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Waffle e Cig Cartridges


A tempting e Liquid flavor that tastes just like a plate full of homemade waffles, topped with warm syrup and melted butter.

Our delicious Waffle Wow Vapor Cartomizers allow you to enjoy a morning vape as tasty as a plate full of homemade waffles, topped off with warm syrup and melted butter. This is one e Cigarette cartomizer you won't want to do without!
  • yummy
    Review by jenny on 7/1/2018
    good throat hit yummo
  • One of my favorite vapes on v4l!
    Review by Kimberly on 12/15/2017
    Great choice for those that want a good quality waffle flavor experience.
  • Yummy
    Review by Megan on 1/3/2017
    The first drag is the best. Tastes just like a waffle smothered in syrup and the aroma it puts out is just as yummy.
  • fave flavor
    Review by Angela Patrick on 3/9/2016
    This is an awesome cart it has a very smooth flavor my only fault is it has been out in 11mg for a long time.
  • Waffle Cone
    Review by E-cig maniac on 2/29/2016
    Tastes just like a waffle cone!
  • WOW
    Review by Dana Dilegge on 2/22/2016
    All I can say is WOW to this waffle flavor. It by far is my favorite and they got the flavor DEAD on. Every order I make has waffle on it and will continue to have it on it. One of the best.
  • Yummy!
    Review by Maria Hernandez on 9/25/2015
    It does taste like waffles IMO, but it also tastes kinda like a butter cookie. I will be buying this one again, for sure.
  • Full Flavor and Glad of It
    Review by Carol Ogden on 9/4/2015
    Who would have thought? Buttery, syrupy, sweet taste clearly that of a warm waffle. I seem to be migrating toward the sweet carts and this is one of my top three!
  • Taste is Great!!
    Review by Maria L on 7/21/2015
    It has a waffle sweet flavor, with a hint of maple and butter without the calories!
  • Love 'em
    Review by jatrex on 7/7/2015
    Wasn't so sure about vaping a waffle.....but based on good reviews and wanting to try new flavors I ordered them. They are one of my top 3 flavors. Love Love Love these!!
  • Must-Have
    Review by Courtney on 5/25/2015
    I have 3 on my list, and this is definitely one of them. I was a bit leery at first, but it's as close as you can get to eat a waffle without having to chew. Starts with a sweet cream waffle batter flavor that melts into maple with a super buttery finish. Huge fan.
  • Great Taste, NO SACRAFICE :)
    Review by Scott Knight on 3/5/2015
    I was skeptical about this one. But it tastes fantastic more maple flavor really. And you still get this great vapor. Decent throat hit. Smell your carto when your done and youll go " wow this really is waffles and syrup " ! I will definately get this one more often.
  • Oh Yeah, Finally I found waffle done right!
    Review by Surfergirl on 1/31/2015
    Great billows and vapor of belgian waffle taste with a strong hit of pure maple and butter. Great in the morning when you love waffles but don't eat a real one like me, due to the carbs and calories of a real begian waffle. Great vape. I've tried Mrs. T's waffle but this is by far the best! How do they do it?
  • You've got to be kidding!
    Review by Dawn on 12/2/2014
    No way was I going to try this. My friend insisted that I try hers. Whatever. Then had to go and order it for myself. The taste and vapor production is astounding. A bit of maple sweetness (love maple) on the inhale and taste some batter on the exhale. Closer to a fresh belgin than the frozen variety. Usually burn these cartos getting them too hot or just too long.
    Taste = 5
    TH = 4.5
    Vapor Production = 5
  • Awesome
    Review by Jess on 8/21/2014
    Love the flavor its amazing!!! Taste so similar To a buttery waffle. This was the flavor that made me try V4L. I've got to say glad I did.
  • Too Good Not To Try
    Review by Danyale on 5/29/2014
    i love this flavor another one of my favorites. It tastes as they promise just imagine buttered up waffles with lots of maple syrup on them and this is what you smell when smoking these as well as taste.
  • Aww, man!
    Review by HylianForHire on 1/21/2014
    This was the flavor that inspired me to buy my own starter kit, and I am terribly underwhelmed. Weak weak weak flavor. You can taste a bit of butter on the first pull, something reminiscent of syrup on the exhale, and butter again as an aftertaste, but it's like popcorn butter. I'm not impressed, but I'm also not unhappy. What you CAN taste is a little lip-smacky, I won't lie.
  • Tasty and mellow
    Review by thomas on 10/28/2013
    I admit I was hesitant but like some other flavors I am pleasantly surprised. Nice vapor, smooth hit and well balanced taste. I think those who like the coffee flavors will enjoy this as well
  • Delicious!
    Review by Master Chief on 6/5/2013
    This flavor is so tasty! It actually was the first flavor I attempted to mix other flavors with. Mixes quite well with many sweet flavors. Experimentation is the key word!
  • Nice Flavor
    Review by Jim Casey on 6/5/2013
    I just got this today. It's really good with nice vapor and good throat hit. Not sure it's exactly Waffle per say, but it tastes good just the same!!

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