Variable Voltage Batteries

Replace your current e-cig battery with a variable voltage one for the ability to personalize how you vape. These batteries come in both auto and manual as well as a variety of colors. You can perfect your vape experience by selecting the voltage that gives the flavorful full-bodied draw you desire. These Variable Voltage Batteries are versatile enough to use with our Smileomizer cartomizers or our prefilled and blank cars (which come in high or low resistance.

Take your vaping to the next level with Variable Voltage e-cig batteries from Vapor4Life.

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3 Item(s)

More About Variable Voltage Batteries

Variable Voltage batteries put you in charge of how much vapor you get from your e-cigarette. This is handy when you're transitioning from smoking to vaping an e-cigarette that gives you a lighter throat hit. You can dial the voltage to give you a stronger throat hit whenever you need it, or dial it down when you need a break. We're all about giving you options when it comes to a smoking alternative and the Variable Voltage battery does just that.