Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage e Cig Battery - Manual

  • On/Off button to preserve battery life
  • Can alter vapor production and throat hit by changing voltage from 3.2-4.8 volts
  • Add a Smileomizer for ultimate vaping experience
  • Soft, smooth exterior allows for comfortable vaping

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    Vapor4Life's Variable Voltage electronic cigarette battery allows the user to select their preferred level of voltage between 3.2 to 4.8 volts. The Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage e Cig features the highest quality battery cells, wire, circuit boards, switches, stainless steel, and a velvet-smooth exterior. 

    Product Manual: Download here
    • My very favorite battery
      Review by Shirley on 6/30/2018
      There was a great discount, so I thought I'd try this battery. I was amazed. I love this battery. I read the reviews first and decided to try a manual battery. It lasted several days before I had to recharge it. It is easy to use and adjusting it is simple. I enjoy the flexibility of choosing the strength. I am using the 3.7 and it is absolutely perfect for me. I travel every couple of months and I love the fact you can turn the battery off when you travel. I have several of the regular plain batteries, but to me, there is absolutely no comparison. I have put them away. The battery takes about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to recharge, much faster than the other batteries. I bought a second one for backup (also at a great discount). Nice work V4L.
    • Batteries
      Review by Fred on 1/17/2019
      These are the best batteries I've ever use I would recommend them to anyone
    • Long lasting, & lots of vapor
      Review by heidi on 6/23/2018
      I definitely love this battery. It does take a little while to charge, but it lasts a long time. Excellent price. Feels good in your hand. Attractive style. As all V4L products, this one is another home run hit. If you’re looking to graduate from the titan, def give this one a go.
    • Good but not as good as duel mode Zeus
      Review by Chris on 2/19/2018
      I had a couple of these back when they were called the "dial-a-volt". They are a good solid battery but the duel mode zeus is much better (worth the extra money)
    • Fantastic Product
      Review by Ann on 1/11/2018
      I love this product. I buy the XL as the charge lasts longer on the XL. Again another great product
    • Variable divine
      Review by T McLain on 9/17/2017
      I've owned two other twist style batteries. The v4l version is easily the best. The rubber coating lasts MUCH longer than the others I have tried and the voltage dial has a more solid feel.
    • Good in a pinch
      Review by Taylor on 8/24/2017
      I use one of these as a back-up. I got the small and the battery life is short compared to the large, so I recommend the large. Charges fast and works great though. I don't move the voltage much but it's a nice feature for seeing how it affects flavor.
    • The best battery to pair with smileomizers
      Review by Brian on 8/13/2017
      I use these manual batteries because they are the shortest version paired with a smileomizer. I like to carry in my shirt pocket at work and everywhere. These batteries last me 3 to 4 hours vaping heavily and recharge quickly using their usb charger. I get about 7 to 10 months life before I have to buy a new battery.

      I definitely recommend these batteries as the consistency and quality is great.
    • Best variable voltage kr808
      Review by Terrence on 8/6/2017
      The first variable voltage battery I tried. Still my go to daily driver. I've found cheaper ones but they never last as long. I still hit up my 2 year old dial a volt as a backup and it works just as good as it did when I bought it. Also, the soft touch coating lasts longer than any other battery I've used.
    • Ease of use
      Review by Melissa on 7/2/2017
      I love how easy it is to use, just push the button and away you go. They are so slim and fit in the smallest purse.
    • My preferred battery
      Review by Brad on 1/19/2017
      Customizable for any juice or mood. If you have a sore throat, just turn down the voltage. Clogs less than the automatic version. The sealed manual battery is also less likely to be ruined because of a leaking tank.
    • long lasting
      Review by Lori on 1/12/2017
      This was the battery that I started with; being able to change the voltage was great so that I could get accustomed to vaping. I've had this battery for over 2 years now. It does need charged more often but still works great.
    • Buy the x-large version for all day vaping
      Review by Kathy on 12/8/2016
      Love this battery. I buy the extra large version and I can vape all day without needing to recharge it. I love how any smileomizers, cartomizers and tanks ejuice liquid can taste just right with the adjustable voltage option that this battery has. The batteries last a very long time especially the x-large version is worth the extra cost.
    • Best battery!
      Review by anxiety420 on 12/6/2016
      Maybe it's in my head but the manual always seems to be much more powerful than the automatic. They're both good but I love the manual dial-a-volt. My favorite!
    • Love this battery!
      Review by Thea on 11/29/2016
      I love the manual VV. It gives me control over my hit. I like the adjustable voltage, some liquid require a higher voltage. The best battery. I like the light up part, tells me to stop inhaling lol!! Overall, my fave but looking forward to trying the VV auto battery!
    • LOVE IT! My go to battery for all my nicotine free E-juices!
      Review by Steve on 11/22/2016
      After being so impressed with the auto Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage E-cig I decided to try the manual one and have been very happy I did. I take to work 2 tanks (1 nicotine E-juice blend & 1 non-nicotine E-juice blend) and 2 batteries (1 auto & 1 manual) and this is the battery that I prefer for my nicotine-free juice tank because I get better throat hit with the longer draw time.
    • Love it!
      Review by Melissa on 10/15/2016
      Love the ability to change the voltage
    • Nice Battery Long Lasting!
      Review by Joy on 9/9/2016
      Usually buy the XL and these batteries have outlasted any other I have bought. I still have 2 that I bought years ago I still use when one of my newer Zeus batteries go bad. Never had any issues with these. Highly Recommend for a dependable battery!
    • Love it!
      Review by Melissa on 8/1/2016
      I really like the variable dial and button. As long as you keep them cleaned well, they work very well & keep a charge for quite awhile.
    • Variable Voltage manual the only one I use
      Review by Sheri on 7/29/2016
      I have been using the Variable Manual Voltage for a while now love the colors and always provides a good vape! One of my favorites for sure!
    • Good battery.
      Review by Lauren on 7/26/2016
      Really like these batteries. I have quite a few XL manual batteries so I always have a back up on hand. Durable and lasts a long time.
    • Solid Battery Choice
      Review by Marina on 7/21/2016
      The Variable Voltage, Manual is the way to go. The auto I find you have to take a hard drag in order to get it to start working (was not a fan of that). I have to say they don't seem to last as long as they used to, they work for a couple months then seem to fade out and need charged more often than they used to. However, still a good choice for battery, especially if you are just starting the whole vape thing.
    • Performer
      Review by Lisa on 2/6/2016
      I have bought 7-8 of these over time (I'm into having plenty of backups :) and maybe one out of all those hasn't performed well. Overall, they have done great, I don't get quite the duration that's listed, but for its light profile it's a hard worker. I wish they made more colors, but oh well! Don't even mess with the wall charger, get the USB charger, it's a good price and charges so much quicker.
    • Good & bad...
      Review by Elaine on 11/2/2015
      My FIRST VZVV, medium, purchased in July '14, lasted a year without ANY problems. One day this past July, I was unscrewing my Smilo from the VV Battery and it literally pulled apart. I let V4L know what was going on, (and to see if it could be fixed), but they explained these are bonded together under very high pressure in special machines-and it's too dangerous to attempt anything myself.
      I liked the VV because I could change the voltage depending on juice-or sometimes I just felt like a stronger "hit". Although I originally started with V4L in 2009, I'd quit Vaping a few years later, then "relapsed" on analogs after being in a fire last year-as odd as it sounds. Stress & grief do strange things to you.
      I didn't hesitate to come back to V4L after a few months of coughing & hating the smell. The minor heart attack and 3 weeks in the hospital just a month after the fire didn't help. My Son got me 2 EGO batteries, carts and juice at the beginning of May '14 and I've been analog-free ever since!!

      Getting back to the VV-my first replacement I purchased just stopped working after a few days. The light went on when I pressed the button, but it didn't seem to connect to the heating coil, (no sizzle or vapor) I tried a bunch of different things, and called V4L, but we couldn't get it to work. I thought I'd have a problem because getting to the post office is VERY difficult for me these days. Although it's not far away-this is a TINY town with 1 taxi in the entire "public" transportation. (I'm legally blind as well as have a genetic disorder in which I have to deal with frequent fractures-it gets worse as I get older and I'm frequently house-bound. I also have no friends or family living near here anymore & unfortunately, just can't afford to move right now). "Dan" at V4L was VERY understanding & told me not to worry about it. He sent me a large replacement! :) Unfortunately, it didn't last very long-which is why I'm writing this review. About 2 months after receiving it, while unscrewing it from the USB connector, it started to pull apart. I actually TAPED the silver part to the lower metal part-and it lasted a few more days before pulling completely apart. Again, I tried a BUNCH of different things including a non-flammable glue-but I got scared that it could be dangerous & wouldn't stay together more than a few minutes to an hour.
      Luckily, I still had my 2 EGO batteries, although one of them goes dead after just 1-2 hours of intermittent use & doesn't seem to heat the coils up sufficiently. Unfortunately, I can't afford another Zeus right now, so my Son got me another EGO last month and I'm using my older EGO that works and the new one.
      I miss the good throat hit & vapor you get from the higher voltages-but hopefully I'll be able to get one at Christmas!!
      THANK YOU Dan, Steve & everyone on the V4L Team!! You guys are the BEST & I hope to continue handing out your cards & bringing you new customers!!
    • Excellent
      Review by Johno on 11/7/2014
      An awesome battery. I have tried the Zeus and Titan, but overall this battery is the overall best quality. It's durability, price, vapor production, and long vape time gets my vote for an all round great. I have two of them in constant rotation so I don't miss out on vape time or be tempted to have an analog.
    • my first e-cig. to stop chewing tobacco
      Review by sd on 10/9/2014
      Thanks to V4Life ecigs, I have not chewed tobacco since April, 2014 since my son and wife got me my first V4L ! These are a life saver! My wife is SO happy, I have chewed for 27 years. I have the urge every once in awhile. But I have managed to stick with the vaping! My wife has even purchased products for our daughter. We plan to purchase more for the holidays!!! Very happy with this purchse.
    • Great 808D battery
      Review by ctmac on 8/13/2014
      I have 2 of these batteries and they are great, with a couple minor quibbles.
      1. They are 808D threaded, so if you are using them with the more standard 510 threaded tanks from other vendors, you'll need an adaptor. With the adaptor they work fine with 510 tanks.
      2. They use a proprietary charger with a very shorty cord, and they charge relatively slowly. This isn't usually an issue as I charge them overnight and always have a spare available.
    • Works Well, Hard to Find Better
      Review by JA on 8/4/2014
      After using regular 808-D's at home in both auto and passthrough form, I still found myself smoking regular cigarettes. Albeit less, but still nonetheless.

      I think the key was vapor production. These batteries have way way superior vapor production, particularly when paired with smile-o-mizers.

      The one problem, however, that I did run into was an issue of charging.

      I ordered a long one, but for the purpose of keeping it in my pocket, I found it to be too long so I ordered a smaller one and it worked amazingly. The issue was when I ordered the large one, it came with a charger and a juice. When I ordered the small one it appears that the charger that came with the large one does not charge the smaller one.

      I'm not sure if this is some sort of glitch or whatever the case.

      Other than that, if you want superior vaping with superior vapor production you can lean on these bad boys to get you off of cigarettes once and for all.

      Well worth the price, especially when on sale. Just be particular with the chargers.

      Regular 808-D chargers are not built to take these because of the diameter of the battery.

      Now if you happen to modify your chargers, I found that it works, but that can be tricky, especially if a wire comes apart on the charger.

      I'd recommend. The variable voltage can suit all of your cartomizer OHM needs!
    • Hands down, the best!
      Review by Fro on 5/28/2014
      I have tried a lot of batteries and product combinations, and this is the only one that finally helped me quit smoking. This baby has enough power to last me all day long, and I consider myself a heavy vaper. I have never had to turn up the voltage as the lowest setting provides enough vapor and throat hit I desire. However, when first trying it out I decided to crank it all the way up, and let's just say it "knocked my socks off!" Using the dual coil 808d 6ml tank, and XL battery, you can vape for hours on end. Absolutely the BEST on the market.
    • Exceptional Battery: XL DAV manual
      Review by Lynn on 2/28/2014
      I have been with V4L since January 2010, transitioning through various batteries along the way. The Extra Large DAV manual is simply an outstanding battery. I started entry level with dav medium, then large, and the extra large is THE BEST, lasting all day. However, due to personal preference, I always keep a second charged backup battery with me, just in case something happens and I need it. If you tend to be impatient for your battery to charge, simply keep a second charged battery on hand. I use this battery with the large smileomizer which is an excellent combo. Well done V4L. I cannot find flaw in your products especially when the desired result in totality has completely ended a quite lengthy cigarette addiction. Thanks V4L:)
    • Love it
      Review by maureen on 2/18/2014
      The Dial A Volt XL last me 14 hours of heavy vaping. I love the fact I get full power from this battery until it needs to be recharged.
    • Wonderful!!
      Review by Josh on 11/14/2013
      For the better part of the last year, I have been using my OMG VV mod, almost exclusively. Unfortunately, I dropped it a few too many times, and it eventually died on me.

      Having not bought a new battery in quite some time, I wanted to try something new this time around. I loved the ability to change the voltage of my old OMG, but I had a tendency to turn it up to high and prematurely burn out cartomizers. Such occurrences were quite frustrating. Being that the Dial-A-Volt only goes up to 4.8v, I have not yet encountered this problem.

      Unlike my OMG VV, the Dial-A-Volt is easy to carry around. My "large" battery fits comfortably in the front pocket of my jeans. The sleek design is aesthetically pleasing, and looks great with a 3.5ml tank. To top things off, a full charge seems to last me through the day.

      The only thing I miss about my OMG VV is the message that would flash across the small marquee screen when I turned it off ;)
    • Bad Ass Battery
      Review by Thomas on 11/9/2013
      I ordered two of these batteries (XL), one for me and one for my wife. Aside from the initial charge time, somewhere around 12-14 hours. Its amazing. I use mine between 3.2 and 3.7 and I am going on 2 days and still going strong. My wifes is going on day 3 with hers. I should have bought this battery first.
    • Dial-A-Volt (DAV) Review
      Review by Sherrick on 10/6/2013
      Review of the Dial-A-Volt from Vapor4Life

      When I first started vaping about four years ago, one of the best things I did – and also one of the worst things I did – was purchase a pass-through. Initially, I thought the pass-through was great. I got lots of vapor from my cartomizers and a great deal more flavor than I was getting from regular batteries. Plus, I didn’t have to fuss around with batteries that either needed charging regularly or occasionally would die at the worst possible time. I loved my pass-through. I could sit at my desk and get great flavor. I could plug the pass-through into an adapter and run it from the cigarette lighter in my truck. What’s not to like?

      Well, as it turned out, quite a lot. First of all, with the increased power which produced all of that wonderful vapor and flavor, I found my cartos dying more and more quickly. Secondly, if I wanted to get this vaping experience I enjoyed so much, I either had to remain cabled to my desk or hang out in my truck. I added USB extensions and bought powered USB hubs to run my pass-through from various locations around my home, but I still ended up feeling like a dog on a short leash.

      Maybe the worst part about vaping with a pass-through is that, despite its shortcomings, it spoiled me with excellent vapor and flavor. In many instances, regular “stick” batteries just didn’t cut it for me any longer. Some batteries did okay for a while, but inevitably, as the charge began to wane, I would find myself getting less vapor with each draw and ultimately the taste would turn to nothingness. At that point, I either had to deal with a far less than satisfying vape, or return to my tethered position at my desk or in my truck and use the pass-through again. This was not an ideal situation and I found myself growing frustrated with the vaping experience as a whole.

      After some research on the forums at ECF and other sites, I started looking for alternatives, mostly in the form of larger batteries from vendors I had not used before. I tried 10 or 12 different options from various sellers, but none of those proved to be a true solution. Some of the batteries I tried were bigger, but still didn’t really give me the good vapor and flavor I was craving. Other bigger batteries performed quite well, but they required completely different chargers, cartos and tanks than the KR808D-1 setup I had grown very fond of and had invested in rather heavily. Still other batteries worked great and initially worked seamlessly with my existing chargers and accessories, but then began to fail after a short time due to manufacturing issues or design flaws.

      One vendor I purchased from had a really good product in terms of vapor production and flavor, and it even worked with my existing cartomizers, tanks, and chargers. Unfortunately, both batteries I purchased from that vendor began to fail within a week. They simply would not hold a charge. I sent these batteries back and the vendor sent me replacements. The replacements worked fine for another week and then they too began to exhibit charging failures. I sent these batteries back as well and again the vendor sent me replacements. Hoping the third time was the charm, I started using the new batteries and took special care to charge them exactly as the vendor suggested. I used only the chargers that came with the batteries, despite assurances that these batteries were completely compatible with other KR808D-1 chargers. I completely depleted the batteries each time and put them on the charger for at least 12 hours, despite the charger lights indicating the process had successfully completed well before then. Once again, in just about a week, one of the two batteries refused to hold a charge. The other battery lasted another couple of days, and then both chargers I had purchased along with these batteries failed. Frustrated, I threw the whole mess in the trash and went back to my less-than-satisfying “stick” batteries and tying myself to my desk with a pass-through.

      Figuring I really had no other options after trying mods and big batteries and a variety of other suggestions, I stuck with this setup for the next couple of years. I’d use a pass-through at my desk and in my truck, and stick batteries when I was on the go. Over that time, I noticed the slender, more “cigarette-esque” stick batteries began to perform better and better. Better flavor, more vapor, greater longevity between charges. I still didn’t feel I was getting the same quality vaping experience from these batteries that I got from my pass-through, but they were a big improvement over the earlier batteries. Despite these improvements in battery performance, I still longed for a solution which would give me an excellent vape and could be used on the go.

      Enter the Dial-A-Volt from Vapor4Life.

      I received the Dial-A-Volt (DAV) several weeks ago from Vapor4Life and to say the least I was skeptical. It didn’t look significantly different from the other “big battery” options I’d tried in the past and my success rate with those batteries was very low. One noteworthy difference between the DAV and the other big battery options was the voltage adjustment function. I’d never used a Variable Voltage device before, so I was immediately curious as to how that aspect would perform.

      In my use of the Dial-A-Volt, there were five main concerns of specific interest to me: Vaping Performance, Hand-Comfort, Long Term Durability, Charging / Battery Life, and Voltage Adjustment.

      Vaping Performance: By vaping performance, I mean: How does it vape? Does it produce a good amount of vapor? Does it produce a flavorful vapor? Essentially, does it provide a vaping experience as good as I get with my pass-through?

      The answer to that last question is: Yes. It does provide an experience which is always at least equal to – and many times superior to – my pass-through. The Dial-A-Volt produces clouds of vapor and, more importantly to me, it produces truly good clean flavor, especially on a tank or Smileomizer. It does fine on regular cartomizers as well, but it really shines when used with a larger refillable option. I was more than satisfied with both the vapor production and the flavor. The DAV is just excellent in this regard.

      Hand-Comfort: Some of the “big battery” options I tried from other vendors made me feel like I was vaping a big metal flashlight. Would the Dial-A-Volt be any better?

      Like the other big batteries I’ve used, the DAV is of significant size and weight, and it doesn’t look anything like a cigarette. Despite its size, however, it does not feel unnatural or heavy in my hand. It does feel substantial, but the increased size and weight is balanced in such a way that these attributes are virtually unnoticeable after a couple of uses. Again, although it looks very much like other big battery options I’ve tried, V4L’s Dial-A-Volt has proven superior to the offerings from other vendors and manufacturers.

      Long Term Durability: As I’ve described, my personal success rates with other big batteries was not great. Many of them didn’t perform well right out of the box. Others did fine for a few days and then began to fail. So how does the Dial-A-Volt hold up over the long haul?

      I’ve had the Dial-A-Volt now for just under three months, and over those weeks of usage I have not had one single issue with the product. Not once has it refused to charge or failed to fire. Additionally, I have not experienced the loss of power or flavor which typically occurs with smaller batteries as the charge drops off. I charge the DAV, twist on a tank and I’m all set. Throughout the charge, from the first draw to the last, the DAV produces lots of vapor and wonderful flavor, and it produces them both very consistently.

      Charging / Battery Life: If I have a complaint about the Dial-A-Volt, it is in the area of Charging and Battery Life. The DAV does many things so very, very well, but it does stumble a bit in the charging / battery life department. I only have one of these units and I very much look forward to using it. Unfortunately, while a single charge does last several hours for me, it regularly takes 10 to 12 hours – and sometimes longer – to recharge it. Because it does perform so well in every other respect, and because it takes so long to charge, I tend to hold off on using the DAV until I see how my day unfolds. If something comes up and I have to be out and about for several hours, I want the DAV ready to go. This is the battery I take with me when I know I’m going to be away from my desk and can only reasonably take one battery along. Unfortunately, because of the lengthy recharging cycle, I don’t use it as often as I’d like. I feel like I have to hoard it. I don’t want to use it too early in my day as then it will be unavailable to me later when I might really need it. And, like my experiences with the pass-through previously, the Dial-A-Volt does such a good job with vapor production that many of my other batteries seem wimpy and almost lifeless by comparison.

      Voltage Adjustment: As the name indicates, the Dial-A-Volt is a variable voltage device. I’ve seen other implementations of an adjustable voltage function for e-cigs, but most of them seemed very unwieldy. Admittedly, I’d never tried a variable voltage device personally, and the reason I hadn’t was because when I looked at how the voltage had to be adjusted, I’d think: Changing the voltage looks like such a pain in the ass, I’d never use it.

      Thankfully, Vapor4Life’s Dial-A-Volt makes voltage adjustment easy and intuitive. Using a wheel on the bottom of the device – The “Dial” – the voltage can be adjusted in increments from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts. I liked this idea very much, as I’d found some of my preferred juices taste better at higher voltages, while I find other juices more enjoyable at lower voltage levels. The position of the dial, however, gave me pause. With the dial on the bottom and with it being so easy to turn and adjust, would the dial be constantly spinning in my pocket when I tucked it away between uses? As it turns out, the dial on the bottom of the DAV is just tight enough to stay exactly where I put it without being so tight as to make it difficult to use. The dial’s precision design makes voltage adjustment very easy and something I very much enjoy.

      So, would I recommend the Dial-A-Volt to a friend? Yes, I certainly would. While I have not yet had the opportunity to try the Vapor Zeus, from my experience thus far I think the Dial-A-Volt comes closer than anything else to capturing the excellent flavor and vapor production of a pass-through. And, it does these things while eliminating the need to be tethered to a desk or outlet. The one complaint I have is in regard to the battery life and charging time. While I do get several hours of use between charges of the Dial-A-Volt, I am still somewhat frustrated by the hours and hours it takes to recharge. My advice? Try one. If you find you like it, bite the bullet and buy a second one. That way you can keep one on hand, charged and ready to go. If you’re like me, the Dial-A-Volt will spoil you with its vapor and flavor production, and regular batteries will no longer completely satisfy your vapor craving.

      Walt Nickell / Sherrick
    • Very pleased
      Review by David on 10/3/2013
      It was a hard decision between the Zeus and the DAV, but I eventually decided that to me, the variable voltage out weighed the pass through capability and faster charge time of the Zeus.

      I now have two XL DAV and some 6.5 ML tanks to go along with them. They are great! It is nice to be able to increase the voltage when I want extra throat hit, and decrease when I am casually puffing or want to explore the flavors.

      The batteries last me all day on their own and it is nice not having to hunt for a charged stick.

      The charge time is long but with having two I have no problems.

      I am glad I chose this battery, though I will likely one day succumb to the charm of the Zeus :P

      I have a black and a blue (more of a royal purple) which both look and feel nice.
    • Love It!
      Review by meowmix915 on 9/26/2013
      The DAV is by far the best battery available! Combined w/ a Smileomizer I am in vaping heaven!
    • Bigger is better!
      Review by Aaron M. on 9/13/2013
      Lovin' my new 1300 mAh Dial-A-Volt.... I say go big or go home.
    • Still learning but definitely the best!
      Review by Darin M. on 9/13/2013
      I just received my DAV which I won in the PIN2WIN contest. I absolutely love this unit! I probably would never have tried a variable volt unit had I not won this one, and I would have been missing out for sure. I'm still experimenting with the settings, but I can tell you that I love the 3.8v setting with my 1.5dc carto!
    • Goes everywhere with me!
      Review by Jessica B. on 9/13/2013
      I call this my superdupppper puffer - love V4L
    • THANK YOU V4L!!!!!
      Review by Juanita M. on 9/12/2013
      Thank you Vapor4life for my two dail-a-volts & Matching Smileamisers
      It's been working really well 33 days today (Smoke Free)
    • Adjustable greatness!
      Review by Tammie C. on 9/12/2013
      The DAV's (Dial a Volt's) are great! They're well made and being able to adjust them is wonderful. They look and feel great, as well!
    • DAV Manuals
      Review by dink44 on 9/12/2013
      They Rock...I have 4 now
    • DAV Review
      Review by mcol on 9/12/2013
      It's weird in a way but they each have their place, imo. There are some juices that
      are awesome on the Zeus. There are some awesome on the DAV, and there are some
      that I only use the VK passthru to vape, it's not as strong a hit that way (flavor wise,
      vapor wise, or throat hit wise).
      Review by Aaron C. on 9/12/2013
      just got my DAV large manual and i love it your guys are the best!!! 12 hr to a charge VAPE 4 LIFE
    • Powerful!
      Review by The Best on 8/15/2013
      This Vape is definitely a little on the larger side but it is by far one of the BEST I have tried from V4L...I just hope they come out with more colors SOON!
    • Excellent
      Review by Nicholas on 5/27/2013
      Just got my Dial a Volt in the mail today and couldnt be happier. I am new to the vaping community but have tried the Blu e cig and the dial a volt is a whole new experience. Changing the volts on the battery definitely makes a difference in the type of juice and flavor your trying to achieve. I couldnt be happier. I will be referring this to everybody i know.
    • A thing of beauty. (XL Dial-A-Volt)
      Review by M. on 4/18/2013
      This thing is a beast. On a single full charge, I can puff compulsively for about 20 to 24 hours total, and that's at 4.8 volts, the highest setting. I also use 1.5-ohm dual-coil tank cartridges, which eat up more battery power than others.

      It's large but pretty light, as well as easy to handle and carry in my pocket. It can also handle a good drop against concrete, though I try to be careful, anyway (it's happened only once).

      The velvety look and touch of the handle are appealing and make for an easy grip. The stainless-steel components are pretty, also.

      Unlike other reviewers, I haven't had any problems with the XL's button sinking into the unit and getting stuck. Perhaps that problem was fixed in response to those reviews.

      The overall construction is very sturdy. The velvety handle coating is susceptible to being chipped off if nicked hard enough by something rough or sharp, so I avoid dropping it or letting it rattle around with my keys.

      Before getting this, I carried around five standard batteries (not V4L batteries, though) to keep up with my constant puffing. This single battery is now all I need. (Compare the $100+ spent between my five previous batteries to the $40-ish I spent on this.)

      Go for it.
      Review by Jess on 4/17/2013
      this is by far the BEST battery I have ever had. I will never switch back to the old little guys now! It is amazing quality and last literally ALL day!!!! thank you for the great reviews that encouraged me to purchase this!
    • Excellent Hardware!
      Review by KY_Rob on 3/24/2013
      I'm the proud owner of (4) DAV 1300's. For the last 6 weeks, I've been happily vaping away on these wonderful pieces of technology. Coupled with a 6ml tank, these batteries go the distance, day-in and day-out.
      The only reason this kit doesn't get a full five stars from me, is the length of time required for a full recharge. The form and function of the charger itself is terrific, but the 8-12 hour charge times are slow. Other than this, a superb kit!
      I highly recommend them to everyone :)
    • Best yet
      Review by Roxy on 3/20/2013
      This battery is fantastic. I only need to charge overnight and it's good for all day vaping! I actually replaced my usb battery with it. Only down side is I'm going through more carts on the higher voltage. Totally worth it though for the vapor & flavor. I did have a minor challenge getting it turned on the first time, it's 5 "quick" presses to turn on & off the manual battery.
    • Amazing Vapor
      Review by Dragon Lady on 3/13/2013
      Jusr received this today, and it's AMAZING! Bigger than I'm used to, but with the amount of vapor it produces, I'll get used to it in a hurry. I'll be ordering another one, since I think this will be my battery of choice from now on. You've really hit a home run with this one!
    • Perfect but for small issue
      Review by jess on 3/10/2013
      This is listed as compatible with the slim charger, but I'm not certain it's 100%. The light flashes green every few seconds while charging. The standard batteries don't do that, so I'm left wondering if it's charging or not. Time will tell. I was surprised to find a good vaping experience even at the lowest voltage. A slight increase seems to release more flavor. Glad I got it so far and hope the charger is working right. The connector will not fit into the usb fast charger, unfortunately.
    • Wow, Great Value!
      Review by Anthony on 3/1/2013
      I was a chain smoker, and after I switched to vaping, I vape even more. I love sitting down with this battery and just vaping for hours on end. It lasts a whole day on one charge. Great for medium ohm carts and tanks. The only battery that i would recommend over this one is the DAV xl one.
    • Glorious hits
      Review by Edgar on 2/28/2013
      Know how some cartomizers require some effort sometimes to get a good, well with this baby it is no longer an issue. Just turn the dial on high and bam nice strong hits.

      Its also really nice if you want a strong puff, makes vapor feel a lot more cigarette like. Definitely happy I purchased this baby.
    • My Favorite Battery so far...
      Review by CrueLworLD on 2/27/2013
      Bought this about 3 weeks ago. It's a great battery, and lasts all day no problem. Simply put, you cannot go wrong with this one. I wish I would have bought these before I invested in all my stick batteries.
    • Perfect match for single coil tanks
      Review by Pedro P. on 2/26/2013
      The first one I received was defective, but after a very fast (and cheerful) replacement it has become my #1 favorite battery with my tank, I use the single coil & dual coil carts in the tank and the control you have with the single coil carts is perfection in every way.
    • dial-a-volt
      Review by mitch on 2/23/2013
      Buy far the best!!! the 1300 will vape all day.. it,s a little pricey but worth it. You get what you pay for and its worth every penny.v4l has the best in my opinion have been vapeing fot 3years and all my other batteries don't come close.thanks v4l
    • BIG battery
      Review by Joplin-John on 2/22/2013
      I love the vape you get from this battery, but I didn't realize how big it was!!! I was looking for a battery that will last all day and I think I found it. I just got it today, but I love it already. It's great how the different voltage changes the flavor and throat hit of the vape. I strongly recommend this to anyone that loves to vape!
    • fantastic
      Review by jaymzdean550 on 2/19/2013
      I have been using different ecig products and wanted to buy myself a nicer one for home use. I was excited to use this dial a volt battery after reading the awesome reviews. It did not disappoint! I have had this thing in my posession for 30 minutes now and I cant get enough of it. Vapor production is amazing and the taste is uncompromised. Definitely impressive.
    • Good and functional
      Review by Midian on 2/14/2013
      I got my dial-a-vape and as always it’s quality is superior to many other manufacturers. Know that this same type of device is sold on another site and their model failed after a single use. Vapor 4 Life simply has better products. For those of you who may try to use a 2.0 or higher rated Ohm cartomizer, the performance will be lacking; once I used a 1.5 Ohm cartomizer, the performance was what I expected; obviously when the top voltage is 4.8 volts, it’s a good idea to stick with a low Ohm cartomizer. Battery life easily lasts throughout my normal work day (roughly 10 hours). Compared to other devices of this same specifications, Vapor 4 Life (once again) provides a well made and reliable product.
    • Awesome battery, and a great addition for any Vape collection.
      Review by Kenneth on 2/11/2013
      These batteries are absolutely great. I used to smok half to one pack a day for ten years, and this battery lasts me two days straight. I love the fact tha I can keep the voltage cranked to 4.8 for me, then adjust it down for anyone else who wants to take a taste.

      These batteries are awesome, look great with a 6mL tank, and are an excellent addition to any vape collection.
    • My Flavorite!
      Review by CrueLworLD on 2/7/2013
      I wish I would have bought this from the beginning instead of all those stick bats. The DAV is all I use now, it lasts all day, and makes all my stick batteries jealous. I'm planning on buying the large version next.
    • great batt
      Review by noholesinmyclothes on 2/7/2013
      got these a few weeks ago and love em. they have a pretty long life grab one on the way to work and it lasts me all day and into the evening then i switch it out. havent had a batt blink on me yet.
    • Finally
      Review by Pauly A on 2/6/2013
      After jumping back and forth between analogs (Quit them for over a year at one point) and vapor kings (i'd lose them constantly, only good hits on full charge etc) I've found what I was really looking for. Vapor production is EXCELLENT, i crank that baby all the way to 4.8 and it makes me cough. Juice has great flavor now. I'd suggest ordering 2, the long charge may feel lengthy when relegated to the standard 808. Charge does last ALL DAY even under heavy use. These are awesome, can't beat the warranty. Looks great, feels great in hand, not bulk, turns my tanks into nicotine war machines. Five stars all the way.
    • wish these were available when i started vaping-- i am going to buy 2 more
      Review by tiptop on 2/1/2013
      been vaping for over a year and half now. this is the first battery that i have actually liked.i have bought 3 different types at 4 different places( none have the customer service that V4L has) i bought 2 of the 1300's as i am a heavy vaper and usally ran threw 4-6 titan batteries a day.i use both batteries during the day charge one as the other is vaped with. this battery can last me 3-5 hours.
      depending on what setting i have it at. i have went through 5 carto's in a week.

      i also like different flavors and chaning out tanks( 6 ml ) is a snap.

      the only downside i see is not enough colors of the batteries.
    • Seriously?
      Review by Irish on 2/1/2013
      Wow, what can I say? I'm so impressed. I definately need to get a tank, the cartomizers are good, but.... Unbelievable. If you're going for a good battery, this is your choice.
    • amazing
      Review by g on 1/29/2013
      I have ordered more than $800 worth of stuff from v4l, and they continue to surprise me. amazing device. the settings is a big plus. charging is a little tricky, but overall great feel, and superb battery life
    • The best vapor device out there. The variable voltage allows you heavy or light vapor depending on your desire
      Review by Coffee and vapor man on 1/27/2013
      Fantastic vapor delivery at all settings, Lasts all day on one 3mL tank, I've tried all the vapor cigs out there and this is by far the best, Maybe they came out with the instruction card later in production, but I got one with mine. I'm definitely going to order another as a backup so I'll have one going while the other one is charging. I would recommend this product to any serious vapers out there, I tried to think of a negative thing to say so it wouldn't look like a company shill, but I really couldn't think of one,
    • Best Battery I have ever used
      Review by David on 1/22/2013
      I bought this battery a week or 2 ago, and i only need to charge it once before i go to bed at night! it never dies on me during the day and i vape a lot. I keep mine at 4.8v because it gives me the best vape like im smoking a cig .
    • Small yet powerful
      Review by 03'LS8 on 1/18/2013
      I received this as a gift from v4l for having so many issues with my titan batteries and I must say its simply amazing, lasts a full day on a charge and produces tons of vape and flavor...
    • Fantastico!
      Review by vaperboy on 1/17/2013
      I could not wait to open my V4L package today. As soon as I opened it, I grabbed the DAV out and opened the box. It has a really smooth velvety feel to its body. I put on my 3.5 ml tank with a dual coil 1.5 ohm cartomizer filled with vanilla menthol juice. The vape is wonderful. I tried vaping at the four different settings. Each one had its own different taste. I think the 4.8 volt setting is going to be really useful for the 'stressed out' breaks. The only drawback to this mod was that the vape button was depressed as compared to the regular batteries. Perhaps I am being too critical, I might get used to it in a week or two. Just started using it, so I don't know how long the battery is going to last. But fellow reviewers suggest that this thing goes on forever.
      A big thanks to the V4L team. You guys rock!!!!
    • Best!!!!
      Review by Raymond on 1/15/2013
      This is awesome!! I use it with a tank and it's great. I didn't realize it didn't come with a charger so I had to order one. But it's the best I've had yet
    • Outstanding Battery!
      Review by 4stringdirk on 1/9/2013
      In the three years or so that I've been vaping, I have tried many different V4L products and this new battery is my favorite by far. Finally, an adjustable voltage battery that works flawlessly! It is also very well designed and of super high quality. BRAVO!! This 1100 maH Dial-A-Volt is now the only battery I use (just ordered my second) with my 3.5ml tanks. It lasts an entire day on a single charge. It is also a nice size. I slip it into the breast pocket of my jacket and it's with me all day, wherever I go. With two of these batteries, I will be set for hassle free vaping without interruption - using one while the other charges. Thanks, V4L, for this wonderful new product!!!
    • Straightforward high capacity VV unit
      Review by FastEd on 1/4/2013
      This battery easily lasts a day and a half at lower voltages and a day for me at higher voltages, using 1.6 ohm and 2.8 ohm clearomizers respectively. It has a rubberized finish and is compact and comfortable in the hand. The voltage dial is easy to read and offers just the right amount of resistance. It's not as long as most higher capacity ego type batteries, making it less cumbersome out and about. Mine's been frozen and dropped without a problem. The provided charger is the only weakness I found, as it's low output makes recharging take 10+ hours, or overnight. Overall the best ego type battery I've used
    • As usual- awesome
      Review by Jan on 12/29/2012
      V4L never disappoints! This is a great battery! Slim, lightweight but not flimsy. Very nice colors. Works great with carts -tanks!
    • Best Product EVER!!!
      Review by Sold4Life on 12/29/2012
      I found this product out of aggravation. The fourth E-Cig I was using was having the battery issues. I started searching the internet for the best battery out there and V4L came up in all of my searches.

      Once at this web site, I was overwhelmed of the options so I called the company. The rep was wonderful, I told him my issues of ALL the different E-Cigs I have used and each had battery issues. I needed to know what battery would meet my needs. The Dial-A-Volt (Med 900maH) kit was recommended. The rep stated this battery isn't like the others I previously purchased. It is approximately 1" round, 4 1/4" long before attaching the cartomizer, also this battery is turned on and off by clicking 5 times. I was concerned that the kit only has on battery, I usually have one battery charging when I am using the other. I was told only one battery won't be an issue, that this battery will last all day.

      Once receiving it I was instantly SOLD 4Life on this! I didn't have to wait to charge it, my only issue which cartomizer flavor did I want to try and choosing the volt dial. I push a button take a drag and OMG this is the closest I ever received the true easy sensation of smoking a real cigarette. It was so easy taking the drag! I forgot to plug the battery in one night before going to bed, the battery lasted 2 days! I know this isn't normal but this really showed me one battery is perfect. I was always a pack, pack in 1/2 a day smoker.

      CON: There really should be some type of instructions. Reminding 5 clicks to turn on and off. Turn off when charging and exactly what the dial a volt does, especially for people like me who never used this type of device/battery.

      OVERALL: I will be ordering one more battery for my forgetful times when I forget to charge the battery. It doesn't look or feel like a cigarette but if you are looking for a perfect drag more like a cigarette you will love this!

      This is the best E-Cig I have ever purchased!
    • Great PV
      Review by AzVitesse on 12/27/2012
      Received this in the blue color, and it's gorgeous! It's a deep sapphire blue with the dimensional look of the Titans. The picture doesn't do it justice. It has that soft coating like the Titans so is very comfortable in hand. The 1300 measures 4-5/8" long (including the carto threads) and 5/8" diameter.

      The Dial-A-Volt gives a great vape and lasts me over a day on one charge. (I'm a moderate vaper.) The voltage markings are easy to read -- a big plus. This device is very user friendly: Just add a carto or a tank and vape away.

      The only (semi) negative comment I have is that it behaves differently on the charger than other V4L batteries in that the light on the DAV stays on the entire time it's on the charger. This was very confusing. Having some kind of basic instructions/explanation would be helpful with this. I also wish the light were white instead of green, but that's just my taste.

      I do recommend the DAV as a next step from the stick batteries. You won't be disappointed.
    • Great product
      Review by Debbie on 12/26/2012
      Charging is tricky ,but charge it fully all lights green,and GO long last,,,,great vapor...And A YEAR WARRANTY.,you can not go wrong WITH THIS ONE.
    • Decent
      Review by flamechica911 on 12/23/2012
      This is my first experience with a VV device and I LOVE that aspect of it. I love being able to dial in my sweet spot. Some juices that were just "ok" before are good or even great on this. I have noticed that sweet juices don't seem to change flavor much, though.

      As others have said, it has awesome battery life. I can go several days without charging...with this comes a long charge time. When it gets close to dead it can take 10+ hrs to charge. When I first got it, it took a little over 5.5hrs. I have egos, so this isn't a huge deal for me though.

      The reasons why I am only give it 3 stars are:
      1) When I first got it, it would not screw onto the charger. I had hubby look at it and he compared with our egos and figured out that the post on it was too high. He pushed it down a little (which I know is a no no on the egos, but this thing wasn't going to charge on any of a chargers any other way) and now it goes on fine.

      2) My button sticks quite often and it isn't real easy to get it unstuck either.

      3) Due to the design of the threads, you cannot use a standard clearomizer. At least any that I have been able to find. This is a HUGE downfall for someone like me, who HATES polyfill cartos. I had to switch to CE2 tank cartos, which luckily, I ended up liking.

      4) Lanyards to fit this things are not going to be easy to find due to it's size. I use an ego lanyard with a pocket, but it doesn't work real well. I have to slide my finger in there to reach the button or guess from the outside. Also, due to the shortness of the pocket, I have had it fall out a few times - which brings me to a positive. I've dropped this thing on cement and it still works.
    • Quality Product
      Review by FlavorJunkie on 12/23/2012
      Ok, so I am new to Vaping. I started with some disposables to try it out. Thats an expensive way to go long term though and then there is the lack of flavors.
      Anyway, I bought another brand at a local retail store recently. What a waste of money... Yes it was inexpensive but still overpriced considering it jus did'nt Vape well.
      After some research online I decided to go for something that I hoped was a Quality Product and I settled on this model. Why?? Well I wanted something that could give me maximum Vaping performance. After all if am to change for good I need ultimate Vaping satisfaction. I love the variable voltage. I don't think I would go any other way after trying this out today. I ordered 3 tanks and 3 juices. I find that the different settings are a must for different juices and also depending on your mood. Having just received this today I am very satisified in initial quality here. Nicely done!!!
    • Best battery ever from V4L
      Review by 6String on 12/22/2012
      Love the DaV. This is the best battery i've owned from V4L. Will be ordering more. Not too big, and perfect for all day vaping.
    • An awesome battery!
      Review by Ronald on 12/19/2012
      This extra large is HUGE... yet comfortable and balanced in the hand. Battery life is incredible, lasts longer than any other I've had including the Handle. Charging time is a little long, but worth the wait for the service I get from it. Wonderful work, folks!
    • Dial-A-Volt 1300
      Review by D on 12/18/2012
      Works great. Charging is alittle weird, however it is still a good battery. Works great with V4L cartos or a 510 adaptor.
      Thanks V4L!
    • Very good battery
      Review by Lisa on 12/18/2012
      I have been using this battery about two weeks now, and so far I really do like it. The cutoff may be a little too soon for some but has worked well for me. The battery lasts me all day plus some, but does take a long time to recharge, much longer than my egos. I do wish that clearos were easier to find for this battery, I have never liked tanks, too much trouble for me.
      The battery is big, but does fit nicely in your hand, and it is not too heavy either. The dial on the bottom turns easily and I love being able to change the settings. The finish on the battery is also very nice not quite sure of what it is made of but it feels very nice to the touch.
      And one last thing for all the others who are clumsy like me, it passed the accidental drop test. Nothing broke, adjustment dial still works fine, the manual button works fine also. I was so happy! I dropped an adjustable ego and the button messed up on it, so I am delighted that this one is much more durable. Overall I am very pleased with this battery and would recommend it to others.
    • A nice VV unit
      Review by Sandra on 12/18/2012
      I wish they had this a few years ago. It would have made my vaping journey an easy one.

      I used a clearomizer type (the latest and greatest) I used a 808d and a 510. The hit of this battery is excellent. It will last me almost a day. However, I suggest picking up two batteries if your a heavy vapor-er like me. I did get the magenta (pink) battery and I just love it. I plan on using this at work. In comparing with other units I would say the quality is exceptional. In addition, the guarantee rocks the competitors.
      This is easier than using a expensive mod in my opinion. (I have been vaping over 2.5 years.)

      In conclusion, I plan on eventually buying a few of these units the next time I go to Missouri. I have a bro and sister in law that needs something easy to use. This is it! :)

    • Love it
      Review by Jdr on 12/18/2012
      Soft touch, long lasting battery, a great addition to my V4L arsenal
    • Great product!!!
      Review by Loveridden on 12/18/2012
      I am quite impressed with the Dial-A-Volt. It works great!!! I also really appreciate that you can turn it off and on, unlike a similar product I got somewhere else, where I have to be careful when putting it in a bag or my purse, because it can easily be activated. I love the deep blue color of the blue I chose. I think all the colors are very beautiful colors. The 650 mah is not too big also, and good for people that don't want a really big battery. This is a good product to get if you want more "oomph" in your vaping than the standard v4l batteries give. I love using variable voltage and personalize my voltage depending on the ohms of my carto and the juice.
    • Very pleased
      Review by WILLAW84 on 12/17/2012
      The 1300 mah dav is a very good battery. As soon as I opened the package the first thing I noticed was the velvet feel of the battery. It feels smooth in the hand. I use cool carts and have had no problems. This battery lasts me throughout the day which is a must for me. I charge it throughout the night and by the morning its good to go and is still going strong till i recharge before bed. The charge time is lengthy but that was expected with the larger battery. I like the idea of controlling the amount of voltage thus allowing you to find your sweet spot. I continuously vape at 4.8 volts and feels about right for me. In the week I have had this battery my only complaint is the power button sticking at times. Overall, I am quite pleased with this product and can't wait to see what v4l has next for us!!
    • much improvment on the old pencil batteries
      Review by tex on 12/17/2012
      but not nearly as good as a, omg wich goes up to 6 volts, instead of just 4.8. and the omg battery lasts even longer. i used a dial a volt non stop and it lasted 3hrs. wich is very good. but i used a omg battery non stop and it lasted 5hrs. and the batteries for the omg are a hole lot cheaper. and they come with a charger.
    • Very nice battery
      Review by Stephanie on 12/16/2012
      I picked the blue and I have to say I love the color! The 1300 mah Dial a volt is a great battery! Lasts a long time on a single charge. The size is perfect! I love being able to "dial" in the perfect vape! I would recommend this battery to anyone. Its great for going out all day and not having to worry if its going to die on me.
    • SWEET
      Review by BRENDA on 12/16/2012
      I just took my first 4 vapes, WOW really delivers!!
      I received it 3 days ago but couldn't turn it on. It needs the button pushed 5 times VERY QUICKLY, not 1,2,3,4,5 the same for turning off. I ordered the small one and plan on getting the larger ones in near future.
      You'll be glad you added this to your collection.
      will increase stars if I feel the same in a week ;-)
    • As an Add...
      Review by TxTunesLady on 12/14/2012
      I love the feel of this in my hand. It is bigger, and it fits just as well in my hand as the Ego, but actual a bit better because there is more to wrap your hands around. So I love that also as well :D
    • Surprised and Happy
      Review by TxTunesLady on 12/14/2012
      I received the D.A.V and couldn't wait to open said package from V4L. As I started out with V4L and knew I wouldn't be disappointed, but I am now moving along in the vaping world.
      Wow..I got the Magenta, boy was that HOT PINK! But I love the color. Neon Pink! Great Accessory to carrying the pink Ego.

      I've heard some talk on the post length, Yes it is shorter, but it doesn't affect/effect the use of adapters/tanks/carto's that I am aware of, as I have had no issues with that at all or with charging it.

      Since I received the D.A.V. and started using it after the first charging cycle, I have yet to charge it and I go through 2 tanks a day now. (1.5ml, 2.4% nic) So since Tuesday, Dec. 13th 2012 @ 4 p.m. I have yet to charge this baby.

      First thing I did was start charging. Simple enough, just like the ego, but I did notice that the button you use to use the DAV was green this time vs the white on an ego. I like it, but then again anything that lights up..OOOO pretty..So i screw it on the charger and not to tight but just right. Then pop it into the socket and blink blink blink..okay just like the ego. Then blink blink repeatedly till I thought, oh man this isn't going to stop, that could be annoying while I am sleeping, but then it stopped blinking. I look at the charger, yeah its red and flashes of green, yep its charging just like ego, okay, time to patiently wait....4 hrs later, I AM READY TO VAPE!

      So I start off at the 3.8 since I know Ego's starts out at 3.7v when fully charged. Then I start it up and Dial away to 4.3 (Oh btw, I had a 3.0 sc in my 1.5ml tank and I usually only use 1.5dc/2.0sc, but knew that a sc (Single Coil) would be better). Dialing it up to a 4.3 I notice the draw got easier. It's like your kitchen sink in the draw, the more you open (the higher in volts) the more it opened up the draw. So I dialed it up some more and finally up to 4.8 well, the draw for me was a lot different, more opened than on the 3.3v. So I liked to have that control. I also notice, then when on a higher setting/volt I don't have to take as long of a draw as I would at a lower voltage.

      I also like that when dialing up, you tend to get a stronger nic/TH hit. So I think it is a device that I could use lower nic @ and still have the TH and Vapor I am looking for.

      I haven't noticed a great deal in Vapor reduction or increase. With any juices and have tried 4 different Juices on them, both V4L and an unmentionable. So I like that you can dial it up, not draw in as long still get the vapor production I like and a stronger TH.

      I haven't noticed much of a burnt flavor except for one of my darker color juices on the highest setting of 4.8v but the darker seems to be a good spot at the 4.3 volt.

      With all this being said, I <3 LOVE the D.A.V. and am very happy that I had the chance to review another GREAT V4L Product.

    • Highly recommended
      Review by Pam on 12/14/2012
      I've been using the new EGO Dial-A-Volt (1300 maH) for four days now.  Has definitely improved my vaping experience.  Been using it with a 2 ohm single coil cart (tank) set at 4.3.  Today it lasted 7 hours with pretty heavy usage. Seems to last a little longer each time I charge it. I got the blue one, and it's an attractive cobalt blue.  I'll be sticking with these and the VV Handle.  Love them both.  
    • Nice VV unit
      Review by Sdh on 12/14/2012
      First off I wish they had this when I first started vaping. I am impressed with the dial a vape. Its easy and simplicity at its finest. I can get the throat hit I want with the variable voltage.

      I would recommend this for first time users. Why? Its simple and you can dial/adjust your wattage depending on your vaping style and e-juice flavors. Different flavors can taste better at different voltages, etc.

      Oh, and the best thing about the dial a vape is I love pink/magenta, soft touch and its VV. :)

      The only thing I would ask of V4L is to make some instructions for first time users. Perhaps a online manual.
      I have been vaping for over 2.5 years.
    • High Quality Inexpensive Variable Volt Option
      Review by James on 12/13/2012
      I have had this battery for about a week now. I also have a 1100mah DAV. Both work well, but this 1300mah packs an extra punch. Not only does this batttery last a long time, the actual voltage output is higher than the other DAVs.

      Since the 1300mah model is larger in diameter, the push button is recessed from the body of the battery. My first impression I didn't like this, but after a few days of use it doesn't bother me at all.

    • Very impressed
      Review by Simon on 12/13/2012
      Feels great to the touch, adjustable volt settings is absolutely fantastic. On/off program button is another absolute plus.
    • Awesome!!!
      Review by Reallyclueless on 12/10/2012
      Okay for blondes like me (use to be anyways) read the product description! I have sat here 10 minutes trying to figure out why it wasn't working :(. But low and behold it says right there to press the button 5 times :) It works! It's awesome! I will be buy the tips for my carts cause I use the WOW flavors and ouch..But I love to be able to get as much vape as I want or as little. Like today would have been great to have just before the Calculus finals..

      Anyways back to the product. I must say I didn't think the "magenta" color was going to be the hottest pink color I've ever seen. Maybe change it to hot pink LOL. The dial to change voltages changes smoothly. I'm new to vapping so I only have the Vapor Titan so to me this one was a bit heavy at first. I think though it won't take long to get use to it. I will for sure be ordering more :) :) :) You turned me into a DAV for life!!
    • 1300maH DAV Battery Excels in long battery life and pwoerful vaping
      Review by Emb on 12/9/2012
      The 1300maH Dial-A-Volt (DAV) battery from V4L is excellent. The 1300maH DAV excels in long battery life and powerful hits that offer a true WOW factor when vaping.

      Since I have been using the Ego 808 threaded batteries I will offer a comparison with the 1300maH DAV battery. The Ego battery I believe is 900maH compared to the 1300maH DAV battery I am testing out. Using the 4.3 V setting on the new DAV battery it really offered a huge improvement in vaper and taste with a very noticeable improvement over the Ego battery.

      I standardly use the 6ml tanks with the dual coil 1.5 Ohm cartomizers. The Ego battery would last me about 75% of the day before it would run out. I would expect the 1300maH DAV will last all day.

      I didn’t notice any difference is the draw; the DAV didn’t seem too airy and about the same compared to the Ego battery. I don’t like airy batteries and the 1300maH DAV battery seem just right, a fairly tight draw. Cutoff time is about 9 seconds for both the Ego and 1300maH batteries I have using the push button till it blinks method, which is fine for me.

      The 1300maH DAV battery is larger than the Ego. The Ego I have measures - about 8.3mm long and 1.3mm thick (wide). The 1300maH DAV is 11mm long and about 1.6mm thick (wide). I am very pleased with the new 1300maH DAV battery and plan on moving over to them now.
    • Great product!
      Review by KD on 12/9/2012
      Love this battery. lasts me 6 hours straight! Soft touch, which i love and the larger size doesnt get lost in the couch, purse, coat, ect. Plus the dial turns easy to adjust to the thickness of your juice! only downside....NONE of the Vap 4 Life products come with instructions :( I thought mine was defective till some research was done.... you have to click the manual button 5 times to turn it on. which is nice since you can turn it off...however would have been nice to know.

      overall. great. im buying another here soon for my BF since they dont look so slim and girlie.

      Review by vaping mom on 12/9/2012
      I love this battery it works very nice with my tank and produces a lot of vapor. It takes a little more time to charge but will worth the wait.
    • may have to rethink this battery
      Review by dan on 12/8/2012
      like all new reghargabls they need a breakin time. about 6- 10 charges. only then will u know the true nature of the battery. my rating my be higher the more i break in the battery.
    • Very Nice
      Review by Otto on 12/6/2012
      Nice product, well built, comfortable fit and feel, delivers lots of vapor and the adjustable voltage puts you in charge. One charge will last me about 1 1/2 days of moderate vaping. Only down side is the charging time of about 13 to 14 hours.
    • Works great, needs manual.
      Review by Doug on 12/6/2012
      the 3.8v setting really adds back the "like new" flavor to my 3.5 ml peppermint tank! The size matches the tank diameter nicely too.

      I wish it came with instructions telling you what the various flashing lights mean, and how to turn the thing on. I initially thought mine was defective.
    • Great Vape!
      Review by Via, the Vocal Vaper on 12/5/2012
      I received my Dial-a-volt earlier today, and was vaping it before I left the post office parking lot! This is beautifully branded, with the V4L logo up near the top, "Dial-a-Volt" written under it, both in silver, and the V4L logo engraved on the bottom of the dial. Down near the dial, in silver, are printed the voltage markings 3.3, 3.8, 4.3 and 4.8. Unlike other batteries I've seen, I can actually READ these numbers with my old eyes, rather than just guessing! And the dial is VERY responsive! With just a little adjustment, you can dial in just the right amount of voltage and get The Perfect Vape from either carto or tank! With adjustable voltage, your juices will truly become vape-tastic!! And to dial it in makes a change, either up or down so VERY easy.
      The outside of the battery is covered with the same (or similar) petal-soft plastic that graces the Titan batteries. And, I noticed that the connection at the top of the battery is a new design which is very sleek and easy to use. I am guessing that this new design will prevent those of us who tend to screw our tanks and cartos on so tight that we push the post down...but only time will tell, as I am an old post pusher from way back...
      One last note...I ordered the "pink"...or maybe it's called "magenta"...the actual color differs from what I see on my computer, I would call it more a "vibrant hot pink"...(I'm reminded of a polka dot dress I owned in 1968) But the good news is that I won't be apt to lose this in my pocketbook or in the mess I have on my Vape desk! All in all, I give it 5 stars! If you haven't tried variable voltage before, now is the time to do it! And, by the way, the Dial-a-Volt has a one year warranty!! How great is THAT? You NEED one of these!!
    • I love the Dial a Volt
      Review by Jan on 11/29/2012
      Slim, cute in Magenta. Nicely made, works great with a 6ml tank and produces lots of vapor and flavor! Nice addition to our family vaping!
    • Hands down Favorite battery
      Review by Leshra on 3/28/2018
      This is my all time favorite battery. Seems to have a more controlled vape.
    • Best battery
      Review by Cathy on 9/9/2016
      I love the manual batteries. I wish large was back in stock.
    • Love how you can alter the voltage for more vapor production
      Review by Theodosios on 12/2/2018
      I love this manual variable-voltage battery more then the automatic variable-version because it produces more vapor production.
    • nice battery
      Review by Steve on 9/9/2016
      tends to burn out around the year old mark


    Variable Voltage from 3.2 - 4.8 volts
    Black, Cigar, Blue, Green, Magenta
    Small 650 mAh (Height: 3.63 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    Medium 900mAh (Height: 4.25 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    Large 1100mAh (Height: 4.81 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    XL 1300mAh (Height: 4.44 in, Width: 0.63 in)
    Estimated Use and Charge Time:
    The 650mAh has 4-8 hours of use and takes 2-3 hours to charge

    The 900mAh has 6-12 hours of use and takes 4-5 hours to charge

    The 1100mAh has 12-15 hours of use and takes 5-6 hours to charge

    The 1300mAh has 15-20 hours of use and takes 6-7 hours to charge
    CoolCart Cartomizers, WOW Vapor Cartomizers, 808-Style Metal Tanks, Smileomizers. *Non-compatible with EGO Mega Cartomizers
    To activate the battery, attach a cartomizer or tank filled with e-liquid, and inhale. Twist the dial on the bottom of the battery to choose your preferred voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts. When it no longer produces vapor, recharge the battery using the Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage USB Charger (808 Thread). When not in use, store your V4L Manual Variable Voltage battery without the cartomizer attached.
    Clean the threading on your battery weekly using ethyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Allow the battery to dry before use.


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