Vapor Zeus USB Charging Cable

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USB Charging Cable meant for rapid charging of Vapor Zeus Auto and Dual Mode batteries. Vapor Zeus Auto and Dual Mode Cig batteries have a unique passthrough feature that allows vapers to vape while charging their e Cig mods with this cable.

USB Charging Cable designed for rapid charging of the Vapor Zeus batteries to cut down charge times.

  • Works with my Phone
    Review by Thomas on 1/4/2016
    I have a moterolla and it works fine for both. I think you can use it with a ps3 controller too, not sure. Had mine for over a year and no issues!
  • This thing lasts forever!
    Review by Elliot on 8/21/2016
    I still have the very first one I ever bought, and have since gotten a second one so I can charge 2 batts simultaneously. Solid product, indeed!
  • A must have
    Review by Sheryl on 7/29/2016
    I got multiple batteries and multiple chargers. Can't ever run out of power ya know. I have my original since March 2014 and works equally as good as the new ones I have bought since.
  • Works fine
    Review by Thomas on 2/24/2016
    I had got this as a replacement after the original one I purchased with a kit back in 2012 finally snapped at the end from me pulling the cord out of the wall while it was charging. Cheap and reliable.
  • I am a little rough with them
    Review by HonestAndrew on 11/21/2015
    With that being said, let me elaborate a little bit. I drive for a taxi company on the weekends and I do home remodeling during the week, So my whole kit never leaves my side. Besides the fact that I lose them constantly (my fault) I did have two with issues. The first one didnt charge my zeus at all, so I visited the shop and they exchanged it. Thank you for being open on Saturday afternoons!!! The second one arrived (had it shipped because the deal online was too good to pass up) with the cable broke at the USB end. Again went to the shop and had it replaced. So out of the 7 out 12 (3 I broke and 5 I lost) is not bad with cords!
  • It chargers...
    Review by Marry on 11/10/2015
    Charges my Zeus when its completely dead in about 2 hours and I can use it while it chargers....Life saver!
  • Cheap and Reliable
    Review by ImAScottMann on 3/9/2015
    Ive seen cheaper cables but they always break. Any cord you pull out of the wall from the base of it will snap but if you take care of your stuff then you shouldnt have that problem. Thanks V4L for standing by good products.
  • Charges fast!
    Review by TrickyRichard on 2/6/2015
    Idk if I had bought a cheap one before but the old USB to Mini USB I bought from Walgreens took all day to charge. I did step on the yip of mine and it broke but was within a week and you guys sent me a replacement in my following order. Excellent customer service!
  • short-life
    Review by Fragile on 12/30/2015
    This will be the 4th purchase (getting 2 this time). Everything has a charging cord nowadays; no matter if u treat them like fine crystal glassware.
  • durabilaty
    Review by horus on 8/25/2015
    The cables are necessarry to use ur zeus as a passthru but i have had to send back or just repruchase the cables, because it not worth return postage. Aftwr a short duratioj the cable becomes exposed and breaks at the neck closest to the unit. Good thing theyre cheap..
  • ugh
    Review by lisa on 10/28/2015
    I use my Zeus religiously (hope that doesn't offend anyone). I have a frayed cord and have also noticed after a bit the connection loosens up so the battery won't charge, so I have a couple more useless cords.

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