VG Coffee e Cig Cartridges


Powerful earthy coffee beans gives this e Liquid flavor a robust morning punch. Start your day with old, rich coffee flavor that'll keep you going all day long. This 5-pack of prefilled e Cig cartridges contains 100% Vegetable Glycerin based e Juice.

  • Like this
    Review by Spirit on 8/13/2018
    This flavor does taste like coffee to me. I like a bit of sweetness, so prefer the Mocha.
  • Love the coffee!!
    Review by Nancy on 8/25/2016
    Love the coffee!! It's one I can smoke all day.
  • Awesome
    Review by Laura on 3/3/2016
    I love coffee and this is a dream come true!
  • Amazingly Right ON!
    Review by B A on 2/12/2016
    WOW - First time I've tried a WOW VG cart and the first time I've tried a Coffee flavor. I LOVE coffee to drink and this is right on the mark. You would swear you were vaping a real cup of Joe. You guys Rock V4L. Keep up the good work and add more VG Flavors. PLEASE!
  • not great
    Review by Renee on 10/28/2015
    I order "VG" coffee by mistake instead of my usual WOW coffee. Couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the flavor or the vapor that I was used to. It even seemed watery yet harsh at the same time - - - - finally looked at the label! Oh no!
  • Outstanding!
    Review by Mary on 11/15/2014
    I just got this yesterday and I'm in coffee heaven. Lots of flavor and lots of vapor. The taste is just like having a cup of coffee, delicious! This is going on my list of must haves.
  • Yes, the WOW VG tastes different from the WOW
    Review by Janeson on 5/16/2014
    But I like it better, and I'm just as happy not to be inhaling propylene glycol.
  • My favorite
    Review by Julia on 3/7/2019
    So far this is my favorite of the vg flavors

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