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510 V V Vapor Zeus Kit

Regular Price: $89.99

Special Price $59.99

  • Exclusive Vapor4Life product
  • Customize your smoking experience
  • 510 connection compatible with 510 Smileomizer
  • Adjust voltage between 3.2 and 4.8 volts
  • World's only automatic, button-less variable voltage eCigarette
  • Comes with 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee
  • Product Manual: Download here
  • How-to Videos: Learn How to Fill a Smileomizer Here
  • Color of your battery and smileomizer

    • Black
    • Cigar
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Magenta

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    A message about the Vapor Zeus Modified Variable Voltage Automatic from Vapor4Life’s founder, Steve Smilin Milin:

    I love my 510 Variable Voltage battery. It’s just so darn easy to use. And all I need to do is puff it like a cigarette.The 510 connection means it is compatible with my 510 cartomizers (aka my 510 Smileomizers) and some other tanks and cartomizers out there as well. Combined with my Smileomizer, I can just dial in to the exact voltage or wattage I want to use. I invented these for smokers who want to control the amount of vapor, and the throat and chest hit to find personal satisfaction. You don’t need to press any buttons on this one, which is something most smokers love because it’s more natural. It’s more like smoking. So satisfying, so simple.

    To learn more about the Vapor4Life story and Steve’s journey, click here.

    • Awesome
      Review by c b on 1/11/2018
      Great starter kit-favorite charger
    • Ok I am blown away!! excellent!!
      Review by Rebecca on 12/3/2016
      I just got my 510 vapor zeus in mail yesterday wow! love love love!! the draw is easy and I love how easy it is to fill I got the pink so soft and pretty and from what I understand the man behind ll this worked on this for years and I can tell very pleased and they have gained a new customer I love this so lease and no buttons to push just inhale and awesome flavor as well. I wish I had bought this sooner and yes I have had all the high end mods and smok tanks but you always miss that real cig feel or atleast I do and I have vaped for 2 years and 2 months and here I am just want simple good flavor and I will never go back to cigs been off them too lng-lol Thank you for making such an awesome product so pleased with this:)
    • Best one yet!
      Review by Luis on 3/21/2016
      When the battery arrived from the mail, I quickly screwed on my tank and I was very surprised. It gave the best amount of vapor I had with any battery and made the flavor even better. I didn't even run out of battery when vaping all day!. A simple and velvet feel makes this battery the best one I ever had in V4L.
    • Perfect Combo with a Smileomizer
      Review by Powerful and long lasting on 3/21/2016
      I love me an automatic!
      But never before (or anywhere else it seems) have I got all these volts to go along with the auto feature.
      Tanks were nice but a large smileomizer and the XL DAV is now my favorite combo.
      Lasts alllll day but I do need two in rotation because charging takes a while.
    • Nice lightweight device!
      Review by Heidi W on 2/28/2016
      As someone who has been vaping over 2 years, I really enjoy the Dial a Volt. It has a great size and feel. The battery lasts all day (or more depending on your use). I recommend this to my beginner and intermediate friends for something simple and easy to use. I would aslo recommend it to my more advanced friends who want a reliable auto variable voltage ecig. It's convenient and great for a night out.
    • The best vapor device out there. The variable voltage allows you heavy or light vapor depending on your desire
      Review by Coffee and vapor man on 2/6/2016
      Fantastic vapor delivery at all settings, Lasts all day on one 3mL tank, I've tried all the vapor cigs out there and this is by far the best, Maybe they came out with the instruction card later in production, but I got one with mine. I'm definitely going to order another as a backup so I'll have one going while the other one is charging. I would recommend this product to any serious vapers out there, I tried to think of a negative thing to say so it wouldn't look like a company shill, but I really couldn't think of one,
    • Love the Battery Life
      Review by iowa gal on 1/31/2016
      I seriously can't tell you how impressed I am with the Auto DAV. It is very comfortable to hold. I was shocked with the ease of draw and vapor production using a cool cart. I then pulled out my 510 adapter and used my carto tanks and a clearo...both performed very well. I do plan to pick up an 808 carto tank as I feel like any time you use an adapter there is a slight decrease. Perhaps it's just in my head? I can't believe I'm getting 8-10 hours from this battery (slightly lower with carto tanks than cartos/clearo. I have had no issues with cutoff for my vaping style. I also had my dad give this a test drive and his eyes lit up as he vaped away with his Cowboy Cool Cart. He normally uses a passthrough and felt this battery was just as good as the vape he gets with them. Dad prefers a manual in any form so will be checking out the Manual DAV for him at Vapebash.

      The majority of the time I have it set a 4.2 as well but did play with the lower and higher end and really noticed a difference. There are some juices I use that could really benefit from the adjustments. My one and only complaint is the charging time. I have been seeing 11-12 hours for a charge. In general I prefer not to charge batteries when I'm not home or am sleeping..but due to the charge time I have been plugging this in over night.

      I have acquired quite a variety of vaping supplies over the past couple of years...but this DAV is perfect for on the go and will remain in my daily rotation for sure. Would be 5 start if the charging time could be reduced.
    • Wonderful!
      Review by Mrs Dawn on 12/11/2015
      Loves the choices of VV and ease of drag. Seems 4.2v is perfect vape/taste TH/ and vapor is awesome! little over 11 hrs to charge but the DAV lasted me almost 2 days. And yes, I would recommend this DAV to any new or old pro vaporer! :) Quality seems to be top notch and loves the feel. No cons to think of cept maybe a tapered slimmer driptip for a lady to sport since it does look/resemble a cigar type ecig battery but using the regular prefilled carts does make it sporty looking. :)
    • fantastic
      Review by jaymzdean550 on 11/22/2015
      I have been using different ecig products and wanted to buy myself a nicer one for home use. I was excited to use this dial a volt battery after reading the awesome reviews. It did not disappoint! I have had this thing in my posession for 30 minutes now and I cant get enough of it. Vapor production is amazing and the taste is uncompromised. Definitely impressive.
    • A must-have for auto users.
      Review by Elizabeth on 9/26/2015
      Like other reviewers, I was surprised at the size of this battery. Just the battery by itself is as long as an EGO with a cartomizer on it. Definitely means you can't use it hands free... that being said, I love it! I predominantly use shorty autos, so I was never 100% comfortable with the button pushing of the manual EGO's. This battery gives me the auto drags I prefer, with the all day battery life of an EGO.
    • Great
      Review by Joe on 8/21/2015
      The battery is quite large, probably around the size of your space bar on your keyboard. However, the vapor produced from this battery is great. Nice, strong hits, even at the lowest setting. Lots o' vapor as well. Kinda pricey, but not bad if you've got some money to spend.
      Review by dla2004 on 8/12/2015
      Bought the kit, rush delivery... It arrives! WOOHOO! I ran the battery out, tasting every ejuice (and sample) I had. THEN... the battery sits in the charger for 15 hours and still doesn't work. WTH???

      At first, I wasn't sure if maybe I had accidently spilled juice down into the auto DAV battery, so customer service sent another auto DAV battery (I discovered in one section of the website that V4L recommends using MANUAL batteries with tanks, because they are sealed), so I bought 2 manual DAVs, but they all ran out of charge as well. Customer Service then sent me another AC slimline charger... YAY!... but it died within days, so now they're sending me a USB charger.

      Imagine my frustration... This has been an on-going issue for almost a month now, has cost me hundreds of dollars, and the only thing which saved me was going to my local vape store and buying two EVOD MT3s.

      The Dial-A-Volt system itself (with 1.5 ohm DCT) delivers a great vape, the VV allows you to fine tune the burn.

      I also discovered that I just physically can't handle PG juices, which is why I dumped Greensmoke and V2 (didn't know that then, just didn't like the experience). Blu was ok, but their batteries need to be swapped out every 2 hours, and so do their cartomizers (250 puffs per carto?... Not in my experience.), which is ridiculously expensive, but I did like some of their flavors. The V4L "Traditional Nobacco" tastes exactly like the Greensmoke "Red" to me (which is supposed to be a Marlboro equivalent, maybe in some alternate universe), but I have an awesome 100% VG tobacco ejuice from another supplier which is my main vape, and in the V4L DAV system it is VERY satisfying.

      Knowing what I know now, I would have only bought: (2) Manual DAVs, the 1.5 ohm DCTs, and (2) USB battery chargers (Well, we'll see if it works when it arrives.)

      I also bought a USB pass-thru (arrived today) but it only seems to deliver a half-decent puff if you wrap your finger around it to block off the air flow. Meh!

      Suggestions to Noobs: When you screw the battery into the charger and plug it in, make sure the indicator LED flashes from red to green every 2 seconds. If it stays solid red, it isn't working.

      Suggestions to V4L:
      1) Detailed instructions on everything, including warning Noobs about Auto batts and tanks.
      2) Make the starter sets with (2) batteries, and include a USB battery charger. (Waiting for 12 hours for a battery to charge isn't reasonable, especially someone trying to quit cigarettes!)
      3) QA! Have someone do solid 24/7 battery charging for at least a week, before sending out the AC chargers.
    • My First
      Review by Sheila on 6/23/2015
      This is my first automatic e-cigarette and I love it. My fingers are still trying to find a button though. The Smileomizer makes me feel like I'm smoking a cigar. I haven't tried the dual coil metal tank yet but I'll probably switch to it when the e-liquid runs out of the Smileomizer. The shipping was extremely fast. Very happy with the whole deal.
    • Am very impressed with this awesome device! :)
      Review by Dawn on 4/12/2015
      Loves the feel and length since I am used to the XL Titan batteries & ect. This has them all beat! Am a moderate vaporer so one charge lasted me about 17hrs total. Topped the cart 3 times with 6 to 8 drops of ejuice. ( soaks up the ejuice pretty quick ) and loves being able to turn the volts up on some weaker tasting ejuice and it brought out a really awesome taste / throat hit and lots of vapor. :) This is a first for me on using a variable voltage type ecig so for anyone who is old school like myself....this dial-a-volt will not disappoint! Loves it! I live out in the country (slower life style) so not a problem with the time it takes to charge one of these although for some it may be but that would be the only "CON" I can come up with! :)
    • I prefer Titan over Dial-A Volt
      Review by Jacki on 4/7/2015
      My dial a volt battery broke almost immediately. I was offered another one but I declined mostly because Steve had done things in the past for me that is not normally done. I appreciated his help and wanted to show Steve that his help in the past was appreciated. I had gotten the Dial A Volt on sale so it was not as costly as you may think. He has great deals. The thing is I just do not like these batteries even if it had not broken. I am older and prefer the Titan or smaller batteries over these larger ones. Since i use cartridges and not the juice, I could not take advantage of the higher voltage anyway since it is suggested that you do not use the higher setting with carts. All in all I am still happy with my Titans and King diamond series of batteries. I still have several that still work after having them for over a year. Now that is something !!
    • Auto Dial-a-Volt Kit + Smilomizer
      Review by Obeconobe on 3/1/2015
      This is one awesome "e-cig" even though it's more like a cigar. The variable voltage adjustment really brings out the rich flavors of the "juice". I can't recommend this bad-boy enough. Ideally, it doesn't get much simpler or cheaper than this at the level of quality and vape time you get! Not to mention the fact that you can chose your own e-liquids and save some major "dough". The ONLY down-side would be the size, as it may hinder the usability in some applications compared to actual cigarette sized units. But, then they just can't begin to compete with what this unit offers. Whoever chose to coin the term "Smilomizer" for the "carto" hit the nail on the head... Because it will sure put a SMILE on your face!... :)
    • DAV
      Review by jj2 on 2/12/2015
      The Auto Dial-A-Volt 1100 mAH battery
      Thanks to BHam and V4L, I got the opportunity to try this out.

      Way back in 2009 when I took up vaping, I, of course, started with an auto. Before the first year was over, I went manual and never considered using anything else.

      Over the next 3 (close to four) years, I had the occasion to use an auto (other peoples) and every time that I did it only confirmed that I’d made the right choice.

      My first thought was, “Wow this is one long battery!!!”
      This turned out to be no biggie since it took virtually no time getting use to holding it in my hand.
      It's about half the length of what is in the picture and a whole lot slimmer.


      The annoying cut off wasn’t there, or at least I never kicked it in.

      The battery adjusts from 3.2 to 4.8 volts.
      Never used it enough to kill the battery, but I put it on the charger before going to bed.
      It did make it through a long day (7 AM until about midnight).
      I tried a clearo, a cartomizer, a dual cartomizer, and a Vivi Nova on it.
      Like us humans, they all have their own personality and with a simple twist, I adjusted to make each a perfect fit.

      I use VG but as you can see, it gave me the power to get plumbs of vapor (no primer puff needed).


      And yes I have changed my mind about autos. :)

      Thanks for the opportunity to try it out BHam!!!
    • Would recommend
      Review by Excellent on 12/27/2014
      Love, Love, Love it!
    • A rare auto battery VV Device
      Review by Steve K on 11/30/2014
      The Dial-a-Volt is the first production automatic battery variable voltage device I'm aware of. As an e-cigarette blogger, I talk to a lot of people who prefer auto batteries but want to make the variable voltage plunge, now I have a place to send them! I found the DAV to be an excellent unit with a very responsive automatic switch and good performance. The device pairs well with the dual coil tanks, particularly the smaller one because of the similar diameter. V4L has a good eye for details in most of their products, and this one is no exception. If you want to read my full review, you can find it at: http://www.stevevape.com/v4l-dial-a-volt-review-vari-volt-on-autopilot/
    • BIG battery
      Review by Joplin-John on 11/25/2014
      I love the vape you get from this battery, but I didn't realize how big it was!!! I was looking for a battery that will last all day and I think I found it. I just got it today, but I love it already. It's great how the different voltage changes the flavor and throat hit of the vape. I strongly recommend this to anyone that loves to vape!
    • The Automatic Dial-A-Volt "Consumer Review"
      Review by Skyler Salva on 11/22/2014
      Today I am reviewing the new "Automatic Dial-A-Volt" model from Vapor-4-Life. I have had the pleasure of vaping this model for a few days now, and I can say it runs just as smooth as it's brother the "Manual Dial-A-Volt". This was a shocker for me, because a lot of other automatic batteries I have tried, did not compete in performance with their manual kin.

      When I first got my Auto D.A.V. I didn't even have to charge it, even though I threw it on the charger to see if it did, it was at full charge so I started using it right away. I was very much shocked, as well as pleased with the new design. Unlike the Manual D.A.V. the automatic is a bit slimmer, and holds nicer in your fingers, but at the expense of slimming the battery, the battery is slightly longer. For me this is no big deal as I have no preference in length on the extra large batteries. This mod just likes it's brother, will come in four sizes, they are as follows:

      Small - 650 mAh - 6-8 hours
      Medium - 900 mAh - 8-9 hours
      Large - 1100 mAh - 9-11 hours
      Extra Large - 1300 mAh - 10-12 hours

      I personally always vape an extra large, because I enjoy charging it less, even though the charging time is longer; I compensate for that by having two batteries, so I am never without.

      Another plus to this model is the threaded tip, the Manual D.A.V comes with a bulky steel head that the thread sits on, much like the 510, or eGo batteries. This personally does not appeal to me. However the Auto D.A.V. is a slim batteries all the way to the thread, just like the old 808D batteries the VK, and VT. Because of this thread, the battery works very well with the new cart V4L has designed for the new model, which I will be covering in my other review.

      The voltage adjuster on the bottom is the same as the Manual D.A.V., and there for you will be accustomed to it right away out of the envelope, if you've used D.A.V.'s in the past. The thread on it is also a standard 808D modeled thread and works with all carts and tanks provided by V4L that are 808D threaded.

      Even if you weren't a fan of automatic batteries I would recommend this model to you because it vapes just as consistent as the Manual D.A.V. My personal opinion is that it also vapes better than all of the previous automatic batteries I have tested from V4L.

      It is well worth the money for such a sleek designed, automatic battery, and of course the manufacturer is none other then the best in the business Vapor-4-Life.
    • amazing
      Review by g on 10/28/2014
      I have ordered more than $800 worth of stuff from v4l, and they continue to surprise me. amazing device. the settings is a big plus. charging is a little tricky, but overall great feel, and superb battery life
    • Grape juice @ 3.8 volts...
      Review by Patrick on 10/22/2014
      DAV is absolutely perfect for ALL of your vaping needs. Please create an Orange flavored juice!
    • Awesome!
      Review by Elise H on 10/10/2014
      I can't even imagine not having this battery in my life. I, too, have two automatic D.A.V. batteries and I always have one ready to go when the other one needs to be charged. I like having the option to adjust how much I take in when vape. The only thing that would make this battery even better is a button or switch that could turn off the battery when not in use as opposed to taking the tank or cart off when not in use to save battery life.
    • Now I Understand!!!!!
      Review by K9Luvr on 8/16/2014
      I have been using my new Auto DAV for a little less than a week, and I have to say that I am beyond impressed. The draw is light and easy, like the Vapor Titan, and lasts me well over 10 hrs. with a 3.5 ml. tank. Never understood why everyone was so excited about VV, and now I do. Being able to adjust the voltage on the fly really makes a difference in some juice. No way to describe it other than AWESOME!!!!!!! Best battery V4L has produced yet, IMHO. Everyone needs at least one of these in there arsenal.
    • TONS of vape. No more cigarettes for this girl
      Review by Jenifer B on 7/31/2014
      This is the second time I have bought a v4l kit. My first kit was a vapor titan diamond. It was okay but I needed a stronger hit. Boy o boy did I get it with this DAV. I am going on my 2nd day of vaping with NO CIG need. The battery is chugging along. I have mixed the juices to create diff flavors (fav so far is menthol with razz). This ecig is thee best in my book, perfect vapor, throat hit, and ease of draw. Thanks v4l!
    • Dial -A-Volt is Excellent, It last all day.
      Review by Gemaz11 on 7/24/2014
      This product works excellent. I am happy I bought it. No charging all day long. I can change the amont of vaping I want. When I am out drinking I want more vaping. When I am at work I want less. Great Product. You will be happy you got it.
    • glad I tried it
      Review by waylonjessi4ever on 7/5/2014
      I received the 1100 auto DAV on Friday but unfortunately my tastebuds were "off " for alot of the weekend,thus the delay to be fair.
      Mine was mostly charged when i received it .I got about 8 hours out of it and it is going on charger this morning .
      I should also say that other then this is my first super batt in auto

      I like the look of this especially with the 3.5 tank, fits flush vs. the v4l ego that has that gap. I like the black as it will match anything and the dial is super easy to turn .It is comfortable to hold .
      I put a tank on it with the 1.5 dc carto .NO primer puff needed .
      I needed to start with the 3.7 then move it up to 4.2 and while it was good ,I knew it would be better with a 2.0 or 2.5 dc carto for my taste.
      I did not even attempt the 4.8 setting with this carto .
      So ,on to a 2.5dc fresh, brand new ,clean tank ,some medium strength menthol i have .
      Oh yes this is IT ! 4.2 but move up to 4.8 when I needed a bigger punch ( ie stress ) perfect .
      The vapor production i find is much better then the ego .You can also hit harder then the manual ego and I did not hit a cut-off.

      Now the premium cool cart cartos ...
      3.7 setting is perfect for me here ,i tried 3.2 then moved up .
      I really think its going to depend on what juice you have ,thick or thin ,coffee or tobacco ,and you are going to need to make sure your carto is topped off because otherwise its overkill and you will need to use your titan 808s or your v4l Ego ( both of which will remain in my rotation ) .

      I am a die hard manual girl but I am glad i tried this, it will go with me whenever i go out for the day and it will be so darn nice not to take 3-4 stick batteries with me and change out .
      And I agree there are times when i need a heavier throat hit or punch then my titans even though keep in mind i am a "moderate " vapor. .
      So ,if you need a bigger throat hit then with the titan or the ego ,I suggest you try it .
      Thanks to V4L and Brandon
    • Dial-A-Volts
      Review by K9Luvr on 6/17/2014
      As many of us have done, I went from the stick batteries to the eGOs and was very happy. Then I won a DAV to review and fell in love. I never knew how adjusting the voltage could affect the flavor of juice so much. All of my favorite juices tasted so much better once I started using my DAVs. And as others have said, it does take along time to charge, but absolutely worth it, IMHO
    • Love the Auto DAV...Perfect to take out and about
      Review by Iowagal on 6/9/2014
      Well if it's ok I'm going to chime in here with my review as well. I seriously can't tell you how impressed I am with the Auto DAV. It is very comfortable to hold. I was shocked with the ease of draw and vapor production using a cool cart. I then pulled out my 510 adapter and used my carto tanks and a clearo...both performed very well. I do plan to pick up an 808 carto tank as I feel like any time you use an adapter there is a slight decrease. Perhaps it's just in my head? I can't believe I'm getting 8-10 hours from this battery (slightly lower with carto tanks than cartos/clearo. I have had no issues with cutoff for my vaping style. I also had my dad give this a test drive and his eyes lit up as he vaped away with his Cowboy Cool Cart. He normally uses a passthrough and felt this battery was just as good as the vape he gets with them. Dad prefers a manual in any form so will be checking out the Manual DAV for him at Vapebash.

      The majority of the time I have it set a 4.2 as well but did play with the lower and higher end and really noticed a difference. There are some juices I use that could really benefit from the adjustments. My one and only complaint is the charging time. I have been seeing 11-12 hours for a charge. In general I prefer not to charge batteries when I'm not home or am sleeping..but due to the charge time I have been plugging this in over night.

      I have acquired quite a variety of vaping supplies over the past couple of years...but this DAV is perfect for on the go and will remain in my daily rotation for sure. Would be 5 stars if the charging time can be improved on.
    • Awesome !!!
      Review by Sternchen on 5/22/2014
      Chose the Blue DAV and love everything about it. I was able to (switch from) analogs with this kit and I could not be happier.
      Thanks V4L for making such an awesome e-cig :)
    • My ideal E-Cigar
      Review by Gene on 5/17/2014
      Over the past several months, I have looked far and wide for my ideal E-Cigar“ One with a high quality variable voltage automatic battery that has the look of a cigar, a comfortable and durable mouthpiece (that would accommodate hands-free vaping), and preferably be no more than 6 inches long.

      About a month ago, I discovered Vapor4Life and I purchased an Automatic Dial-A-Volt kit (650 mAh) and some Smileomizers. Unfortunately, the DAV was not available in cigar color, but the small auto DAV with a Smileomizer is the closest I have been able to come to finding my ideal E-Cigar.

      I have loved it from the first day (though I wish it were available in the cigar color), but being a former cigar smoker of many years, I did not like the way the Smileomizers silicone mouthpiece felt in my mouth. The center section seemed too soft, and it occurred to me that it would be much improved if the mouthpiece were the same density over its entire length, rather than firm on the ends and soft in the middle.

      After some investigation and experimentation, I discovered that sliding a short length of food grade silicone tubing (6mm inside diameter x 9mm outside diameter) onto the metal Smileomizer shaft (underneath the silicone mouthpiece) completely changes the feel of the mouthpiece and gives it a consistent density along its entire length. As a result, the mouthpiece is more comfortable and feels much more stable in the mouth when vaping hands-free. The ideal length for the silicone tube is 12.5 mm, because at that length it butts up firmly to the larger diameter metal base on the bottom and it doesnt interfere with the silicone mouthpiece locking into its notch on the top.

      With this minor modification, I have finally found my ideal E-Cigar. Now if Vapor4Life will make the DAV batteries available in cigar color, I will be in E-Cigar heaven. Great job, Steve! You have a customer 4 Life!
    • Best auto I've tried.
      Review by Lisa on 2/8/2014
      The auto switch works seamlessly and effortlessly, giving a full hit of vapor with just a short draw. I have never seen this before...anywhere. The variable voltage is icing on the cake. I compared it to my high-priced mod using the same voltage, juice and carto and there was absolutely no difference in vapor. Really. It's a great device to take out and about; no lugging the heavy mod around. I had moved away from autos, but this changes things.
    • Great success!
      Review by Jonathan on 12/3/2013
      Man, I love this batt! I have a VZ, but I prefer the DAV. Get a Ming drip tip. I can walk around the yard all day with gloves on & vape like a boss. Not crazy about some of the flavors that come with it, but oh well. The peach tobacco tastes like neither peach nor tobacco. I was however pleasantly surprised by the DJ Black. Guess I should go review favors next lol. I would recommend this kit highly.
    • Glorious hits
      Review by Edgar on 9/7/2013
      Know how some cartomizers require some effort sometimes to get a good, well with this baby it is no longer an issue. Just turn the dial on high and bam nice strong hits.

      Its also really nice if you want a strong puff, makes vapor feel a lot more cigarette like. Definitely happy I purchased this baby.
    • Wow... What an EXCELLENT auto battery
      Review by Janet H on 6/8/2013
      I have to say that this auto DAV is PERFECT! I never thought I would go back to an auto battery as I had pretty much given up on the draw, but this one blew my expectations out of the water! No primer puff needed, just a wonderful plume of vapor at the slightest draw! I have not experienced the cut off as it is so responsive to each slight break in breath, so it immediately resets (if it cuts off at all… I have yet been able to draw long enough for that to happen). I love the fact that even the same juice can take on an entirely different nuance by just a slight adjustment to the dial. There are some juices which seem to taste better at a lower setting and some that will knock your socks off when dialed all the way up. So with the Dial-A-Volt, there is always a new taste experience.
      I think the black is very sexy looking and fits perfectly with the smileomizer, but looks and performs equally as well with a tank. With the smileomizer, it takes on more of a cigar like look, which is good for some, but for a more demure look, the auto DAV and a tank is GREAT!
      If you are looking for a long lasting manual battery, with style and functionality, look no further! This is like no other on the market! You might want to order more than one, as you will not want in on the charger, you will want it in your hand at all times!

      Enjoy the journey ~ it will be a smooth ride with the Auto Dial-A-Volt!!!
    • Dial-a-volt Field testing Results
      Review by grandpawrichard on 5/11/2013
      My new Dial-a-volt came in the mail today. :) I dug through my stash of brand new cartos and filled a couple of them with some of my favorite Spearmint Nobacco juice and dialed the setting down to 3.2v. to start with.

      At 3.2 volts I got an Immediate start up without a primer puff. It was a pleasant tasting surprise. Very, very Mild flavor, but a bit too mild for my liking. I still had a good clould of Vapor, but the throat hit is too mild for my vaping preference. It might be Perfect for someone that likes a very mild hit; or for a Beginning Vapor that hasn't learned how to use their product.

      At this minute I am on the 3.7v. setting. I am getting a strong cloud of vapor, a bit more Robust flavor, a bit more throat hit that is quite pleasant, but not over powering and I am enjoying this new contraption very much. :)

      Wow! I just ran the setting up to 4.2v. and I was instantly amazed at how much Vapor cloud I am getting! Not to mention how much more wonderful Spearmint Flavor I taste! The throat hit went up quite a bit at this setting. I think I will be using this setting with this flavor, but I am going to try the last setting before I decide.

      Here I am at 4.8v. I have a huge cloud of vapor circling my head. My mouth is filled with a heavy Peppermint flavor and I am coughing my head off! 4.8v. is a bit too much for me right now, especially with Spearmint Nobacco. I think I'll dial back down and only use the highest setting to experiment with other flavors or during those times when I Really Need a Heavy Hit!
      This setting is definitely for those people that like a Heavy Throat hit and massive clouds of heavy, but wonderful vapor; not for me.

      One other thing that I would like to point out that not many other people might notice: The size of the Dial-a-volt is absolutely Perfect for me and my BIG Meat Hook Hands! Especially now that I have had a stroke and my Right hand is weak, so that it likes drop Pencils, Pens, and my other V4L Ecigs! This is a God's Send For Me! Thank You BHam and V4L! You ROCK!



    3.2V - 4.8V
    Black, Cigar, Blue, Green, Magenta
    Small 650mAh, Medium 900mAh, Large 1100mAh, XL 1300mAh
    Estimated Use and Charge Time:
    The 650mAh has 4-8 hours of use and takes 2 hours to charge
    The 900mAh has 6-12 hours of use and takes 3 hours to charge
    The 1100mAh has 10-15 hours of use and takes 4 hours to charge
    The 1300mAh has 15-20 hours of use and takes 5 hours to charge
    510 Smileomizers, select 510 cartomizers
    Vapor Zeus USB Charging Cable plugs into a USB port or USB adapter and can be used as a passthrough or to charge the battery. Alternatively can be charged with the Slim Wall Charger. The Slim Wall Charger will take longer to charge the device.
    Take your time when filling your Smileomizer. Approximately 3 minutes of filling will give you many hours of happy vaping. Please allow 5 minutes for any e Juice to dry before re-attaching the cartomizer or tank to the battery. Damages caused by e-liquid misuse will not be covered by the warranty.


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