VG Vanilla e Cig Cartridges


This true, rich complex vanilla produces a smooth vapor flavor that manages to be both sweet and sophisticated. It’s not easy to find prefilled electronic cigarette carts with the true, rich sweetness and complexity of real vanilla, but we’ve got them right here! Vapor4Life Vanilla Wow VG Vapor Cartomizers produce wonderful volumes of luxurious, vanilla flavored vapor. The 100% Vegetable Glycerin base provides a mild throat hit and is perfect for vapers who are allergic to Propylene Glycol.

  • Love the rich vanilla flavor
    Review by Margaret on 8/24/2017
    I have been vaping for six years, and these are my go to favorites for their rich vanilla taste. As some of the other reviewers have mentioned, I am allergic to the PG cartomizers. Vapor4Life is the ONLY company to feature pure VG cartomizers, so these Vanilla carts have kept me a satisfied and happy smoke free customer. Not too sweet, but still have that great vanilla flavor and throat hit. You'll love them!
    Review by snowy on 7/10/2017
    These are smooth and creamy- really delicious. Tons of vapor, which tends to make them even more satisfying for some reason... like when I used to smoke cigarettes on a foggy night. Have not touched a cigarette in over 4 YEARS now, thanks to V4L! Initially, I stuck to menthol flavors, but after 4 years, I'm appreciating non-minty flavors like these. And chocolate. And mocha. Also, I find 8mg just as flavorful and satisfying as 11mg and 18mg. But the higher the mg, the heavier my eyelids get, so I vape those just before bed. ;-)
  • First time
    Review by mommalisa on 10/4/2016
    This was the first time I ordered the Vanilla ones and I like them. Not too strong or too weak.
  • Excellent!!!
    Review by Mike2224 on 7/23/2016
    I have allergies to PG so I decided to try these VG carts and they taste great, produce the right amount of vapor not way too much but definitely not small. I'm using the passthrough right now and it's working great!! I'm very happy with everything and will purchase again!
  • came from left field
    Review by skelekim on 2/22/2016
    New to vaping, the first couple of times I used this flavor I didnt get any sort or flavor (or so it seemed) but having purchased a cart set, I was determined to let them run their course. Much to my surprise I soon tasted the sweets I had been longing for. Not to powerful, and none too tame. It is the flavor I go to when I feel the urge to relax and enjoy because of its subtle pleasures.
  • Lots of Vapor!!
    Review by Kristy on 3/17/2015
    Just got my Vapor King today. Had to try this cart first and it's awesome!!! Nice flavor not too strong and tons of VAPOR!!! Will be ordering more of this one for sure!
  • Should call this Cream Soda
    Review by Kyle B on 1/9/2015
    Not disappointed with the flavor of this at all, but it has the flavor of cream soda (which main flavor is vanilla) more than just plain vanilla. Once again, OUTSTANDING vapor production. The throat hit is different from the regular WOW carts. You can't feel the vapor at the back of your throat until you stop drawing on the cart and inhale. At least that has been my experience. Another great product!
  • The best of them all
    Review by Sherri on 11/29/2014
    I,love this one the best get more 0 and 4 please
  • WOW VG Vanilla
    Review by owood4 on 12/4/2013
    Been vaping for months and this is by far the best (other than cola... turtle is not bad either)!!!
  • Excellent!
    Review by Gregory on 8/26/2013
    Great flavor and TH with these! I love 'em and I have a feeling I'll be ordering these everytime I make a purchase.

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