Volcano Vaporizer Kit

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The Volcano Desktop Vaporizer Kit Contains:
  • 1 Volcano Vaporizer (Classic or Digital)
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Air Filter Set
  • 1 Herb Grinder
  • 1 Manufacturer's 3 Year Warranty
  • 1 Valve Starter Set (Easy or Solid)

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    Vape all kinds of material in the comfort of your home with the best desktop vaporizer around. This magnificently engineered vaporizer kit by German manufacturer Storz and Bickel provides everything you need for a clean, easy to use vaping experience.

    Digital vs. Classic Volcano Vaporizer

    The Digital Volcano Vaporizer allows users to dial in an exact vaping temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit for a highly customizable vaping experience. The Digital Volcano allows vapers to set temperatures in between 104 - 446 Fahrenheit (40 - 230 Celsius). The Classic Analog Volcano uses a dial that ranges from 1-9 in order to set vaping temperatures from lowest to highest. The Classic temperature settings range from 266 - 446 Fahrenheit (130 - 230 Celsius).

    Easy Valve vs. Solid Valve Starter Set

    The Solid Valve set comes with a 10 foot sheet for custom balloon sizes, while the Easy Valve Set utilizes fixed balloon sizes and is easier to use for new users. When using the Solid Valve set, you will need to cut your balloon from a 10 foot sheet. When using the Easy Valve set up, you receive 5 pre-made balloons for a quick and easy set up. However, the Solid Valve does have a sturdier filling chamber that fits more material than the filling chamber of the Easy Valve. For an in-depth comparison of the valve starter sets, please refer to this comparison video.

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      Review by Danny on 10/4/2016
      I got the Volcano Classic with the Easy Valve kit and I have to say it is different. I currently own a vape with a hose and it can be a hassle. I don't like that I have to vape the whole thing in one sitting.

      Having a bag system has made life easier. I can vape a good amount and use it over time vs having to use it all at once. The easy valve set makes it easy because I don't have to make my own bag and, I can reuse the bags that I have a few times.

      All in all, great product. Definitely lives up to the expectations I had.


    7.1 in
    7.8 in
    Stainless Steel
    Dry Herb or Wax Herb Vaporization:
    Dry Herb, Extract and Liquid
    Temperature Range:
    Analog Range: 266°F - 446°F
    Digital Range: 104°F - 446°F
    Manufacturer's Warranty:
    3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty provided by Storz & Bickel
    Heat Up Time:
    3+ Minutes

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