VG Traditional Tobacco e Cig Cartridges

An incredibly authentic blend of savory rich tobacco in vaping e Liquid form. These prefilled cartridges are filled with 100% VG-based e-Liquid, which is great for vapers that are allergic to propylene glycol.
VG Traditional Tobacco WOW Vapor Cartomizer is a robust, tobacco-flavored electronic cigarette liquid. This premium V4L e Cigarette cartomizer has an intense flavor reminiscent of signature cigarette tobaccos. You won't believe the amazing taste of this V4L e Cig liquid masterpiece until you’ve experienced it yourself. Sensitive to PG? Our VG cartomizers are vegetable glycerin based. They do not contain any propylene glycol (PG)—the base used in our standard electronic cigarette liquids. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...    

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  • Not this one
    Review by Spirit on 8/13/2018
    This was the first flavor I purchased. This one does not taste like tobacco to me. It actually tastes rather fruity. I did double check to make sure they sent me the right flavor and it does it is the tobacco flavor. It is probably my taste buds. I prefer the coffee and chocolate flavors.
  • Great e Cig
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Very authentic
  • Excellent Quality
    Review by Steven on 10/10/2015
    As with all of Vapor 4 Life's products the WoW VG tradtional tobacco Cartomizers are top quality, and just what I was hoping for. They arrived within 48 hours of purchase, and as always I love the quick delivery V4L provides. VG is unique compared to the other PG cartomizers and in my opinion they feel and taste much more like a real cigarette.
  • Finally
    Review by Pat on 4/12/2015
    I am fairly new to E cigs. I bought another brand's starter kit and several cartomizers. I was at my wits end with a sore mouth and sore throat.
    Had a long chat with Customer Service at Vapor4Life and 2 days later this cartomizer pack arrived (along with 2 packs of cool carts).
    Well, this is "it". Finally I can vape without pain. Apparently I need VG. I like the 'taste of the other carts I ordered, but this VG flavor cart is like 'coming home'.
    Wish I could remember CS rep's name. He was so patient and helpful.
    I will be ordering these again soon and most other VG carts.
    Thank you to my CS rep and I hope you add more flavors to your VG lineup.
    No matter what, V4L is my supplier from now on!! For all things Ecig: batteries, cartridges and eventually for 'stepping up the vape ladder.
    I was so close to buying a carton of I don't have to.
    Best regards,
  • Wow Vapor is right!
    Review by Tony on 3/22/2015
    Great flavor. Awesome vapor. Wondful product.
  • Using V4L for over 2 years
    Review by Kevin on 3/12/2015
    The Wow Vapor VG's last longer than the originals. They have been a long time favorite.
  • Great Taste
    Review by A Wayne Pennington on 10/21/2014
    If you like a good strong hit, but does not choke you, very close to my regular cigs. Great Job!!!
  • Another Amazing Flavor
    Review by A Wayne Pennington on 7/5/2014
    If you like a good strong hit, but does not choke you, very close to my regular cigs. Great Job!!!
  • No coughing or wheezing with VG
    Review by Heather on 4/10/2019
    I love this product! I have tried so many other vapes only to throw or give them away because they caused breathing issues. After speaking to the folks at Vapor4life, I decided to try the VG products. Needless to say I just placed a 2nd order. With the traditional tobacco at 1.8%, I have not had any trouble breathing. Batteries only last about 1/2 day but buy the kit so you have an additional battery. Very satisfied with product and company. I highly recommend these products.

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