to have people stare at me when I vape, and this one fits the bill. Love the case also.
      Review by Tman on 10/2/2015
      I am a chain vaporer and I own 5, 3 regular XL manuals and 2 XL Manual Stealths. Love all 5, last longer on battery life and just life in general on the battery. There isn't anyting bad at the moment I can say about this Bat. Great throat hit especially with the 3ml tanks and right juice.
      Review by Kanans on 9/30/2015
      I really like the unique texture of this battery. Its soft yet firm and gives you a good grip. I have had it for 2 months and it is still going strong. The button still works like it did when it was new. I recommend the XL size, you get amazing battery life, and you quickly get used to it being a little longer. The quality of the Titan series is really quite a bit better than the standard batteries. I think these will last a lot longer.
      Review by Nikki on 9/25/2015
      I love the soft feel of this battery. I purchased 2 of the Titan Diamond XL manuals in black. It is a great look for the ladies. This battery provides a great pull and lasts a long time. That being said, I don’t see much of a difference from my new Vapor King Diamond XL manual, just the soft touch finish.
      My one complaint with all of the batteries is that the finish starts to chip away after a month or so of use. My older batteries look rather sad. However, this is not an exclusive problem to V4L. I have purchased batteries from other companies, at a much higher price, and their finishes also chipped away.
      For the price and high quality, I am going to stick to the V4L products.
      Review by Colleen on 9/9/2015
      I've been using your batteries for quite some time. I thought I'd try out a competitor's brand because they had a huge sale. Let me just say to everyone - STICK WITH V4L!!!!!

      Those batteries were awful! Barely any throat hit or vapor. I just ordered 3 more XL Titans and I'll never switch again.

      PS - I already lost one of the "other brand" and I really don't even care! :)
      Review by Jan on 9/3/2015
      I've tried other companies batteries in the past. V4L batteries have been the best I've used. Smooth, good battery life and performance. Great colors and excellent customer service! V4L is the only company I use for EVERYTHING needed to vape!
      Review by Grannyvapor on 8/10/2015
      I have ordered several of the xl manual VT soft touch batteries. The battery life is great and I love it with a tank. I have loaned them out to friends until they can place their own orders, but I miss them while waiting to get them back, lol.
      The finish has an awesome feel to it and doesn't slip out of your hand. The colors are wonderful. I am really into bright colors!!
      WTG V4L!
      Review by Rhonda on 7/17/2015
      I love these. Everyone I've bought still works but 1. I dropped it on the kitchen floor. It still ran all night before it died. I have only had 5 batteries die on me since I started vaping 3 1/2 years ago. V4life products are awesome.
      Review by Custo481 on 7/7/2015
      This is my first Ecig and it's awesome first choice for a beginner looking to make their own juices. definitely need 2 or 3 of these laying around.

      Some guy wanted mine but I only bought one.
      Review by Deborah on 7/3/2015
      I use the manual batteries with my tanks and they provide a great "hit". That said, the batteries do not last a long time for me and I feel like I am constantly buying new ones. I clean them on a regular basis but always seem to end up with a "blinkng" battery that needs to be replaced.
      Love the colors to match the tanks and drip tips ... so coooool!
      Review by Matteo on 5/8/2015
      I could never say I could be more satisfied with any of the orders I've received from Vapor4Life. From their e-liquids to their batteries, V4L knows what they're doing. I just received my sapphire manual diamond series battery and it's fantastic. It's not only powerful, giving plums of vapor with every hit of the switch, but it's also beautiful, with its silky touch and shimmering color. They've broken the monotony of white and black shiny batterie and really given us something that's memorable and satisfying. V4L has a treasure here for any serious vaper. This is where form meets function. The titan batteries are a true winner for me, hands down!
    • GREAT.
      Review by jim e. rustler on 5/1/2015
      first e-cig i've ever bought and i'm really pleased. cigar color plus a black cart makes it look classy. should of gone with the short length though.
    • AGREE
      Review by Ann on 4/1/2015
      I agree with practically everyone else, these batteries are the best and worth the extra cost.
      Review by Mr. Catch the Vapor on 2/21/2015
      The automatic titans work very well with the tanks. Then again thats all I really use now a days but they give the best hit for an automatic I have had in a while. A great working battery that last a good amount of time as well.
      Review by Chucky La Vapeguy on 2/16/2015
      The manual is clearly the right path to go. I have been through a couple in the passed year. Super durable, soft to the touch and it pleases my senses. Worth it to pick one of these bad boys up.
      Review by Dranny on 1/13/2015
      Since I don't want to look like Tony Soprano with a stogie, I prefer these to the current trend in giant fatties. These are great with tanks and hold a charge well, delivering a good strong draw. Their only quirk is that there seems to be a difference in longevity depending on which colors are ordered. I have a couple of older ones that work way better than some of the newer ones I've purchased in different colors. Overall a good bat with a nice feel and worth a couple of extra bucks for their dependability.
      Review by Skyler on 10/28/2014
      If your looking to buy a battery from V4L and you think the Vapor King (VK) is cheaper, so why not? I can only tell you this, the Vapor Titan (VT) is remarkably better in almost every field. Why? I have personally used my for about 3 weeks and it has surpassed my VK in all the fields I will mention except two.

      1. The one thing I hated about my VK, was that it's color would be destroyed in pocket wear and tear and leave you with a spotted silver battery. This is something that the VT does a lot less, because of the new skin applied to the battery to make it more durable and a lot nicer.

      2. Grip - I would use my VK a lot during game play and it would tend to slip out of my fingers or from behind my ear a lot easier while holding a controller. Because of the VT's new skin this is diminished greatly.

      3. The style of the textured skin wraps, actually provides a much greater look in the aesthetics field of the VT, versus the VK. I personally use a Cigar skin with Gold wrapped Blank Cool Carts (I fill and save so much money) and I love it because it looks like I am smoking a high end filtered cigarillo.

      4. This is a Pro as well as a Con. The VT, unlike the VK, only comes with two choice tips, the Diamond, or the Stealth which both look stunning and elegant. But if your like me, from time to time you enjoy the ember looking standard head, then this will be a slight let down; Also I believe that the price on the VT, is higher versus the VK, because they don't offer the standard tip and so you pay more for the designer tips!

      5. The last difference is a Con. The one thing I loved about my VK, is that my charger was a USB charger, that I could use on my Computer or PS3 very easily. For the time being the VT's recommended charger is the Slim, for those of you that don't know the Slim, it's a new battery designed for a better charge on the VT and the EGO batteries. The downside is the Slim charger of current does not come as a USB charger, instead it is simply a short stubby wall plug, that unless its plugged down into a surge protector (standing upward), it's sticking out from the wall and can potentially be bent, if accidentally collided with! I hope they come out with a version of the Slim battery for USB, because it is my choice form of charger.

      All around in my opinion though, the Vapor Titan battery is worth the extra money, versus the Vapor King! By preference I use Automatic batteries for easy vaping while doing activities on my PS3, computer, driving, etc. However, the Manuals tend to hit a lot nicer and require less priming! I am a Vaper For Life, thanks V4L!!
    • ?
      Review by Lenette on 8/26/2014
      I like the extra long batteries
    • Coment
      Review by carl on 8/11/2014
      I wish this could come in flat steel for the case
      Review by Jen on 8/7/2014
      I have tried many ecigs and this one is fabulous. I have been able to use this battery for almost a day and half without charging. I was desperately trying to quit cigarettes and v4l helped me accomplish my goal. Thanks for making a great product.
      Review by Chris on 6/21/2014
      Good to start off with but you'll soon move up to a vap-hog lol of a battery
      Review by Powdered_Donuts on 6/11/2014
      Where to start.. This battery was my first. It does not look of feel cheap in any way and i have enjoyed it very much.
      However, i recommend steering clear of the automatic batteries. You have to draw very long and hard to get the desired vapor. They dont seem to last me the 3-5 hours they promised and take a long time to charge. If you go with this battery order at least 2 or you will find yourself waiting for a charge more often than not.
    • OMG!!
      Review by Mindy on 5/18/2014
      Review by Simon on 5/5/2014
      I got a manual Black camo with yellow.. Looks really really cool actually..
    • V4L FOREVER!
      Review by Omen on 1/6/2014
      These batteries are unbelievable, I use my shorty's when i go out and my XL's at home! I don't use my regulars that I started off with anymore. I think I just need a few stealth's to add to my collection.
      Review by Master Cheif on 12/22/2013
      This one carries it's weight! It's always nice to have a spare stick batt around.
      Review by Brittany on 12/15/2013
      I ordered this in standard and a diamond XL starter kit simultaneously. I prefer the Titan. It has an easier draw and the soft touch feature helps to keep it from slipping from my fingers. It might just be me and my own vaping style, but my standard Titan lasts about as long as my Diamond XL. Perhaps it's because of the easier draw? I don't have to puff on my Titan as often or with as much force.
      Review by Deborah on 11/24/2013
      Maybe I am in the minority here, but I have one of these in my mouth all day!
      I have several dozen batteries in rotation during and go through about 8 or more each day depending on whether I use the drip tank or cartomizer.
      Regardless of how many batteries I use, I love vaping and have been tobacco clean for 8 months!
      Review by Jane on 11/22/2013
      I love the life of the Vapor Titan Batteries. It lasts an entire workday (though I bring along a spare, just in case)!
    • As easy as it can be
      Review by MedievilMax on 9/23/2013
      Simple battery to use, take your charged battery, twist on a new cart then use it till the cart dies or you need to recharge you battery. Definitely recommend getting a backup since the charge is only a few hours of continues use and I was a pack a day smoker, so mine dies after about 3-312 hours of use (puffing like crazy on it too) then ill pop my dead battery on the charger while I use the one I had charging while using the other. My favorite are the soft touch and the camo ones.
      Review by Tim on 9/13/2013
      Great looking battery. Draw is as loose as it gets and needs a silencer. I can be heard across the table when vaping. A couple of tweaks in the manufacturing of this battery and it would be unbeatable. (Note to Steve: Need a version 2.)
      Review by Elise H on 9/8/2013
      I have purchased many batteries (both V4L & V2), & until I tried the titan, V2 had the better battery. However, I purchased 2 Titans and they are now my favs!!! I recently gave one to a friend in an effort to get him to give up tobacco cigs and use the e-cigs exclusively. He hasn't made the complete transition to e-cigs, but he has been using it more frequently and maybe one day he will give up the nasty the tobacco cigs to the pleasant e-cigs. I have been tobacco free for 8 months and I don't plan on ever going back to tobacco.

      The reason I didn't give the Titan a 5 start rating is because the coating they use on the Titan started to peel off and I'm afraid the color coating may get scratched off as well and it won't look as nice. However, based on functionality, the Titan beats all other e-cigs hands down!!!
      Review by R.B. on 8/24/2013
      We ordered 2 of these recently. In comparison to the diamond autos, the charge really doesn't seem to last as long. Both my wife and I noticed this within the first couple days. Otherwise, it works very well.
    • great batteries
      Review by Kimberly on 6/26/2013
      I got a number of these and some are over a year old. I use them everyday and charge them once per day. The older ones don't last as long, but still give a good vape for a while.
      Review by Ckb on 3/25/2013
      Manual buttons allow for smokers to smoke lower voltage longer and get their correct amount for how they see fit to inhale
      Review by Tyagarajan on 3/20/2013
      I have bought 10 of these in the last 3 months for a friend and I. They are excellent if they are good. Of the 10 two have to be tinkered regularly like pulling the plug out with a little pin an it gets frustrating a little later.

      2 of them require a strong pull and I prefer too keep them as only back up and 1 died.

      The other 5 absolutely rock.
      Review by Kanans on 3/19/2013
      These Titan auto batteries are great. I have had mine for 2 months now and it still works awesome! My autos in the past would always get juice in them and stop working after a few weeks if I wasn't careful. Well it appears whatever they did to these Titans to seal them up has worked flawlessly. I try to keep it clean but sometimes juice gets in there until I can clean it out. The auto switch still works perfect and lights up on every drag. These batteries are worth the extra money and their quality really is much higher than the standards. Highly recommend, thanks for making it so easy V4L!
    • Tried and true
      Review by Lynn on 8/19/2016
      A super product that keeps on kicking. Of course they aren't as strong as their Zeus, but I use the Titan as a back up and have had them for ages. A great starter kit for people just starting out w/ vapor cigs.
    • The perfect replacement for GreenSmoke customers!
      Review by AndyR on 2/19/2019
      Just received my vapor titan kit today and I just had to write a review. After GreenSmoke shut down I felt lost. I tried Mig vapor as well as a variety of convenience store brands, and kept finding myself disappointed in one way or another. Then I happened upon V4L, and figured why not? It’s only $20. I have to say I am extremely satisfied. Both in terms of quality and price point, this is the cig-alike experience I have grown accustomed to. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a home after GreenSmoke!
    • Great 'little' Titan of e-Cigs
      Review by Lambert on 11/23/2018

      The Titan is my first e-Cig. I'm really happy with it. No huge Clouds of smoke, but enough and I didn't buy them to show off anyway. I specifically bought the Titan because I really didn't like those Bulky ones. I am a Dutch guy whom has been living and working in Sabah Malaysia. I searched high and low in Holland and Malaysia but they only have the clunky ones. So, I ordered it from the U.S.A. Just bought my second set. Seems about right to me that they last about 8 1/2 months. (if you use it regularly). Used it for 7 months now. I smoked real cigarettes for 28 years and switched totally to vaping , no craving for real cigs anymore. Now, That's exactly what I wanted and hoped for.
      It looks good and makes you feel good, what else do you want heh , oh yes , it's also a heck of a lot more healthy.

      It's The One for me . .

      Best Regards . .
    • Awesome Tactical Trigger Vape!!!
      Review by JACKIE on 8/21/2018
      Ecigs have been a part of my life; since 'President Barack Obama' signed the 'PACT ACT' 2010.//The new Vapor4Life Titan Standard Ecig Kit box has a sleek new look!!! Previously, the customer had more choices regarding Colors & lengths when purchasing a Titan kit &/or solo Titan battery. For the Titan WOW kits the only choices now are Black &/or White Auto/Manual Ecig batteries; unless the customer opts for the Titan Ultimate Ecigs kit.// The tactical trigger button on the manual Titan battery is wonderful!!! Personally, I wish Vapor4Life would restore the Titan XL batteries and choices of multiple colors for orders of one or more Titan batteries & kits!!!
    • Lit
      Review by Bill Foed on 2/27/2019
      i'D BUY AGAIN!
    • Mixed feelings
      Review by Andy on 1/30/2019
      Prompt delivery, good flavor, nice battery design, nice carrying case, but you have to suck your brains out to get a good hit, and the batteries don't last long before needing to be recharged.
    • Markten substitution
      Review by Jamie on 1/24/2019
      So I ordered this because markten was discontinued. I was iffy about it because the other E-cigs I have purchased have all tasted gross. I seen online that markten company said the titan was a substitute. I was hoping it would taste just like markten it does not. however it is not bad I love the case and how you can pick the color although if the cartridge is on you cannot fit the e-cig in the case you have to take it off the case does hold 2 E-cigs and 6 cartridges. It also came with 5 cartridges and 2 charges. It came with some funny business cards as well that I got a kick out of. I get menthol and to me it is not similar to markten but it’s not bad I can deal with this one except it has a weird taste again not bad just weird lol. Oh and I only paid $10 for my kit so it was worth the try might try the other menthol offered to see if that one is better or worse. If you’re a markten user I would recommend titan or logic (sold in stores) for a substitute.
    • OK but not a Zeus
      Review by Michael on 4/11/2018
      The so called throat hit--not there. I expected something similar to the Zeus. I suppose it is the tiny battery. I put the Titan cart on my Zeus battery and it worked for a short time as I had hoped. The case will not fit the battery and cart combined--too short by a hair. Nice product if you're not looking for a kick.
    • wish was better
      Review by KIM on 1/26/2019
      I really wish the cases were big enough to hold the charger and I wish the batteries lasted longer other then that I really liked everything
    • A good start!
      Review by Matthew on 9/12/2018
      Still one of the best kits to start vaping with. I like low profile kits!
    • kit overall
      Review by swanniesr1 on 6/22/2018
      Batteries don't work. Most flavours are like sucking on air (make you feel like you are hyperventilating) no or little taste at all. A couple are good ( black liquorice and coconut almond ). These are the only decent ones of the approx. 12 I have tried. Might come back for those 2 but v4l are to expensive compared to my usual site so I will probably stick with them. SORRY.


    The Vapor Titan is our finest e Cigarette yet. They provide the best vapor on the market. The Soft Touch finish makes the Vapor Titan extremely comfortable to hold in your hand, and the automatic batteries are sealed to prevent damage from overfilled cartomizers.


    200 - 420mAh*

    4.2 - 3.7 volts*

    Nominal Voltage:
    3.97 volts

    280-450 (4 second puff)

    Puffing Time:
    2 - 6 hours*

    66mm - 113mm*

    Charge Time:
    2 - 4 hours*


    *Capacity: The Vapor Titan electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 200mAh, Regular: 300mAh, XL: 400mAh for Auto.

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