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VG Chocolate e Juice (30 mL)

This melt-in-your-mouth all-VG chocolate e juice is rich enough to satisfy even the most intense craving for chocolate. Instead of spending an afternoon distracted and daydreaming about brownies and bon bons at the office, you can fill your tank or Smileomizer with this vape flavor to get the instant satisfaction of a delicious dessert. VG Chocolate e Juice is made with a base of 100% Vegetable Glycerin and it contains no Propylene Glycol, so it's a great option for vapers with propylene glycol allergies or sensitivities. You can check out our other VG e juices to find your favorite today.

Who needs a chocolate fondue when you've got this e liquid!

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  • John
    Review by Smithk113 on 2/22/2017
    Heya im for the first time here. I discovered this board and I to uncover It truly helpful &amp it helped me out a whole lot. I hope to supply something back and aid other people such as you helped me. dekebaeegdgddffe
  • Awesome
    Review by Jennifer on 12/12/2014
    This reminds me of the hot melted chocolate from chocolate cookies or brownies coming right out of the oven. Now when I crave nicotine I actually smell/taste chocolate instead of thinking of a cigarette. Great job on this flavor! The vapor production is awesome too!
  • Great
    Review by candi on 8/8/2014
    This is a true milk chocolate flavor. It has a great vape and a smooth hit. I use this to mix with all sorts of flavors. It goes really well with strawberry juice.
  • MMMMMmmmm....
    Review by DJ on 4/10/2014
    Not a bad product. Keep it fresh with chocolate. The flavor is good on the first day when it gets stail the next day it tasts a little off but not something to give up on. The cart I was using is not brand new. so its best to have a fresh cart when using this flavor.
  • Tastes like Tootsie Rolls
    Review by Ruth on 10/27/2013
    This flavor is delicious! If you like Tootsie Roll candy you'll love this VG Chocolate juice. Tastes just like it. The only chocolate flavor that tops this one for me is Cafe Moca with it's cool creamy milk chocolate taste. This juice gives lots of vapor with a great TH yet very smooth. The VG formula is very important to me because the PG carts and juices were making my throat very sore. Thought I was going to have to give up vaping and go back to analogs until I tried everything in VG. I hope they get all the flavors in VG soon.
  • Tastes good
    Review by Carl on 9/6/2013
    great taste but like other comments its really thick.
  • Pretty good
    Review by Vinman on 11/30/2015
    It tastes like chocolate hard candy. I mix 1/3 wow supermint with it and it tastes just like those chocolate after-dinner mints. It is a very thin liquid and it's very easy to fill the cartos.
  • choco good
    Review by Richard on 11/29/2018
    Another best lister wife loves to mix with carmel for her favorite mix
  • Nice taste
    Review by monkeydarlin on 3/17/2016
    This has a good taste, but the juice is extremely thick. I found it took awhile for the filter to soak in.
  • Sweet Chocolate
    Review by Matthew on 4/23/2018
    Not my go-to vape but quite enjoyable on the occasion. Great with a cup of coffee.

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