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Virginia e Cig Cartridges

This classic tobacco vaping flavor is smooth as silk like a sweet Southern tobacco. Each box includes 5 prefilled Virginia tobacco cartomizers.

Vapor4Life Virginia Vapor King Cartomizers bring the rich, smooth flavor of Virginia tobacco in a premium vapor. This is a classic tobacco taste that delivers notes of cherry and syrup for a supremely smooth and enjoyable cartomizer, with a seductive hint of sweetness. Our Premium Virginia Cartomizers are designed for those who prefer their tobacco flavors to be delicately complex rather than harsh.  Judging by their demand, we’ve hit the bull's eye with this flavor.

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  • Smooth
    Review by Nancy on 9/18/2016
    My 2nd favorite after traditional. Good smooth flavor.
  • new customer
    Review by Kathleen Riley on 2/28/2016
    Really like the 36mg good vapor and just as strong as an analog.
  • Good tobacco flavor
    Review by sy on 2/23/2016
    Very strong tobacco flavor with overtones reminiscent of crushed black pepper. A very good all-day vape.
  • Best tobacco yet
    Review by firefox335 on 8/24/2015
    I got this as a freebie with my order. What a surprise! This is probably the best tasting tobacco flavor I've had to date. Smooth as silk and just a little sweet.
  • Tasty!
    Review by Dirk on 8/23/2015
    Really nice tobacco vape, one of my all-time favorites.
  • Smooth
    Review by Evaughn Zills on 3/31/2015
    Love this one. So far my fav. It taste to me like fresh hulled pecans. Highly recommend this one for those who dont want the candied flavors and just a good tobacco hit.
  • The BEST of tobacco flavors
    Review by Evaughn Zills on 2/21/2015
    I love this one. Hands down the best.
  • Great Taste!
    Review by Brian Roberts on 2/14/2015
    I'm fairly new to vaping...I got this flavor in a sampler pack, and was immediately hooked. I think it tastes real close to a real cig. I'm smoking the 24ml now and it's perfect, the Cowboy 36 was too strong.
  • Virginia
    Review by Marc on 1/17/2015
    very good tobacco vape, smooth, with a good overall taste.
  • Why is this always out?
    Review by Anonymous on 12/17/2014
    This is my all day vape and the best as far as I am concerned.
  • Nice flavour
    Review by Kings on 6/12/2014
    Find it be a nice all round flavour, a little on the sweet side but still buying it.
  • mild
    Review by Peter S on 5/16/2014
    I got this as a free sample. It is mild tasting and has a mild throat hit. If you like mild, this one is for you.
  • good vape
    Review by jim on 4/7/2014
    I found this flavor to be mild and very enjoyable good all day vape
  • Vapor King Virginia Cartomizers
    Review by E-cig fan on 3/11/2014
    Really good real tobacco taste. These are my fav out of all the tobacco carts. Just watch the 36mg strength will spin your head off if you like that sort of thing.
  • Virginia-Lovers Unite!
    Review by DAVID L (Sam) GAUTHIER on 2/18/2014
    LOVE 'em! I nailed 'my' flavor with Virginia 24/36mg on 11/17/2009. (though occasionally I like a fruit flavor or Sampler).
  • The Best
    Review by Paul Clay on 12/25/2013
    This is my absolute favorite of the tobacco flavored cigs. You have a nice tobacco taste with just a slight sweetness.
  • Good Taste
    Review by Jim Casey on 11/11/2013
    Well I wanted to try all the tobacco flavors and this is my second to last one, as I still need to try french pipe. Gotta say I like this one and it really is close to a real cigarette. I got this in 36mg and it has good throat hit decent vapor and like I said tastes pretty close to a real cigarette.
  • Virginia
    Review by Marc Bourassa on 4/9/2013
    Very robust and spicy flavor. I'd recommend this for those who like pipe smoking, as well.
  • Real good taste!
    Review by Shannon on 3/25/2013
    Great vapor. I smoked VS for 38 years and these are really close. This will be my new morning vape....along with V4Ls espresso!
  • no thanks
    Review by gail on 2/25/2019
    This did not taste like virginia slim at all and I feel that the taste was awful. I was also really disturbed that one cartridge was done in maybe 20-50 puffs as compared to the others I had. It also didn't have an expiration date, so maybe they lose their substance after sitting too long? I know the ones I keep getting that are compared to marlboro expired last year.

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